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How many times over that year did VM get close to Scanlan and he made himself invisible or use dimmension door to get away? How many times do you think he heard them over the earring and realized they were in range and ran? Or hid close by to listen for their intentions.
He has a lot of stuff hes trying to do on his own and with his daughter. He’s busy and he’s hurt. And every time they come back it digs back into those old wounds in a way he knows it shouldnt but it does and he just wishes they’d let him take his time.
Scanlan hears Vex over the earring. She’s alone and talking to herself, or him?, about Pike and what she’s done and what they’ve done. She tells him how Pike built a shrine to Sarenrae in Whitestone. About how Grog and Pike are numbers 1 and 2 in the pit in Vasselheim. About how they opened a bakery called the Slayer’s Cake.
And Vex tells him she’s really sorry. That she’s really mad but also really sorry and if anyone would understand how those two feelings go hand in hand it would be him.
He stays hidden. Stays to listen just for his own curiousity and ego’s sake. He likes hearing them apologize even though he knows he doesnt deserve it. Hes petty like that.
Eventually shes out of range and he goes the opposite way and he meets back up with his daughter and their current troupe. “We should head east today.” He tells them, striking out as far away as he can from the ones he used to call family.

For your drabble game,could you do 24( I think you’re beautiful) with Mark from Nct?? Thank you a lot!

24. “I think you’re beautiful”

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“Hi, Mark,” you said, plopping down on the couch next to your best friend. The NCT dorm was teeming with life: shirts were flying, and every now and then a member would fly past, pants half on, screaming about missing an earring.

“Hi,” he said, arms crossed around his middle. You glanced over at him, narrowing your eyes at his obvious frown.
“What’s up with you? You seem kind of mad,” you replied.

“Nothing, I’m fine,” he snapped. There was obviously something wrong with him; you could tell. His bad mood rolled off of him in icy sheets, immediately causing your own mood to turn sour. You were just about to come back at him with a nasty retort of your own when Johnny appeared before the two of you, dragging you both out the door.

The whole entire NCT crew was going out to celebrate little Jisung’s birthday at his favorite restaurant, and as Mark’s best friend growing up, you were immediately invited to tag along. You’d grown close to the whole group during their trainee days, and you’d been so excited for their debuts. However, when you were taken up by the NCT swarm, you lost track of Mark, and weren’t able to confront him any more about his horrible mood.

Instead, you sat in between Doyoung and Jaehyun during dinner, laughing as the two of them ratted on the other members the whole time. You tried to catch Mark’s eye every now and then down the table, but he seemed to be constantly distracted by the food on his plate, which he was idly picking at. Even Johnny’s antics, which could usually get quiet the rise out of him, didn’t seem to be working in the slightest to ease his mood, as far as you could tell.

After a particularly nasty green pea war broke out on the other end of the table between Ten and Taeyong, and the incredibly large bill was paid, your entire troupe decided to head back to the dorms for a movie and then bed before their early practice the next morning. You decided to make a point to sit next to Mark during the movie, even though he seemed less than interested to be sitting beside you.

“Hey, are you sure you’re okay?” You asked, patting his knee as you sat down beside him. He shrugged, not meeting your gaze. You heaved a sigh as the movie started and Johnny started shushing everyone, not giving Mark a chance to reply, even if he wanted to. Towards the middle of the movie, you subconsciously leaned your head down on Mark’s shoulder. It was something you’d always done, whenever you were tired or bored. Instead of staying still to let your head stay on his shoulder, Mark leaned down so your head met nothing but air, causing anger to quickly boil up into your throat.
“Mark, can I see you in the other room, please?” You seethed through gritted teeth. When he looked as if he was going to protest, you practically bared your teeth. Seeing your no nonsense look, he quickly followed you into the kitchen that led off from the living room.

“What the hell is your deal tonight?” you whirled on him, crossing your arms. His mouth opened and closed a few times, fish-like. You tapped your foot. “I’m waiting, Mark. You’ve been a total jerk to me all night, and I want to know why.”

“I… I think you’re beautiful…” he whispered, so quiet you barely heard him.

“Wait, what?” your eyes widened, sure you hadn’t heard him right.

“It’s just… you’ve always been there for me and we’ve been friends for so long, and I don’t want to ruin anything between us, but I’ve just been… feeling these feelings every time you come around and I don’t know what it is but…but I think you’re beautiful.” Mark’s words came out in a steady stream, leaving you looking like a fish this time. “Just, don’t say anything, okay? I know this is stupid.”

Instead of saying anything, you leaned over a pecked his cheek softly, making sure your lips lingered just a little longer. You weren’t sure what you were feeling, but Mark’s confession stirred up butterflies in your stomach you’d never known were there.

“I’m not letting you down at all,” you whispered, squeezing his hand in yours and leading him back towards to movie.

The Sad Death of London’s Weirdest Tourist Attraction

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(Photo by Nick Hilton, all other photos by Mark Duffy unless stated)

For tourists visiting London, the beating heart of the West End isn’t the Eros statue, Chinatown, or the flagship Waterstones book store, or any of the other high-profile TripAdvisor-friendly attractions. It’s the palatial white building that sits between the freak show at Ripley’s and the freak show at the Leicester Square KFC: The London Trocadero.

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In his 1968 poem “For the Union Dead,” Robert Lowell describes the derelict South Boston Aquarium as standing “in a Sahara of snow.” The Trocadero stands in a Kalahari of krap. The Baroque restaurant, opened at the turn of the 20th century, is now the home of invasive souvenir hawkers and chain gift shops displaying a level of bad taste that borders on satirical performance art.

It wasn’t always this way. In the 1990s, the historic building was salvaged for the purpose of creating the biggest “leisure space” in London, packed with a Nickelodeon studios, an IMAX theater and its crowning glory, SegaWorld, which was essentially just loads of arcade games and a giant statue of Sonic. It was a feat of uniquely poor planning, and almost immediately developed a rust of crapiness. By the Millennium the Trocadero dream was dead: Sega withdrew their sponsorship and SegaWorld was relegated to something called “Funland,” the IMAX vanished, and the escalators stopped moving, never to be effectively repaired. As a final insult, the place was used as a location for the video of Madonna’s 2005 single, “Hung Up.”

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Yet, despite the inexorability of this decline, a couple of years ago, the ground floor of the complex was fighting bravely against its inevitable destruction. An apparently salaried attendant was employed to supervise the bungee trampoline. There were public toilets that charged a full £1 ($1.68) and must’ve made a fortune catching the urine of children who’ve had too many sugary tourist-drinks. There was even a time-warp underground connection to Piccadilly Circus subway station, which was populated, at all times, by a silent Japanese break dancing troupe. They head-spun to their terrible J-Pop while the scent of cinnamon wafted down from the fresh bun store (which shared its premises with a shop that, obviously, sold scuba diving equipment).