trouble with clowns

The Moment of Caving In

Part 1 | Part 2

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 3042

Summary: It’s the summer before you start college and the last thing you need is a romantic attachment to someone you’ll be leaving behind.

A/N: Not sure how I feel about the text screenshots… I might format it differently next time. Let me know if you think the screenshots break up the story too much or make it difficult to read. Enjoy ^^

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“I’m gonna need some more fries,” Taehyung mentions as he stands up from his seat next to you. “Anyone else want any?”

“Nah, I don’t know if I’ll even be able to finish mine.” You laugh, looking down at your huge pile of french fries and nearly empty container of McNuggets.

Namjoon and Hoseok decline as well, and Taehyung heads around the corner inside of the McDonald’s and back to the counter.

“So, Y/N.” Namjoon shoots you a look and you know exactly where the conversation is headed. The topic was bound to come up at some point.


“How’s it feel to be single again?”

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((I got to love this ask so much! I spent a whole night drawing it! But i just couldn’t miss a single scene of what i had in mind ^^ The last panel is my laptop background now. Dr. Indigo is fun to draw! Rose is a pain xD 

True Story))

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12. JokerXReader part 2!

Hey :) if it’s not any trouble, could you write an imagine where the Joker gets possessive/jealous when the reader hangs out with other people besides him? Love both of your blogs btw.

kayelle101: Can you do a part 2 for joker obsessed with reader!!?? I loved it

So here it is, I thought those requests would match really good together, hope you two like it! <3

As soon as you woke up this morning, you just furrowed your brows about the dream you had last night.

You and Maggie were in a club and some strange dude in a suit offered you to his boss, who was no one less than the Joker himself.

And the most curios part of all was, that he seemed to have a thing for you, he kissed you and had sex with you in the club, while your best friend was on the dancefloor with all the „normal“ people.

You shook your head, what a fucked up dream.

Trying to clear your mind you forgot about what you were going through in your sleep, as your phone vibrates on your nightstand.

Rubbing your eyes you saw that nearly a million people called you or left messages.

The first who texted you was Maggie, with: 

Where are you? 

Are you alright? 


Hey, come on this isn’t funny, please call me. 

(Y/N), okay you scare me, please tell me that you are alright! 

Answer me, if you read this, I’m worried.


Didn’t you drove home with her?

And as your head suddenly started aching, you released you didn’t even remembered what happened last night, there was just this crazy dream about the Joker and you in the … club …

Oh shit …


This can’t be true.

You scrolled through all of your messages in shock, there also was a number you didn’t even know and you gulped, because you could just divine, to whom this number belongs.

Really enjoyed our little ride, last night. Call me when you’re up. J.

So it’s true.

You were out with Maggie and instead of having fun, like normal people you fucked with the Joker in his club.

Your head sank back into your big white pillow.

„Perfect (Y/N). So this is what happens, when you are going out with a friend, you let Gotham City’s most notorious criminal fuck you in his club … This is a new nadir, even for you“, you murmured to yourself, while starring at Joker’s message.

You never hooked up with a man in a club, you found that disgusting, all those guys who were just out for quick sex or something, and now you got yourself in so damn trouble just because this clown messed up with your head last night.

And how the hell did he get your phone number?

Okay, relax (Y/N), first of all you should call Maggie, before she tries to call the police or something, you thought.

„(Y/N)! Where the hell have you been? I thought someone kidnapped you or worse killed you! Could you please tell me where you have been last night, after I left you with this suit guy?“

She was totaly hysterical.

„Hey Maggie, I’m sorry listen, I didn’t even know what happened until I got all your messages. I am home and I’m fine, no one kidnapped or killed me. I just had a huge hangover, after last night, I can’t even remember how I came home“, you said with a week voice.

You felt tired and the aftermaths from last night seem to finally grow in your body now, like a bad drug.

„Thanks god, I really thought you ended up dead in a corner or something“, she sighed in relief.

„But, besides that you are okay, what was about this guy you should met?“, she asked now more interested and calm.

„Oh well, what can I say … he was … very intense and …“

„And?“, Maggie asked, while you were starring at your display.

He was calling you.

„He calls me“, you said more to yourself than to Maggie.

„What are you waiting for? Pick up!“

„Um … I call you back, okay?“, you said not sure what to do now.


Maggie hung up the phone and you took Joker’s call instead.

„Hello?“, you said, still unsure about this.

What does he want from you?

He was a psychopath, a master mind, succesful in every kind of illegal business and you were just a girl.

But wasn’t he like a little obsessed with you?

He told you he was looking out for you, everytime you were in his club.

„(Y/N)! Thought you would leave me in the lurch of your line, doll“, Joker’s gravelly but still amused voice sounded at the other end of the phone.

„No, I … I just didn’t thought you would call me back“, you said.

„Really? And why is that?“, he asked a little more sirious.

„Um … maybe because I’m just a one night stand for you … I don’t know …“, you murmured.

