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“Boruto could care less about what others think. He makes up his own mind about everything. He got sick and tired of being judged just because he was the son of the Hokage. That’s why he tries extra hard to see things through his own eyes, and as a result, he ends up making an incident worse. He causes unnecessary trouble. That’s why he’s a big idiot. But that’s the reason why everyone gravitates toward him. Being accepted without prejudice is a great thing, right?” —Inojin about Boruto

Ronaldo is in trouble with the tax authority so Liberman, the argentine journalist that is chewed and spit out by his own country men and good friends with Ronaldo, has made up a lie that Leo’s foundation hid millions of euros. It is fake and hopefully Messi will sue that ******.



Staying behind at the Bunker with Dean while he’s sick.
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“That kid’s going to get himself killed.”

Rolling your eyes, you slammed the book you were reading shut and looked over at the oldest brother whom sat opposite.

“Sam’s not a kid, Dean.” You said to him. “He’s gone off on his own before and it’s just one werewolf. I doubt he’s gonna get himself into trouble. Besides, he’s meeting up with Cas.”

“If it wasn’t for this damn cold…” Dean sniffled and reached for the tissue box.

. I’ve Got You .

Full Summary: “‘You’re safe now, Luce,’ Natsu said softly, pressing his face into her hair as she buried her own in his shoulder and cried. His voice was a soothing rumble. 'I’ve got you.’” Upon leaving the building in which she and her friends were working for the night,  Lucy finds herself in serious trouble.

Author’s Note: This is based off of a nightmare I had last night.  It freaked me out and scared me half to death, so.  I wrote it out.  It actually ended half-way through the one-shot, but I continued it rather than stopping. ;)  The * marks where the nightmare ended.

“Come on, Luce,” the voice that belonged to her closest companion urged, “give me like five more minutes and I’ll be done.” Beside her, his onyx eyes blazed with a hopeful look, yet there was a hint of seriousness in the back of them as he ran a hand through his pink hair.

Lucy’s lips quirked with amusement, knowing that “five minutes” in Natsu Dragneel’s terms really meant something along the lines of “another few hours”. Shaking her head, she told him, “Really, Natsu, I’ll be fine. I promise.” She smiled encouragingly and gave him a playful wink. He frowned, not looking convinced, and she held up her phone, wiggling it in his face. “See? I’ll call you when I get home.”

She could understand his concern, of course. It was nearing ten at night. It was dark enough to not notice shadows that shouldn’t be there, and with the strange disappearances going on, it would have been smarter on her behalf to wait for at least the petite Levy McGarden to get done so that they could walk to their cars together.

But Lucy had promised to be home hours ago, and her father was all ready getting irritable about the matter. So she gave Natsu a firm look and poked his arm. “I’ll be fine, Natsu.”

He looked unsure, but nodded. “I guess if you’re sure…” He ruffled her blonde hair, earning himself an agitated look. He only laughed and then pressed his forehead to hers in a brief touch. She softened. “Be careful, okay?”

“Okay,” she murmured, reaching up to touch his cheek for a moment before turning away.

“Don’t forget to call me when you get home!”

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Protector ~Draco Malfoy Imagine~

Summary: You are a good girl who happens to be dating Draco Malfoy. Being a Hufflepuff and dating a Slytherin bad boy, this tends to surprise people. It didn’t shock you when Draco would protect you from bullies or during the battle.

Author’s Note: In honor of the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter, I am writing a Draco Malfoy imagine. 

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You were a good girl. The type of Hufflepuff that would follow the rules and tries to stay out of trouble. That’s when it shocked everybody when Draco Malfoy asked you to the Yule Ball. He fell in love with you every time you smiled at him and give out positive compliments. 

“I never thought to see the day you’d be with Draco Malfoy,” Hermione Granger, one of your friends, tells you.

“He’s quite a gentleman when you get to know him better. Don’t tell him I told you though,” You winked over at her. 

Even though you both were dating, not much changed for the both of you. You were still the good girl with good grades and he was still rude but had better grades thanks to you. 

“No Draco. You need to put in four slugs not three,” You tell him as you both were in potions class together. 

“Thank you for reminding me,” Draco smiled over at you. 

“Are you smiling?” Crabbe asked him.

“Mind your own business,” Draco spat at him. 

