troubles in paradise

Smoke and Glitter Chapter 5: Long Tails and Ears for Hats

Rating: Mature

Couple: Bughead

Important tags for this chapter: Jughead Jones is a furry???, Accidentally teaching a three year old what hot boxing is, Trouble in Cheroni Paradise, Kevin does his best, Betty lives up to Angel, I’m running out of glitter jokes



Only one week after their late night talk at Pop’s and Jughead had been nothing short of a gentleman. After driving them back home to her apartment, he’d offered her and Rose each a kiss on their cheeks. Had the little girl not been passed out in her mother’s arm, she would have been positively delighted. Sweet text messages, sneaky smiles at work, and a few coloring books set aside in his office “just in case” and she was already smitten. Betty had never known a man as good as him before, but the fear he’d turn around and run still perverted her mind and swallowed her hopeful attitude whole.

“Betty! I need you to focus on helping Andrews with the lights, not on our bosses’ ass,” Josie hollered, shooting her a look so deadly, Betty felt like she had momentarily become six years old again, and was caught sneaking frogs back into the classroom because she’d made friends with them on the playground.

Her cheeks flushed and she stuttered to defend herself, “No I wasn’t! Rosie was-and I just-I was…”

“To be fair, it is a very nice ass,” Kevin offered.

From behind the bar, Jughead shouted, “Thanks Kevin!”

The Deal - 9 (Steve McGarrett/Reader)

Steve and the team are faced with a job they can’t do alone leading them back to you…the one they locked up in prison a couple years prior, offering a deal you can’t refuse…Steve struggles seeing the  supposed reformed inmate as he has to keeps tabs on them until the op is over…will things run smoothly? or will there be trouble in paradise?

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight

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Steve stared at the email finger tracing over his lips as he read it. He smiled a little hearing the inflection of your voice in the words that you wrote. You were doing well for yourself and he was happy for you. He looked up as Danny walked inside his office, “Hey.”

“Hey back.” Danny smiled putting his hands into his pockets, “So I got an email this morning from Y/N.”

“Yeah, me too.” Steve pointed to his computer, “Sounds like she’s been doing really good for herself.”

“Right, I mean we knew she would when we sent those reference letters to her.” Danny nodded a little, “Hard to believe it’s been, what seven months.”

“Yeah something like that…” Steve nodded thinking back to the last time he saw you.

It had been a wild ride of events that led him into your hospital room. He stepped inside seeing you resting on the bed hooked up to a few monitors. Your arm was in a cast, the side of your face scrapped, bruised, and bandaged in places. He stopped at the foot of your bed looking away taking a deep breath in through his nose.

“If you’re going to growl during this visit…” He looked back to you as you opened your eyes into slits a small smirk playing on your slips, “…can you at least do it in a sultry way?”

“Sultry?” His eyebrows shot up as he looked at you, “What you want a strip tease or something?”

“Are you offering?” You laughed a little before groaning making the small smile on Steve’s fade away quickly.

“Take it easy.” He stepped over to the side of the bed looking down into your eyes seeing one of the blood shot from damage, “What were you thinking?”

You stared up at him for a moment before looking away, “I was ensuring that the information got out. We would have been caught….”

“You should have told me!” His voice began to raise.

“Told you?” You looked at him again your mouth slightly open, “I don’t…Steve you took me out of jail to make sure that this would succeed. You told me to make it happen. If I had told you what I was about to do your feelings would have jumped in…”

“Feelings? What feelings?” He interrupted you taking a step back, “There are no feelings.”

“Aw man…” You stared up at him sadness in your eyes, “Catherine really did a number on you…”

He watched you look away from again. He swallowed before clearing his throat, “I…just came by to tell you that you’ve been released. The warden is bringing your personal effects over and has apparently talked to someone about your exams.”

You glanced over at him as he reached into his back pocket pulling out a few envelopes, “The team wrote several letters of recommendation for you. You did good and proved to us all that you’ve changed.”

“That…” You watched him set them down on the side table, “Thanks…”

“Yeah.” He nodded watching you lean your head back, “I’ll let you rest.”

He cleared his throat leaning back in his seat before looking at Danny, “You think she’d help us on this case?”

