Some Halloween things to think about:
-Tinker Knight trick or treating
-King Knight terrorizing children
-Propeller Knight at a Halloween dog parade
-Plague Knight vandalizing property
-Treasure Knight getting lost in a corn maze
-Specter Knight hosting a haunted house
-Mole Knight going to Specter’s haunted house and accidently burning it down
-Polar Knight…would probably stay home
-Shovel Knight and Shield Knight carving pumpkins together
-Black Knight stuck giving out candy in front of the Tower of Fate
-Troupple King wearing a lion costume
-The Bard trying to play a spooky tune on his loot


Plague of Shadows is clearly the game of the year.


Happy Halloween! The very talentend mklachu commissioned me these for her Plague of Shadows: Tango of the Troupple King - Violin + Viola cover video, enjoy!

calibratedgallow  asked:

Shovel Knight AU! Vinny is Shovel Knight, Rev is Plague Knight, KY is King Knight, Joel is Specter Knight, and Jen might be The Enchantress? Idk about Polar, Propellar, Tinker, Mole, ad Treasure Knight, and I'm unsure about Black Knight. Troupple are Vineshrooms and the Troupple King is a giant Vineshroom.

i think darren should be mole knight, but idk about the rest. maybe limes can be polar knight?

Crystal Grumps Headcanons!

Suzy was really uncomfortable with fusing with anybody for a long time. She fused with Arin first, and then Holly, then Dan. After that, she grew more and more comfortable with fusion; although she doesn’t fuse randomly.

Kevin is the most in touch with the human world (possibly followed by Vernon???😏). His nose looks a little… off, but it’s passable when he needs to travel. Suzy helps him put on makeup. His gem always feels weird but it’s worth it.

If dead set in a task, the Grumps can go for days without stopping. Once, Arin and Dan played video games for 36 hours straight. Ross’s streaming record is 11 hours.

Dan is in love with rock candy, Brian hates it. Dan knows he eats it anyway.

Holly cried the first time she saw a pigeon.

Barry knows the Troupple King dance from memory, and performs it in secret.


All praise the Troupple King! Lord of Fruit and Fish! Long may his stem grow!

But did you know that there are other creatures like the Troupple King from Medieval folklore? An obsolete scientific classification of animals was the zoophyte, or animals that look like plants. Organisms such as sea anemones and the cordyceps fungus were categorized as zoophytes. But probably the most famous zoophyte was the legendary vegetable lamb of Tartary, or barometz.

The vegetable lamb was described in travelers’ tales as far back as the 14th century. They were described as miniature sheep that were attached via umbilical chord to a tall fern. The sheep would die if they were ever severed from their parent plant, and their wool was said to be extraordinarily soft. The only natural predators of the vegetable lamb were wolves and people; vegetable lamb meat was said to be very sweet, with their blood like honey. Sadly, however, the vegetable lamb inevitably died when the miniature sheep ate all the vegetation within reach.

There is some truth to the legend of the vegetable lam, though. The plant that the vegetable lambs grow from is the real-life Cibotium Barometz, a type of fern native to parts of China and southeast Asia. When the leaves are removed from part of the ferns wooly stem, it resembles a little lamb. As for the legendary soft fur of the vegetable lamb? Nothing more than cotton from India.

So here’s to the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary, brother to the mighty Troupple King!