troublemaker otp

a semi-serious playlist (because some of the songs are just me trying to be funny)

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01. romance
Romance Anónimo,  Romance d'Amour or Spanish Romance, which originates in the 19th century 

02. dearly departed (marianas trench)
(we’ll toast what could have been/ my dearly departed)

03. wolf in sheep’s clothing  (set it off)
(tell me how you’re sleeping easy/ how you’re only thinking only of yourself/ show me how you justify/ tell me are your lies like second nature)

04. sweet dreams (are made of this) (sucker punch soundtrack version)
(travelled the world and the seven seas/ everybody’s looking for something)

05. i can’t decide (scissor sisters)
(no wonder why my heart feels dead inside/ it’s cold and hard and petrified)

06. death on two legs (queen)
(death on two legs/ you’re tearing me apart/ death on two legs/ you never had a heart of your own)

07. miss jackson (panic! at the disco)
(out the back door, goddamn/ but i love her anyway/ miss jackson/ are you nasty?)

08. 505 (artic monkeys)
(i’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck/ or i did, last time i checked)

09. troublemaker (olly murs feat. flo rida)
(my mind keeps saying ‘run as fast as you can’)

10. angel of small death and the codeine scene (hozier)
(freshly disowned in some frozen devotion/ no more alone or myself could i be/ looks like i strayed to the arms that were open/ no shortage of sordid, no protest from me)

11. in hell i’ll be in good company (the dead south)
(my life’s a bit more colder/ dead wife is what i told her)

12. the fire (bishop briggs)
( ‘cause i’ve been a devil/ i’ve been a saint/ somebody help me/ i can’t change)

13. mighty fall (fall out boy)
(baby we should have left our love in the gutter where we found it/ cause you think, you think your only crime is that you got caught/ i’m singing oh/ how the mighty fall, the mighty fall/ the mighty fall/ , they fall in love)

14. take me to church (hozier)
(i’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies/ i’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife/ offer me that deathless death/ good god, let me give you my life)

15. nicotine (panic! at the disco)
(just one more hit and then we’re through/ ‘cause you could never love me back/ cut off all ties i have to you/ ‘cause your love’s a fucking trap)

16. i found (amber run)
(i found love where it wasn’t supposed to be/ right in front of me/ talk some sense to me)

I can’t take this idea away from my head. High-school Frank. The kid always wearing black, always sitting in the back of the classroom. Never speaking if not spoken to. A bit of a troublemaker. Good grades, nothing special, enough not to draw attention to himself either way.

Then one day he is made to sit beside this new kid.The new blind kid. Matthew Murdock, the kid with the troubled past, everyone seems to know some weird detail about him.

“I’ve heard that his Mum did not want him and became a nun after he was born.”
“My mom said that her friend said that his dad was killed by the mob.”
“I heard Mr Jones say that he lives in an orphanage, because no one wanted to adopt him.”
“He’s a weirdo.”
“I don’t like him.

Frank doesn’t pay attention to the rumours - or to the new kid, for that matter - at first, but then he notices something. He notices how that redhead blushes every time someone says something about him, even if he’s far away, even if he’s sitting on the other side of the cafeteria at lunchtime.

He notices that he’s always coming to school alone, and leaving alone, and he is alone during the day. His cane tapping on the floors, his glasses pushed up on his nose, his bag slung on one shoulder. His eyes look sad behind his dark lenses.

And Frank makes it his mission to protect Matt. To watch over him. From a distance, at first. He walks a few steps behind him in between classes. He moves his desk closer to Matt’s. He follows him discreetly and steps in if he sees someone looking for trouble, stopping them before Matt can notice.

Then one day Frank is looking for something in his locker and hears the familiar tap-tap-tap of Matt’s cane. The hall is almost empty, everyone is in class, lessons will start in a couple minutes.

And Matt stops behind him, leans close and whispers a “thank you” in his ear, before heading to class. And when Frank finally reaches his desk, just as the bell is ringing, barely in time to avoid a scolding or detention, he turns towards Matt and sees him smile. Matt is not looking at him, he is looking straight ahead, but he knows that smile is for him.

Brotp: Crichton and Chiana Pip

I’m sorry. I’m not used to trusting anybody.

I suggest you start.