Plague of Shadows is clearly the game of the year.

Some Halloween things to think about:
-Tinker Knight trick or treating
-King Knight terrorizing children
-Propeller Knight at a Halloween dog parade
-Plague Knight vandalizing property
-Treasure Knight getting lost in a corn maze
-Specter Knight hosting a haunted house
-Mole Knight going to Specter’s haunted house and accidently burning it down
-Polar Knight…would probably stay home
-Shovel Knight and Shield Knight carving pumpkins together
-Black Knight stuck giving out candy in front of the Tower of Fate
-Troupple King wearing a lion costume
-The Bard trying to play a spooky tune on his loot


Happy Halloween! The very talentend mklachu commissioned me these for her Plague of Shadows: Tango of the Troupple King - Violin + Viola cover video, enjoy!

“Plague of Romance”

Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows was released the other day, and the verdict is out. By general consensus, players love the expanded levels and environments, the alternate story, the fleshing-out of minor characters, and the mechanics of controlling Plague Knight himself – but they’re cursing that forced romance plot with Mona.

Granted, this is understandable. Romance plots are all-too-often misused as an easy way to humanize a weird or unlikable character, and to generate plot with minimal effort. Plus, it’s also pretty annoying when a male character’s worth is defined by his ability to “get the girl,” and the girl in question is reduced to a device by which the protagonist’s character is explored. And let’s not forget all those tired, predictable romance cliches…

In short, I get it. I’m usually the first to criticize such lazy writing. Now let me tell you why you might be judging Plague of Shadows too hastily.

(Screencap by imgayforshiek)

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