Danny’s eyes got wide, “Well I don’t know…I mean I guess she could be useful. She might see some ins and outs that we didn’t.”

“It’s art heist and she used to steal art, now she tests security systems to stop people from stealing art.” Steve stood up looking at Danny, “We’re at standstill on this…”

“Sure.” Danny smiled looking at him, “I mean we could use a little more feistiness around here, right?”

Steve let out a soft chuckle, “I’ll give her a call.”

“Yeah…just you know…be nice.” Danny told him.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Steve crossed his arms.

“I’m just saying you two parted on not such great terms if I remember correctly.” Danny squinted at him a little.

“Well…yeah…but I kinda stayed in touch.” Steve glanced down at his laptop. He’d gotten a call from a bank for a reference and ended up tracking you down sending a brief email giving you a heads up. Ever since the two of you kept in touch exchanging emails a few times a month.

“Oh, really?” Danny tilted his head a little making a face, “Well…then, do what you think is best. You are our fearless leader after all.”

Steve did. He couldn’t believe how easy it had been. He thought for sure you’d give him trouble and sass. You didn’t though.

You just told him you’d be on the first flight out that you could get. An hour later he received and email confirming your flight. You’d be here tomorrow.

Steve fiddled with the lei in his hand looking at the people getting off their flights. Danny watched him carefully, “Would you stop? We’re going to need to buy her a new one.”

Steve looked at him and then to the lei seeing how crumpled he was making it, “Sorry…”

“Why are you acting like this?” Danny crossed his arms,

“Like what?”  Steve glanced at him before looking back at the people for you.

“Like a giddy school boy.” Danny smirked when he looked at him, “What have you two been talking about?”

“Nothing…just her business and you know general stuff. How do you dos and she checks up on the team…” Steve told him glancing over at him, “You know…normal stuff…”

“Right…no of course.” Danny looked away from him seeing you round the corner hair bouncing around your face, “Oh hey…look.”

Steve followed his friend pointing. He couldn’t help but smile as you raised your hand waving at them. He moved forward to meet you but stopped midstep as people moved out of your way his mouth dropping open.

He heard Danny next to him, “Wow…”

You walked up to him your shoes in your hands, “Sorry…I lost shoe on the plane and it was all crazy…and…well…”

Danny smiled at you looking you over dressed in a snug pant suit that went over your plump belly, “Wow…you look amazing…”

“I look like a blimp…” You laughed looking at him, “But thank you.”

“Pregnancy is a beautiful look on you.” Danny stepped forward giving you a hug.

“Oh please…” You hugged him tearing up a little, “keep talking my self esteem needs it right now.”

“Aww…” Danny rubbed your arms gently, “I remember when Rachel went through this…never mattered what I said, she called me a liar. Your emotions are all high and out of whack.”

“Oh you have no idea.” You wiped your eyes before looking at Steve, “Hi.”

He blinked several times before he spoke, “Hi.”

You smiled before speaking again, “So I am starving.”

“Right…uh we can grab a bite before getting you setup at your hotel.” Steve swallowed trying to wet his dry throat.

“Well I…actually was hoping one of you might be able to put me up for a bit while I search for a place to live.” They both looked at you surprised, “Yeah, I’m moving back. I wanted to have him here, Hawaii is where I felt most safe, and my doctor won’t let me back on a plan until after he’s born.”

“It’s a boy!” Danny smiled happy for you, “That’s so awesome, I’m sure I can…”

“You can stay with me.” Steve beat him to the punch, “I’ve got that spare room that I’ve been working on for my mom when she visits. Little small, but…”

“It’ll work.” You nodded staring at him, “Thanks.”

“Sure…you want to eat out or at home? I don’t know how you’re feeling.” Steve asked you his grip on the lei tight.

“I am a bit tired…you mind if we grab something and then take a nap before work?” You asked bringing your shoes close to your chest.

“That’s fine.” Steve nodded looking at Danny, “You gonna be able to handle things without us?”

“I am more then capable of getting the team up to speed.” Danny rolled his eyes before looking at you, “It’s really good to see you…you look great, better then great, you’re gorgeous, and if he gives you any trouble just punch him. It’s what I do.”

