Various works by Andrew Hem

Born on his parents’ flight from Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge genocide, Andrew Hem grew up in Los Angeles where he became fascinated by graffiti and decided to study graphics and composition, which eventually led him to pursue and obtain a degree in Illustration at the Art Center College of Design. 

[Hem’s] haunting impressions of culture and landscape evoke the life of the spirit through the visionary manifestation of memories and dreams. - Amanda Erlanson


(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑ I’ve been testing a new lineart/inking style for future comics. But instead of turning our characters in to the guinea pigs, >:3 I thought I’d spice it up and draw some of the teams that belong to friends/peeps we stalk (or all of the above). >u</ Hope I was able to do all of your wonderful characters justice! It certainly was fun drawing such a motley cast, hurrhurr!

All characters belong to their respective owners. ❤

Troubled Waters
  • Troubled Waters
  • The Mongoloids
  • Time Trials

The Mongoloids lll Troubled Waters

A sea of smoke fills my head leaving me blind to make decisions that change my life always asking if I’m right.
The questions, they, steal away from living my everyday.
A rat race to overcome these obstacles that take my fucking time.
Free my mind. I’ll be fine.
Broken bones, hollow soul, that’s all I have left to know.
Taken the life straight out of me.
Looking on at all the others it seems that they don’t even notice what is going on.
I wanna be,
Free from the pain,
That takes my time,
Skilled to see straight.

I am the troubled waters, make no mistake
I am tempest tossed and raging
Against my own windswept memories
Roiling underneath the surface
Caught in a riptide of change.
Waves roll out of my sea glass eyes
To tremble in your wake
Crashing against the shore of your heart
Glistening in the sunshine of your smile
I am the troubled waters, make no mistake
But I am a majesty to behold.

© Courtney Turley 2016

Troubled Waters
  • Troubled Waters
  • Sucre
  • A Minor Bird


@SucreMusic - Troubled Waters

What better way to start the week?

Sucré’s debut album, A Minor Bird completely captivated me when it first came out. Now, six months later, I still find myself being swept away by the brilliant combination of sounds on songs like this one. 

►►Mistresses S4E8 : Bridge Over Troubled Water


Air Date : May 30th, 2016
Season Number : 4
Episode Number : 8
Episode Name : Bridge Over Troubled Water
Networks : American Broadcasting Company
Genres : Mystery, Drama

April’s mom pays her a visit, which stirs up trouble; Karen is unsure about her new nanny; Harry struggles with fame; Joss discovers her ex-fiancee is dating Kate.

Rochelle Aytes, Yunjin Kim, Jes Macallan, Brett Tucker, Alyssa Milano, Jason George, Corinne Massiah

tabletopvorthos  asked:

I don't know how to comment but regarding Kiora and Thassa, I can't believe you didn't tag "mer-fuffle." You can have that one.

Oh man. Can’t believe I didn’t sea that one. *is all wet*

You don’t get to be a wishing well unless you’ve been a fountain of mistakes
I am clear-stilled with learned calm, copper-bottomed with scattered changes
Every wish falls into my crevasses, worming ways down into the brining dark
I am salted by the tears of wishing, coloured by blood of those who paid more
Make no mistake: all water is called to the ocean, all waters seek for drowning
The ocean takes more than it will give, but you do not see the troubled waters
And the only wish I can answer is to those who hear the Sirens call them here

No Thank You

You do not get credit for the way
my bones are designed to heal
after every time you’ve crushed them
beneath your ruthless feet. 
I was built to withstand troubles;
To ripple and break, rise and fall;
To weather through your every storm. 

So make no mistake, because
to you, I will never be thankful for
the way my skin has learnt to mend.
And I will never be thankful for 
the hell that still haunts me everyday.
Make no mistake, I will never thank you 
for the person I have become today. 

— © 2016 Jade Onn

water’s edge

you dipped all yourself in me 
wading in the ripple effect
you swam: deep in my warm waters
steeped your soul till baptized clean
soiling the color of my clear stream
always replenished | you drank me–
thirsty never knew you
my once placid waters…
crashing | running into a vast nothingness
make no mistake–
I am troubled waters from the torrent of you.
still searching for my calm under the swell of the wave
where the sediments in me recall no vestiges of you
findng rest toward the water’s edge