troublemaker touku

I’m hugging your head, actually, and that’s more you than your hair, so I guess I’m hugging you? I’m just messing with your hair at this point. /says it casually, tugging at some of the strands of his hair/

But all my hair’s on my head so that’s more my hair than my head… well, it’s both. So maybe you’re hugging both? Either way… it’s uncomfortable. Shoo. [  He batted at the other behind him, especially at his hands  ]

troublemaker-touku said: /The ponytailed boy burst into laughter at the fearful reaction from his tug, reaching up to ruffle the other’s head./ Bahaha, why so scared, dude? Ya looked like ya thought you were gonna die, fer Arceus’ sake!

“I-… I d-didn’t think t-that I w-was g-going to d-die…!” Touichi glared at him, flustered in embarrassment. “I w-wasn’t s-… scared…!”

/ruffles hair/ Yeeeep, it’s like a fluffy lil whimsicott, now that the anon mentions it! Ahaha! Now people are gonna be in love with your hair or something, Kuuniboh?

It’s not like a whimiscott! You’re not allowed to mention my hair, yours is just as weird, Touku… uh, I don’t know, that’s pretty weird to be in love with someone’s hair…