troubled loners


Victoria Kucherova was troubled 15 years old loner who was obsessed with knives, violence and serial killers. Her lonely days were over when she met 18 years old Alexander who shared her fascination with everything morbid. On 16 December 2015 Victoria Kucherova had a quarrel with her father over her boyfriend. After the quarrel Victoria went to bathroom and texted her boyfriend that they should kill her family. Alexander couldn’t say no to Victoria and immediately came to her home. The couple started their rampage with Victoria’s father Dmitry. He was stabbed 30 times by Victoria and beaten with baseball bat by Alexander. Victoria’s mother Natalia was stabbed in the back but survived. Victoria’s older sister Alexandra hid in another room. Massacre was over when a neighbor heard the noise and a couple had to flee crime scene afraid that they can get caught. The next day Victoria and Alexander turned themselves to police.The couple became know as “bloody Romeo and Juliet“.

  • Overwatch: Junkrat's bio literally states he's wanted for arson and murder across the world. Didn't care about potential hostages he was going to kill in the comic. Steals from children. Wants to blow up an African city and a religious order of pacifist omnics. Media definition of a sociopath white terrorist mislabeled as an emotionally troubled loner.
  • Fandom: he's a nice boy who likes his milk tea half sweet :^)

after eighteen hours straight I still cannot decide which of these fucking losers I am going to marry?? at first I was set on sebastian because his whole “dark troubled loner who is actually a fuckin loser nerd” thing is 100% endearing and my aesthetic but then this jock turns out to have a traumatic past and is basically an angelic sad puppy in a human suit and now im like. god why cant i be the big strong dependable farmer husband to both of these precious bambinos