When someone you know finds out who you really are in tumblr and they also know YOU

and since your other post are about them….. and they knew who you are

… and they are like… how you say this… “powerful” … 



“so it’s you..”

“yes I know you”

“kay bitch, be prepared, for I am ready for you when we meet”

and then you’re like:

but you calm down a little…

but then again

since the person who knew you was your teacher

then yeah…

“I’m in big trouble”

so yeah…. when you see the person, you’re like

LOL this is my longest post ever 


YA WORK. i took a little longer with exchanigng money but whateves. omg brenda is lowkey annoying. she was talking to me as i was counting money and shit and like yo dis girl smhhh. She talks like one of those girls who is like “ew.” cuz she actually did this when i was taping FUCKING PARTY BAG CUSHIONS STUFF. y u saying ew and that it looks gross r u freal omg-_- but yeah. and got shipment super early. wasn’t much so went to the banka dn came back and they had everything in already ok then haha. and omg its hot y it hot what is this. sigh. but finished stockeding kitchen and managaed to order a bit before going on lunch. cmae back and ordered other shit that i wanted for my section lol. so theres that. and stocked a bit more and yep that was ma day. 

kinda lazy day no homework really. and just talking to liem about getting in troule cuz literaly dis all we do now. he a bad influence on me i swear LOL but i love this kid. and eboard was talking abotu who would die first, FUCKING EVERYONE SAID I WAS GONNA DIE FIRST…ok probz cuz i say fuck it and just do it a lot oh man. and hten sequoia wastelling me and stpeh to go to san diego for the jai wolf show. ok girl we aren’t that crazy we still got schoool when that happens T__T and chris and them finaly put up the warehouse party but minh ook it down and chris asked me for names LOL NO WONDER WHY, they needed a new party name ahha. kidan hard to come up with if no theme and stuff mmmmm