You laughed giving him a hug again. You hadn’t laughed in a while. Things took off rather quickly and your business grew fast. You had employees and contracts, and people who actually believed in you.

You glanced at Steve as he drove while you took another bite of a french fry. His face was rigid in thought. You let out a sigh through your nose, “Yes.”

As he pulled up to a stop light he looked at you, “Yes?”

“The question that’s been rolling around your head since you saw me at the airport. The answer is yes.” You looked into the bag of food on your lap.

He stared at you until the light turned green. He didn’t say anything or even look at you until he pulled into his driveway. He put the truck into park, “…why didn’t you tell me?”

You looked at him, “…I’m scared.”

“You’re scared…that’s your reason for not telling me that you’re carrying my son?” Steve looked at you his eyes full of emotions, “Y/N…”

“Steve…you’re an amazing guy and no doubt would be a tremendous father.” You told him looking away, “But…I just got out of jail. You still looked at me as a criminal and…and I didn’t think…”

“Didn’t think what?” Steve turned in his seat a little more looking at you.

“I didn’t think you’d want me…any part.” Your nose got red as you started to cry, “God dammit…I’m so over all this…crying shit.”

His nose flared as he looked at you. Before he got out of the truck he let out a sigh, “I’m gonna be there for you…and him…no matter what.”

You looked at him as he shut the door and walked around to yours opening it for you. You looked at his hand extended to you, “I’m not made of glass, Steve.”

“I know…but I’m not going to let you do this by yourself anymore.” Steve told you in a low voice, “I wish you would have told me…”

You looked away feeling more tears, “I…I’m sorry…”

He sighed, “We’ve got…a lot to talk about, but for now you need some rest.”

He helped you inside and got you settled before he walked out to his private beach. His mind was racing as fast as his heart was beating. He knew she wasn’t lying. There was this…switch that went off inside of him when he saw you. He knew.

He was going to be a dad…

Batfam Masterlist!


Bruce wayne/ Batman:

    Damian wayne/ Robin:

