troubles in paradise


Sierra: “- …alright, I’m gonna check if she’s still in town… so, you have made The Mill into a love nest again?”
B: “- Not now, Sierra, call me as soon as you know?”
S: “- Copy that…”
S: “- Dave, we have to leave, it’s trouble in paradise.”
Dave: “- Your ex?”
S: “- Yeah, I tell you in the car”
C: “- A stalker!? but… why?”
B: “- *dry laugh* Believe it or not, but I was quite populare when we were touring… and then the whole thing turned into hell. Anyhow… it could be nothing, but Sierra wanted me to be careful so, …and now with these footprints. I think we should go home. Just to be safe.”
C: “- I’m sorry that happend to you”
B: “- I’m perfectly fine. Come here, don’t be afraid. We can go here anytime now, I’ve decided to not sell. *smile*”
C: “- That’s great! Well, I’m gonna go an pack then… *sigh*”
S: “- It’s me, the landlord said she haven’t been in her apartment for two weeks… and the worst, we found pictures of you and Clara on the kitchen table, I’m coming up right away but you two should leave as soon as possible!”

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Can we please bring back examples where she was right so I'm not so doubtful I really wanna believe her 😢

She’s been right most of the time, especially the stuff about Harry and Taylor being friends in 2013 and 2014. She said back in Feb 2014 that they have been hanging out at a mutual friend’s house in Malibu for months, and then in 2016 Courteney Cox let it slip that she first met Taylor, when she, Ed, her fiancee, Gary Lightbody, and “I don’t remember who else?” hung out at her house in Malibu in 2013. We checked and found out that Courteney Cox followed Taylor and Harry on the same day, so obviously Harry was there at her house too. So yeah, Haylorsecrets was right, the mutual friend was Courteney Cox who lives in Malibu.

She was also right about her hints about Tayvin back in February this year, she hinted that there might be trouble in paradise between Taylor and Calvin when she posted Justin Timberlake’s ‘What Goes Around’ video which explains perfectly what happened between Taylor, Harry and Calvin (minus the cheating part that is). Then ‘Better Man’ came out and basically confirmed that there were problems in their relationships involving jealousy and 'pulling away from the relationship’. And Haylorsecrets hinted that in FEBRUARY.

The only few times she was wrong was when she posted the 2 videos which she deleted, but she apologized for it and said it was an unreliable source. The other one was wrong info on Taylor’s schedule back in 2015 I believe? But she’s usually honest when she gets things wrong, so yeah.

And I doubt this time her source is wrong because it seems like she’s been scouting for haylor info since September (she was skeptical though that they were even talking) and now she seems sure enough to tell us about it. Like I said time will tell.

Trouble in Paradise (closed)

From the beginning, everyone thought the Kirklands were the happiest couple, they had what everyone wanted. The two worked together in their small business and raised a child together in their picture perfect home. Arthur was a sensible man, preferring to handle the finances while he watched his creative husband bake. They weren’t rich, but they were well off doing what they loved. There wasn’t a greater marriage than what they had.
For a slow Monday morning, Arthur opened up the shop at seven sharp and set to brewing a fresh pot of coffee while Oliver had a chance to wake up and ready himself for another day. “I’ll make breakfast soon, Ollie,” he called to his sleeping beauty.