troubles with christmas tree :)

i hate myself in the most daring ways. instead of slashing at my wrists or tying reverse necklaces around my neck i fall in love. i let the girl that breathed so much summer into me take it all away. i tell myself that tomorrow is a new day, and that today is the day in which i don’t need to pray. that god and i are just taking a break. anything religious or holy is somehow paused. i let her take the summer out of my body and replace with winter.
this winter isn’t snowfall. this winter is biting cold rain that only freezes once it’s hit the ground. this winter isn’t hot chocolate but hot streaks of saline down my left cheek, and it’s hot chested arguments that get me into trouble. i don’t smell christmas trees but instead i smell sap and broken fiberglass.
i can’t die.
i know words like they’ve been imprinted onto my tongue and i know just how they stick to cold corpses  just like tongues to wintery light poles. i know that no matter how much i condemn myself into the earth, no matter how quickly i allow my energy to be reinstated into the universe, my words can’t die. i know that someone can smell something and think of me or read something and think of me, tell a joke and think of me or fall in love and think of me. i know someone is going to find the body.
the idea that someone can find me like that terrifies me.
—  a collective of a suicidal realist
[ChristmasTeen Series] Decorating the Christmas tree with Vernon! (G)

Prompt: Decorating the Christmas tree with Vernon
Word count: 594
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None!

A/N: This story was written partially by me and partially by admin wooed cause i had crappy wifi cries. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it anyway! Next story will be up tomorrow at 12am SGT(UTC+08)!


[ChristmasTeen Series]

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20 minutes into Christmas eve, and you and Vernon had gotten out of bed to set up the Christmas tree you bought last weekend.

“If the neighbours come up to complain that we’re being noisy, I’m blaming you for waking me up,” you hissed.

“Hey, you said you couldn’t fall asleep too!”

Vernon rummaged through the store room, finding the box where the christmas tree was in and carrying it out to the living room. You had a penknife ready in your hand and made a cut through the tape.

The two of you hovered over the opened box.

“Do you have any idea how to fix this?” you asked.

“I don’t know, shouldn’t this come with instructions?”

“I guess we could use Google?”

Vernon emptied the contents in the box, and deciding to play by ear, he randomly picked up two pieces to figure out how they were supposed to go together.

“Okay, I got it, so you’re supposed to fix this piece to that one over there.” You gestured to a piece lying at your far left.

Vernon raised his eyebrows. “They don’t look like they will go together.”

“Yes they will, now please help me put them together.”

With much trouble, the two of you managed to assemble the Christmas tree without it coming apart. It was already 2am, and you were getting tired, but Vernon wasn’t, he was determined to finish the decorating before he slept, even though it may mean having to go to bed at 4am in the morning.

You brought out a couple of bags full of various decorations and sorted them out. You started by draping the lights around the tree, asking Vernon to help you reach with the higher section.

“Alright, short stuff,” sighed Vernon. “Here’s the final touch.” He handed you the glistening silver star that would adorn the top of the tree.

“Who’re you calling short stuff?” you demanded as your withering glare swept from the ornament to the top of the tree, easily two heads taller than you.

Turning back to glance at Vernon, you smiled sheepishly. “I’ll take the stool, please.”

Clicking his tongue, he sat the miniature stool under the tree, and you carefully place your weight onto it while holding your boyfriend’s shoulder with your free hand for support.

But an unfortunate misstep had the stool tipping over, sending you yelping in alarm. However, instead of crashing hard on the ground, you find yourself landing safely in a pair of sturdy arms.

Your cries cut off abruptly and you turn to face Vernon’s amused eyes in close proximity. “Look who’s waking the neighbours now?” Your mouth fell open, unsure of what to say, but he chuckles, easily lifting you up to be on the same height as the tree.

You could only manage a silly grin as you place the star atop the tip, hopping off from his arms once you’re done. He ruffled your hair affectionately, reaching towards the switch. “And now, the finale.”

Flipping it on, you were both dazzled by sparkling array of colours, and unknowingly, you found your mesmerized self snuggled within Vernon’s backhug. “This is beautiful,” you murmured, “but something’s still missing…”

He let out a hum of curiousity. “What is?”

“Presents,” you claim gleefully with a tilt of your chin. “It needs presents for it to be perfect.”

He laughs, “Then, it should already be perfect, no?” You felt him tighten his loving embrace around your body while pressing a tender kiss on your temple.

“Because I have the best one right here.”

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So I’m on a bus from Stansted to central London, and there’s this kid right next to me on the other row who was humming Shiny. Nobody seemed to mind, but his mother told him to be quiet because he was annoying people, and nodded towards me (because I’m sitting right by, I guess).

Kid falls quiet, frowns and turns to look at me. Being an adult, I was probably expected to smile at him and say nothing.
I am really bad at adulting.

