This isn’t a permanent addition to that design I have for Bendy or anything like that. Though as a side note, those are probably the best hands I’ve ever drawn so far. XD;

As for the comic itself….it was funny to me at 1 am. I was just sort of playing around with the idea of what would happen if one of the more cartoony-looking toons suddenly had hands that were more closer to realistic proportions, and how would the others react.

Also I’ve said it a million times but Lito, Hernando and Daniela’s relationship is one of the absolute best.
They manage to keep Lito and Hernando’s status as proud gay men while having Daniela as a platonic partner in which she is just as important.
Like they went freaking house hunting and the bath could fit all three of them and the only way they could afford it was for all their incomes combined. Like I just love it, they are all family and its so non traditional and i just ugh.

E so che fingi
mentre ridi,
io che ricordo
mentre tu elimini,
io che sussurro
mentre tu gridi,
anch鈥檌o ho i brividi…
e sappiamo entrambi
che restiamo simili
se ci sfioriamo
poi prendiamo fuoco
come i fiammiferi
—  Ernia
Coffee Shop AU

In an universe where all forms of drugs are illegal, caffeine is one of the last items to be banned. There are substitutes, but nothing beats the smell of a fresh cup of coffee, which is exactly why Character A has opened up an illegal, underground coffee shop.

Character B is an undercover agent rooting out anybody who might be dealing illegal substances. One one hand, they’re furious that Character A is flagrantly breaking the law, but on the other hand, Character B has really missed the taste of real coffee.

Hunter x Hunter

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Needs to stop

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Making their crazy psycho villians

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So hot with their hair down