Separating the male and female trainees? How does that make sense
We can’t love so how do we write love song lyrics

BTS, A Typical Trainee’s Christmas

This is why fans should support idol relationships whatever the kind is. Let’s not allow idols to think they’ve wasted their youth by not having relationships.

signs as idol ships
  • aries: chanyeol & baekhyun, chanbaek/baekyeol, exo
  • taurus: seungjun & jihun, seungji, knk
  • gemini: kai & krystal, kaistal, exo & f(x)
  • cancer: v & jimin, vmin, bts
  • leo: eric nam & jimin, ermin, solo and 15&
  • virgo: moonbyul & solar, moonsun, mamamoo
  • libra: sandara & g dragon, daragon, bigbang & 2ne1
  • scorpio: jr & ren, jren, nu'est
  • sagittarius: taeyeon & tiffany, taeny, snsd
  • capricorn: xiumin & chen, xiuchen/chenmin, exo
  • aquarius: namjoon & jin, namjin, bts
  • pisces: hyuna & hyunseung, troublemaker, solo & beast
  • -♉️(pls excuse if any names are incorrect)