Summary: The reader has fun pushing Dean’s buttons.

Drabble Prompt: “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.”  

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

“Hey, Y/N.” Sam marches into the kitchen with a smile, glistening in sweat as he winds down from his late night run.

“Sup, Sammy.” You gracefully mumble with your mouth full of warm apple pie. It’s the perfect treat to enjoy now that the air is changing and you’re overjoyed that you snagged the last piece.

“Woah.” Sam pauses as his eyes land on your plate. “What are you doing? Did you forget who that belongs to?”

“Oh, relax. Dean freaking Winchester is a big boy.” You snort before shoveling in another delicious forkful.

“Right. I’m outta here, Y/N. I’m not sticking around for when Dean finds out.”

“When Dean finds out what?” The older hunter strolls in while finishing the last sip of his beer.

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  • Schuyler: Now tell me: where is Luca?
  • MC: Breaking the rules.
  • Schuyler: Where is the young Goldstein?
  • MC: Stopping Luca from breaking the rules.
  • Schuyler: And where is Randy?
  • MC: Stopping Elias from stopping Luca from breaking the rules.
  • Schuyler: If they are there, why are you here?
  • MC: I'm stopping you from stopping Randy from stopping Elias from stopping Luca from breaking the rules.
signs as idol ships
  • aries: chanyeol & baekhyun, chanbaek/baekyeol, exo
  • taurus: seungjun & jihun, seungji, knk
  • gemini: kai & krystal, kaistal, exo & f(x)
  • cancer: v & jimin, vmin, bts
  • leo: eric nam & jimin, ermin, solo and 15&
  • virgo: moonbyul & solar, moonsun, mamamoo
  • libra: sandara & g dragon, daragon, bigbang & 2ne1
  • scorpio: jr & ren, jren, nu'est
  • sagittarius: taeyeon & tiffany, taeny, snsd
  • capricorn: xiumin & chen, xiuchen/chenmin, exo
  • aquarius: namjoon & jin, namjin, bts
  • pisces: hyuna & hyunseung, troublemaker, solo & beast
  • -♉️(pls excuse if any names are incorrect)