„Oh baby you’re not just a one night stand, believe me“, he said, his voice sounded a little more dangerous this time.

„Would you be so kind and open the door for me?“, he suddenly asked.

Hell no, he was stalking you!

„Oh … um wait …“, you said totaly confused and jumped out of the bed.

Your head was spinning in circles.

This was all too much.

It was just quick sex, nothing more and now the Joker was stalking you.

You opened the door and still couldn’t believe it.

He stood up in front of you, as if it was the most normal thing in life, to show up at your apartment after this totaly crazy first meeting.

He grinned wickedly at you, as he saw what you were wearing.

You blushed and closed your eyes for a second, you were so in a hurry because of him that you nearly forgot to dress up, so you stood here in just a bra and panties, and they were not the opaqued ones.

Fuck life …, you thought even if there was nothing he hadn’t seen before, what made you even more uncomfortable after thinking about it again.

„Why so embarrassed?“, he asked taking a step towards you, grabbing you harshly by your waist and closing the door with a loud bang.

„Have ya already forgot how much fun we had last night?“

His voice all husky as he whispered into your ear.

Your heart was bumping hard against your chest, just like a few hours ago, as you two first met.

„Maybe I have to refresh your memory“, he said before kissing you rough.

„Why are you here?“, you asked in a sigh, as his tongue was sliding up your neck.

„Because you were a bad girl and didn’t called daddy back“, he purred as he dragged you to your bedroom.

„But I just woke up-“

He didn’t let you continue, instead of that he pushed you on the bed and undressed both of you …


One month later

„Hey, already thought you won’t make it“, Luce said as you arrived at the coffee shop three streets away from your apartment.

„I’m sorry, I was busy, I got Maggie on the phone, she didn’t wanted to hang up“, you answered your best friend.

Besides Maggie, Luce was your second best friend, you two had known each other since pre-school and you had a two years relationship in High School,so he was the one who had known you better than anyone else.

„Typical. How’s life? I heared you’re in a new relationship“, he smirked.

You blushed a little.

One month now, you had managed to hide him from your friends, ‘cause you knew they would’ve been shocked if they found out your club flirt was the one and only infamous Joker.

„Well, yeah …“, you said.

„So you found someone better after me and … what was his name?“

„Dick, and that was three years ago“, you laughed.

Luce didn’t really liked your last boyfriend, not because he wasn’t good to you, he was, definitely but he always said that he never really suited you and in the end he was right.

You don’t wanted to imagine what he would’ve said to Mr J.

„Yes, I found someone“, you said, trying to escape this issue as soon as you could.

„And? Don’t you wanna tell me his name? Or what he is like?“, Luce grinned.

No, not really.

„Um, he’s special“, you said.

„(Y/N), what’s wrong?“, he asked now watchful.

„Nothing, I just think you wouldn’t like him … or anyone in our group, he’s hard to describe. But he’s good to me, you don’t have to be worried about me, really I promise“, you said slightly panicking.

„That doesn’t sounds very confidence-inspiring“, Luce answered.

„I know. It’s just I never thought I could love someone like him, and now that I do, I feel like I’m crazy.“

„So you’re dating someone dangerous?“, Luce asked siriously.

„He’s not … well, yes … but-“

You were cut off from your words, as you heared the familiar sound of a sports car rushing through the streets.

Oh please, don’t …

But it was already too late, the purple lamborghini you assuemed behind that sound, stopped in front of the coffee shop and a tall man with green slicked back hair made his way to your table.

Luce just starred at you in disbelief.

„No … (Y/N), are you fucking kidding me?!“, he hissed.

You bite your bottom lip and looked at J.

„You weren’t home, when I came back from the last heist, so I decided to look after you“, J said still this eerie grin on his face, as he pulled you into his arms and kissed you harshly.

„Who’s that?“, he snarled and now payed attention to Luce, before letting go off you and circling your best friend in his chair.

„That’s Luce, he’s my best friend, since pre-school. J please don’t do something to him“, you said a little worried about the look in your boyfriend’s eyes.

He always looked like this when he saw another man paying attention to you.

„Oh, I won’t don’t worry …“, he said with this sinister voice that always send shivers down your spine.

„Hey, listen I’m really okay with the fact that you two are together, I mean-“

„Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah“, J interrupted Luce and you got even more nervous as he touched his shoulders like he was about to break his neck.

„All of that chit chat’s gonna get ya hurt.“

He bashed his hands at Luce’s shoulders and you gulped, as J was circling him again, this time with a dangerous purring sound, while looking him in the eyes.

„J please, he-“

„Sh, don’t be scared I just wanna talk to him“, he said.