    • That Todd
      Damian’s beloved gets hurt in battle
    • Hardened exterior 
      Damian comforts you after a particularly rough day. 
    • Big day
      It’s soon to be your and Damians wedding anniversary, and you have a couple of surprises up your sleeve. 
    • I’ll surely have to repay you (Smut)
      Damian and you have fun with a particular lasso. 
    • I know
      Jealous Damian to the rescue. 
    • I mean more then a friend
      you tell damian you love him more then a friend. 
    • Back early
      Damian comes home earlier then expected. 
    • Warehouse (Smut)
      When You almost get injured during a mission, Damian just can’t hold back at home. 
    • Condition
      Damian finds out you’re ticklish. 
    • have you ever…you know…had sex with anyone?
      Damians cocky attitude has gotten him in a sticky situation, Dick to the rescue.
    • I might have come off as offencive
      A bad pairing for a project ends with feelings being confessed.
    • Trying
      After a long time of trying to get pregnant, you break from the thought of being unable to provide Damian a long desired family.
    • Kiss the girl
      Damian and you have an awkward date, but Jason and Dick to the rescue.
    • Wake up
      Damian comforts you after a nightmare.
    • Disgrace
      After a criminal flirts with you, Damian is forced to confess his feelings.
    • If What
      Damian is flabbergasted when you can understand what he said in Arabic. 
    • I hope you enjoyed yourself, beloved (Smut)
      Damian repays for his pleasure.
    • In all seriousness (Smut)
      Jealous Dami shows you who you belong to.
    • Foil Packet
      Bruce walks in on you and Damian in a heated moment, when he only presumed you to be friends.
    • Get it yourself (smut) [Part 2] [Part 3] [Final]
      Damian shows you who’s boss after you’re rude to him, but things take a different turn when your moodiness becomes much more.
    • Wherever he goes (smut)
      Damian makes love to you at the hotel on your honeymoon.
    • You look amazing (smut)
      After spending the day with you in a sexy robin costume, Damian needs to show you how he feels about it. 
    • Killing a fly
      Stepping out in Damian’s defence in front of mother Talia, things get heated between the women. 
    • Second least favorite 
      You and Jason are both fond of the same type of music, which means frequent jam sessions together. Making boyfriend Damian jealous. 
    • The weak get thrown to the dogs
      After killing his pregnant wife while brainwashed, Damian turns his sword on himself. 
    • Asked for
      After a while of begging, you finally meet his family.
    • Languages
      Dami and s/o speak to each other in the others mother tongue.
    • Money man
      The beginning of a beautiful friendship.
    • Reunited in death
      Damian is driven over the edge after the death of his beloved.
    • Distraction (Smut)
      Damian gets turned on by you chewing on your pencil, causing a small distraction from homework.
    • Little Dancer
      years after leaving the life of being Jokers dancer behind, it comes back to haunt you.
      Damian’s s/o catches him masturbating by accident.
    • French girls
      Asking Damian to draw you like one of his french girls, causing a fit of laughter.
    • Time
      You and Damian travel to the future to meet an older version of you
    • Visiting Grandpa 
      Visiting grandpa Damian after not being able to visit for a while.
    • I’ll protect you
      After your dad gets put in jail, you feel as if you’re in danger.
    • That’s what fathers do
      Dad Damian gets out done in a pillow fight by the women in his life.
    • Ain’t no other man (Smut)
      Damian comes home early from a mission because you’re hanging out with Jon.
    • Never told us
      The family finds out that Damian has been dating someone for a while and hasn’t told them.
    • I can help
      Boss Damian has fallen for an employee but find out they’re being abused.
    • You live on
      Damian can’t cope with losing you in childbirth.
    • Pet Shop
      You have caught Damians interest, working at a pet shop, but it requires collaborative effort to get him to ask you out.
    • I’m not crying
      Damian mistakes your teary eyes for crying.
    • Is she going to make it
      A proposal turns into a fight for your life.
    • Fun with paint
      After getting paint on Damians face, the war is on.
    • It’s really you
      Searching for your best friend, a few years after he left the league.
    • Shadow people
      After a nearly lethal fight, you end up dating and getting engaged to the target.
    • Useful
      Your body image issues are getting to you, and Damian is there to make it all better.
    • If I knew (Smut)
      After a difficult patrol, Damian finally makes a move.
    • The battle
      Damian got annoyed with you, putting a stop on your sex life, but you’re not too fond of it.
    • Bring your child to work
      You meet the super sons for the first time, but the young Wayne boy doesn’t seem to impressed.
    • Why wasn’t I aware
      Damian finding out you have adamantium claws.
    • Lose my mind
      Exam season is taking a toll on you.
    • Same to you
      You and Damian realize that you’re both vigilantes.
    • Masks
      Trying something different to cheer up Damian.
    • Amnesia
      Damian doesn’t understand why he’s hurting but you seem to be fine.
    • Sorry doesn’t mean squat  
      Damian wants you to forgive him after he raises his voice at you. 
    • Let her go
      Damian breaks up with you because he fears putting you in danger.

    Jason Todd/ Red Hood:

    Dick Grayson/ Nightwing:

    • Energetic (Smut)
      Dick needs to rid himself of excess energy.
    • Coat
      Dick comforting you after a breakup.
    • What if I fuck up?
      Telling your brother Damian that you like Dick a bit more then you should.
    • Work sucks (Smut)
      After a rough day at work, Dick needs to blow off some steam
    • Treating you right (Feat. Jason)
      The boys are catching feelings, and you need to talk to them about it.
    • Screams
      As your baby gets hurt, Dick to the rescue. 