“Well well well, little Maui’s having trouble with his look…”

Kid lights up like a Christmas tree and starts singing again, pausing from time to time to see if I fill in with the next line. Of course I always do.

His mother looks like she could strangle me.

ghostlycontestant  asked:

hello! I know you may be busy with other art and just everyday things, but if it's no trouble could you please draw Bill and Dipper snuggling under a Christmas tree? thank you and I love your art <3

This AU is called billdip-just-shatter-my-heart-to-pieces-its-not-like-its-christmas-anyways AU, where Dipper passes away and Bill copes by staying under the christmas pinetree where they used to snuggle.

have the still where they still look happy to make up for it.

*slowly crawls into a hole singing last Christmas*

BillDip winter requests still open. send me an ask. i need a moment.

What Bleach characters would put on the top of their Christmas tree

As requested by bleachfan-hitsuhina-rangin. :)

If Bleach characters had a Christmas tree, what would they put on the top?

1. Matsumoto: A star with lots and lots of colored lights

Because in my head, Matsumoto loves bright and gaudy Christmas decorations as much as me.

Matsumoto: Look! The lights blink in a pattern!

Hitsugaya: But why is it in my office?

2. Soi Fon: A ninja star

A real one. It’s deadly. 

Soi Fon: If enemies attack me on Christmas, I will be ready.

3. Byakuya: A festive Admiral Seaweed

Byakuya made it himself.

Byakuya: Soon, these will top every Christmas tree in Soul Society.

Yachiru: Sounds good! Want me to help break into people’s houses to do that?

Byakuya: …how did you get in here?

4. Yachiru: A chocolate star

It’s only on the tree for a few minutes.

Kenpachi: Now I see why you hade me buy three dozen of these.

5. Shinji: A star that plays “Santa Baby” on repeat

He hopes it will put people in the mood.

Hinamori: Why am I imagining making out with Santa?

Shinji: Damn. Wrong mood.

6. Hinamori: A star made out of kido

She invented it herself.

Hinamori: The lights are kido too!

Shinji: Okay, so your tree is better than mine.

7. Urahara: A hat

The hat is red and green striped. For Christmas. 

Tessai: I thought you bought that hat for yourself.

Urahara: What? That would be crazy.

8. Rukia: A Chappy star

It’s a star with Chappy’s face on it. Rukia got it from Urahara’s shop.

Rukia: And I’m 80% sure that it won’t lead to my execution!

Rukia: Well…maybe 75%. 

9. Yuzu: A strawberry

It lights up.

Karin: Well I guess that can replace Ichigo if he’s not here for Christmas.

Yuzu: Karin!

10. Aizen: No star

He also doesn’t have a tree. Even though if you’re in his house, you’ll think you see both.

Aizen: It turns out I am lazy.

11. Bambietta: Half a star

Putting the star on the tree turned out to be more frustrating than Bambietta thought it would be.

Candice: Where’s the other half?

Bambietta: I destroyed it as a warning to the other half. 

12. Ichigo: A star that’s, just, way too big for the tree

He has trouble judging sizes.

Ichigo: Are Christmas trees supposed to bend like that? 

13. Orihime: A light-up robot

It is admittedly a bit heavy fot the tree. But Orihime makes it work.

Tatsuki: That’s…festive?

Orihime: Yeah, I think so too!

14. Isshin: A paper star made by the twins when they were little

There’s a lot of glitter involved.

Karin: Dad, seriously, throw away that old crummy star!

Isshin: N-never! My little girls made it!

15. Tosen: A festive Steve

It’s a menos grande made out of plastic, holding a star.

Tosen: I should give it a Santa hat.

Tosen: That would be cute.

16. Halibel: Three stars

She always makes sure to get a tree with a particularly thick top.

Halibel: I don’t undestand how anyone can stop at one star.

17. Hitsugaya: A glass star

It looks like it’s made out of ice. This makes Hitsugaya happy.

Hitsugaya: I tried making a star out of real ice one year.

Hitsugaya: But that did not work very well.

18. Riruka: A pink and fluffy star

She thinks it looks cute.

Riruka: I tend to gravitate toward pink ornaments, it’s true.

19. Ishida: A Quincy star

Of course.

Ishida: And of course I get a white frosted tree.

20. Ulquiorra: A burning ball of gas

Ulquiorra is very literal. And also bad at danger assessments.

Ulquiorra: My tree appears to be on fire.

Ulquiorra: Oops.

"Bail you Out"

Credit to @weissrabbit for the original idea from her amazing comic, which you can read here, of the same name and many thanks for permission to write this fic! Seriously guys go check weiss’s blog out her art is amaaaaaaazing! Gonna put in a keep reading to keep it from spamming up people’s blogs, because this is super long. Like, probably longer than it needs to be super long.

Rated T Following Yang’s disappearance from a prison cell, the remaining members of Team RWBY tries to figure out how she escaped. Meanwhile, Yang herself has no idea where she is either… just that she needs to get out.

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