„So listen, kid. I know who you are, I did my research about you and I don’t like what I read about you, like you wouldn’t like what you could read about me. So first of all I don’t want you to touch her, I don’t want you to come closer to her than let’s say, ten centimetres and I don’t want you to stare at her like the last twenty minutes. I know that you still like her and I’m not good with that, I would’ve killed you if lovely little (Y/N) wouldn’t care about you so much, so here are the rules. Don’t look, don’t touch, don’t stare. If you observe this rules, we will be totaly fine with each other, but if you break only one rule, I will kill you and not in the kind way. So what'ya say?“, J asked.

His look was murderous.

„Yes, sir“, Luce stuttered.

Suddenly J smiled like a total maniac and sat down on Luce’s lap, before laughing wickedly, he grabbed his face and looked him in the eyes: „Ooh, you will be my friend.“

You just shook your head and rolled your eyes.

„J, stop creeping the fuck out of him“, you said now with a raised voice.

Your boyfriend sighed and stood up from your best friend’s lap.

„I just want to go sure, that you are save“, he said sliding his index finger under your chin, starring deep in your (e/c) eyes, before kissing you intensley.

„I am save. You don’t have to scare people to make sure they leave me alone, it suffices that you are in the room with me“, you smiled a little.

„But it’s so much more fun to scare them“, he said putting his tattoed smile on your mouth, the one that he got on his left hand.

„Stop it, I’m sirious“, you laughed.

„You see, way funnier“, he smirked at you.

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dancingwithcreatures  asked:

Aw thanks for the shout out. Sorry if that was confusing ask, lots to say only so many letters XD. What I meant was, I've been having trouble writing ideas for the clown family, so like when jerome brings her home what the family's reactions are to her. If that makes SENSE? Like what joker harley and cp think of her? Also I forgot to mention, I posted a few drawings of Mary attached to your au and I tagged you in them if that's OK?

ABSOLUTELY!!!! thank you for telling me because I don’t check my notifications every time I’m on. I’ll check them out now!
Oh I getcha now! So Jerome would be the son of Joker and Harley and brother of the clown princess, and your OC is the girl he brings home? So you’d send me her bio and I’d write headcanons based on that? I can totally help you out with that! Thank you for explaining further haha, but yeah of course I’d love to help out in any way I can.  

Signs as Comedic Relief Characters

*note: this was made as a joke, please don’t take it seriously!*

Aries: The lazy politician (lost all their life and spirit in the campaign of ‘92)

Taurus: The drunk servant (honest but has no idea what they’re saying)

Gemini: The freaky twins (completely in sync, finish each-others-sentences type)

Cancer: The talking animal (kind and fascinating yet slightly creepy)

Leo: The mirror-holding narcissist (only thing bigger than their ego is their mirror)

Virgo: The bitter misanthrope (sarcasm and insults that can’t be denied)

Libra: The trouble-seeking class clown (jokes and comebacks galore)

Scorpio: The angry landlord (haven’t paid rent? they’re coming for you.)

Sagittarius: The bumbling klutz (lovable except when they’re within 10 feet of you)

Capricorn: The story-telling grandpa (back in my day…)

Aquarius: The crazy professor (probably smart but who can tell)

Pisces: The heavy sleeper (nothing will wake them. don’t even try)

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Some anti said that Touken was glorifying mental illness (since Kaneki has a lot of problems (suicidal,etc) and we're hopeful in the sense that he'd realize he has a home to come back to despite them after what Touka said) and I can't see it./:

I haven’t seen that but lemme tell you something about it.

In this fandom, people are masochists. They LOOOOVE to see Kaneki suffer. They love to see him crying and fighting with his inner demons because that’s an interesting thing to read. They love to ship him with the craziest characters like Tsukiyama for example, or even Eto (I love etoken, but let’s be realistic in here, she’s even crazier than him and the relationship isn’t healthy at all). What’s Touka in his life? The relationship between them is complicated, I’m not going to deny that, but she’s literally the ONLY person in the entire series who can give him, if he yields, a normal life. Touka always was the human part in Kaneki’s ghoul style, when he became a ghoul she was the connection he still had with his inner humanity, and he helped her to make her feel more human too, something she always wanted to be.

Touka always maintained herself away from trouble, she’s not with the clowns, she’s not with Aogiri, she’s not with V, she’s just in her coffee shop waiting for the person she loves, ready to give him a home. Don’t you think that’s what Kaneki needs? A home? A place to lie down his head and sleep, rest, live? How can that glorify a mental illness? Even if Touka and Kaneki never jump into a romantic relationship, even still… they always loved each other as people, as humans, and we know the influence and the value of Touka inside his shitty life.

He needs a home. He doesn’t need a psychiatrist nor be alone. The last thing he needs is to be alone when that’s how he always was his entire life. He needs love, whether be romantic or friendly, he needs love, a place to rest, a home. RE, and especially Touka, are the ones who can give him that.

End of the story.

where’s the clown?

hey could someone please help me find the clown. i wanna see a stabbed clown please. im having trouble finding the clown. if someone could direct me to the timestamp so that i can see the clown that would be swell and then i could see the clown. thanks.


little clown, TROUBLING CLOWN