Thoughts of a “troubled girl”….a 2 second poem written by @oheysunshine …inspired by: @thingzasiasayz Troubled girl, trouble girl Thinking of all the troubles in her world She woke up too late to prepare for class They ran out of chicken in the caf Ugly dude tried to make a pass Sunshine hurt his feelings with her laughs Now he’s sad faced and mean muggin The troubled girl would prefer his cousin Too bad he’s a foreign bum Who’s never seen cash in a lump sum Troubled girl that wants to have fun She went to the soul…and was the only one She got in her car to head back to her dorm Her car was washed away by a tropical storm Troubled girl troubled girl Please dont throw shade at this troubled world. 👌👌 #snapsnap #real #poetry #poetryslam #deepthoughtsinthecaf #picbehindbethune #indacut #troubledgirl

The demon

 - I can feel the demon

It’s feeding                                                                                                    


 - It’s a part of me now      

My thoughts

My slow heartbeat

 - There’s nothing to do

Done is done

No way back

 - I can feel it

Você sempre foi a boazinha, sempre fez de tudo pra não perder as pessoas, sempre pedia desculpas mesmo quando a culpa não era sua. Uma hora você cansa, e começa a aprender que não é bem assim que tem que ser, pois garotas boas são as que mais sofrem. troubledgirl