    Timothy Drake/ Red robin:

    General batfam:




    All the members:

    [Mini-serie]: They cheating on you | You confront them: (PART 1) (PART 2) (PART 3) (PART 4)

    BTS vs Their older sister

    You texting them about their baby pictures

    You are uncomfortable calling them oppa and instead of that you call them hyung even when you are not a boy

    You fell asleep while talking to them and they’re freaking out 

    You have a social disease

    April Fools Day Texts

    Taehyung, Yoongi and Namjoon cheering you up after reading fan hate



    You’re Yoongi’s sister and Jungkook flirts with you

    You’re worry about them 

    They say a lot of horrible things about you after a huge fight

    When they (fuckboys) want to date you: [Hyung line] [Maknae line]

    They talk to you in Spanish because you’re latina

    You fangirling about DNA

    [Serie] Mistake: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)


    You break up with him because of the sasaeng fans



    You fangirling about his mixtape

    He likes you but thinks you like another member 

    Yoongi helping you with your best friend death texts: |PART 1| |PART 2|

    S/o goes to America [1] [2] maybe a [3]

    Finding out you were a famous youtuber

    You two are in secret relationship and he gets jealous when Namjoon flirts with you

    He forgets your birthday because he’s busy with Suran: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4/EPILOGUE)

    Late night cheesy texts


    You pranking him with “I am not the only one” lyrics by Sam Smith

    He finds out that you’re not that innocent and start to make 18+ jokes with you

    He cheers up his best friend

    Boyfriend texts

    He misses you after two days of the break up 

    Nuggets -Funny texts (Ft. Taehyung)


    Helping you with your shyness

    You fell out from the stage in your Mama’s performance



    Jimin angst texts

    You are Yoongi’s little sister and he find out you have been dating Jimin for 6 months

    Jimin birthday texts

    Jimin texting you while you are on class

    Best friend text [1]


    You should have believed me: (Part 1) (Part 2)



    He jealous over Monsta’s X Wonho

    Childhood Friend AU: He misses you after 4 years without communication

    He wanting to meet your family


    Jungkook’s graduation texts: |PART 1| PART 2|

    Jugkoook being a weird boyfriend

    Bestfriend text [1]

    He teasing you when your’re jealous

    [Serie] When the heart speaks: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)

    Poly Relationships:

    Seokjin and Yoongi: [1] [2] [3]

    Yoongi and Jimin: [1] [2]

    Taehyung and Hoseok | Birthday Surprise |

    Namjoon and Seokjin

    Hoseok and Jimin

    Seokjin and Jungkook: [1] [2] [3]

    Yoongi and Hoseok

    Jimin and Jungkook

    Taehyung and Jungkook: [1] [2]

    Yoongi and Namjoon: [1] [2]

    Namjoon and Jimin

    Yoongi and Taehyung

    Namjoon and Hoseok: [1] [2]

    Jin and Jimin 


    BTS reaction to their girlfriend crying in a concert

    BTS reaction to their ex girlfriend idol dissing them in a song

    BTS reaction to their girlfriend being apassionate about games, art and anime

    BTS reaction to you being into thigh riding

    BTS reaction finding out you have a good singing voice

    BTS reaction finding your sketches of him

    BTS reacting to you being shy about your freckles

    BTS reacting to s/o not knowing how to use chopsticks

    WolfAU!: BTS reaction to a vampire approaches to their girlfriend

    WolfAU!: BTS reaction to another male wolf tries to take their girlfriend away from them

    BTS reaction to you being ticklish when cuddling

    MafiaAU: BTS reaction to you coming home crying because a member of the rival gang tortured you

    BTS reaction to their s/o curled up scared of a big storm

    BTS reaction to finding a mommy cat with a broken leg and six kittens 

    BTS reaction to rejection you and then regretting it

    BTS reaction to you giving them a bj while a important work meeting

    BTS reaction to their s/o having plump lips


    Yoonmin Lockscreen

    Namjin Lockscreen

    Vhope Lockscreen 


    Vhope Instagram Edit

    Jikook Instagram Edit



    All the members:

    [Mini-serie]: | They cheating on you | You confront them: [PART 1] [PART 2] [PART 3] [PART 4]

    You are uncomfortable calling them oppa and instead of that you call them hyung even when you are not a boy

    When they accidentally confess to you


    Jackson and you as a couple

    Poly Relationships:

    Mark and Jackson: [1] [2] [3] [4]

    Mark and Jinyoung


    GOT7 reaction to their ex girlfriend idol dissing them in a concert

    GOT7 reaction to you being into thigh riding

    WolfAU: GOT7 reaction to a vampire approaches to their girlfriend

    GOT7 reaction to finding out that their little sister is pregnant (Part 1)



    All the members:

    They are jealous over BTS/GOT7

    [Mini-serie]: | They cheating on you | You confront them: [PART 1] [PART 2] [PART 3] [PART4]


    Chanyeol being protective when youre hanging out with another guy


    Sehun being protective when youre hanging out with another guy

    Poly Relationships: 

    Kyungsoo and Sehun 


    EXO reaction to their ex girlfriend idol dissing them in a song

    EXO reaction to you liking thigh riding



    SEVENTEEN reaction to saying something dirty/18+



    Scenario: He neglects his girlfriend [PART 2]

    anonymous asked:

    Have you done any fight fics? Just curious if you have in he past, cuz I know you aren't taking requests 😄

    ARE YOU GUYS TRYING TO KILL ME WITH THIS ANGST??? I’m kidding! hahaha I’m a sucker for angst (as you all probably know by now) and I think I have a few fics that you might like!

    Originally posted by lawlu

    Yuuri and Victor Fight

    First Fight by apollosoyuz, Gen, 2.4k
    The first time they fought was loud and then quiet. In which Yuuri panics and blames Viktor, and Viktor doesn’t realize the impact his petty response will have on Yuuri until it’s too late. Fluffy ending!

    Break the Cycle by SigmundFreud, Explicit, 26k
    College AU where ex boyfriends Yuuri and Victor can’t stay away from each other. LOTS of mutual pining, arguments, miscommunication, and, of course, angst. Thumbs up!

    Submerge by cryingoverspilledvodka, Mature, 38k
    The pining and angst is real in this one! Full of angry Yuuri and an equally frustrated Victor. Takes place after their first argument. Relationships aren’t easy, and Victor and Yuuri are no exception.

    selfish by MissSpock, Gen, 1.9k
    “…Aren’t you going to stop me?” He hated how his voice wobbled and cracked, and he had to fight to keep the tears in his eyes.
    Yuuri’s brows creased. The mist had cleared from the lenses of his glasses and he looked at Victor with confused, amber eyes. “Why should I? It seems as though you’ve come to a decision.” Role reversal of ep 11. *sobs*

    Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya, Explicit, 166k (WIP)
    Pretty sure everyone’s read this one… but if you haven’t, do! Rivals AU where Yuuri’s main goal, ever since he was a child, is to beat Victor and win the GPF. SO MUCH ANGST (like, so much) and deliciously hot, hot, hot! You might die from reading this… it’s that good. My personal favourite!

    Trouble in Paradise by DarkDemon, Gen, 1.3k
    After their first fight as a couple, Yuuri feels absolutely horrible and tracks Viktor down at the rink so they can talk about it. Thumbs up!

    turbulence by fan_nerd, Teen, 1.9k
    Yuuri could get frustrated and tired and impatient, but he’s never called Victor out of his name. He’s far too polite for that. The word idiot rings in Victor’s head like he’s been slapped. They fight, they make up!

    Nerve Endings by Phyona, Explicit, 47k (WIP)
    When Yuuri moves in with Victor in St. Petersburg, they have to work through Yuuri’s anxiety and Victor’s secrets to find their balance. LOVE THIS FIC OMG!

    Hold Me Tight by smudgesofink, Teen, 11k
    To say that Victor is touchy-feely is the understatement of the century. So when Victor just stops touching Yuuri, without explanation, without reason, it makes for a painfully jarring experience. It’s all fluff… then goes straight into the depths of angst.. *cries*

    The Argument by Woubazoid, Not Rated, 1.1k
    Viktor wants to pick a fight. Fluffy!

    From The Moon by ButterBeerBitch, Mature, 4.8k
    That one time Victor finds out why Yuuri has never let him inside his bedroom because….well, we all know why… happy ending!

    Of Glass and Gold by smudgesofink, Teen, 4.4k
    In which Victor is gold–magnificent, breathtaking, brilliant–and Yuuri is glass–transparent, thin, breakable. Great fic!

    Anything You Want by Flightless_Bird, Teen, 2.6k
    Victor’s heart stung. He knew that he shouldn’t get annoyed when he was clearly in the wrong; but it still hurt to think that Yuuri believed a few flashing cameras were more important to Victor than him. Love this!