It was clear not to mess with you. Even if Draco wasn’t there with you. That was one of the Slytherin’s mistakes when Draco almost hexed him in the middle of the Great Hall during lunch.

“Draco’s girlfriend isn’t as beautiful as Draco talks about,” One of the Slytherins said looking over at you.

“Don’t let him hear you say that,” Goyle warned. 

“Why? He could do much better,” The Slytherin said. 

“What did you say about my girlfriend?” Draco asks him from behind. The Slytherin looked up at the angry Draco. You looked up from your book to see Draco mad. You got out of your seat and walked over to him.

“I’m just saying you can do better,” The Slytherin repeated as if it was nothing. 

“That’s it,” Draco said before taking his wand out and aiming at the boy. You stepped in front of him and placed your hand on his. 

“Draco. You’re going to get in trouble. Why don’t we go out and take a walk,” You say calmly. 

“Fine. Talk about Y/N like that again, and I’ll hex you in secret,” Draco threatened the boy. You held his hand before walking out of the Great Hall, leaving everyone including teachers in shock.

When Draco was turned into a Death Eater, he broke up with you in order to protect you. He had to break up with you the night Dumbledore died. 

“I don’t understand. Did I do something wrong?” You asked, tears falling from your eyes. 

“No. I’m doing this to protect you,” Draco said, cupping your cheeks. He wiped some of the tears away. 

“Draco. I love you,” You tell him.

“I love you too, Y/N. You don’t know how much I’m in love with you,” Draco said heartbroken. He gave you one last kiss before running off. 

During the Battle of Hogwarts, you were fighting for your life. You saw another kid fighting off a Death Eater, you aimed at the Death Eater and shot out a spell to give the kid time to escape. You ran over back to the Great Hall but tripped over a broken part of the wall. You felt a sharp pain on your arm as you collided with the hard ground. You looked back to see a Death Eater coming towards you. 

“Y/N!” Draco yelled. 

“Stupefy!” The Death Eater was now down. You looked over as Draco ran over to you. He held your hand before aiming at a Death Eater.

“Stupefy!” He yelled. 

You both ran back inside to safety. Draco looked back at your arm before helping you get your arm better. 

“Draco, are you alright?” You ask him. 

“Me? Look at you. You’re hurt,” Draco said. 

“I’m okay,” You assure him.

“I told you I promise to protect you and you got hurt,” Draco tells you. You cup his cheeks, making him look up at you. You give him a light kiss on the lips. 

“Draco, I forgive you,” You tell him. He wrapped his arms around you as he held onto you. 

“How can you forgive me after all this?” Draco asked. 

“Because you’re still the same guy I fell in love with,” You tell him, smoothing out his hair a bit. 

“I think you already know this but I have a soft spot for you and only you,” Draco said.

“I’ve noticed,” You smile at him.

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Wintershock, natch ;-)

I kind of wanted to switch things up a little.  I feel like it’s always Darcy asking Bucky out.  This was fun to write.  <3  

Pairing: Bucky/Darcy

Word Count:  334

Prompt:  Bulletproof- La Roux

Tags:  Flirting, Awkward date making, Flirty!Bucky

Warnings:  None

He was trouble.  That’s what he was.  He had it written all over him.  

“Brought you somethin’, doll…” He pushed the coffee across the surface of her desk.  “Hope that’s okay?”  

He had a smile that would probably melt ice.  

“I don’t think I have ever turned down a free coffee, so yeah.  It’s definitely okay.”  

That ice melting smile was back.  Beaming at her from the stool he’d plopped down in.  “You busy, Darce?”  

“For you, Sunshine? I’m never busy.”  

“Just…uh…kinda wanting to ask this girl out…”  

“Oh?” she asked, it sounded loud.  Too loud.  Had she actually just shouted at him?  Probably not, because he was still talking and not staring at her like she had noodles for brains.  

“Yeah.  She’s a peach.  Just…aces. She does all this stuff for other people, and barely takes any time for herself? You know the type.”  

“Yeah…” she trailed off.  “Yeah, I’m familiar with the concept.”  She didn’t dare hope he was talking about her.

Oh who was she kidding?  She fucking dared.   

“Well, anyway.  I’m not exactly sure if she thinks about me the way I think about her.  And I was wondering if a direct approach would work better than a covert kind of operation.”  

“Well, while I’m kind of curious as to what kind of covert operation you’d be pulling off, I’d have to say that most people appreciate a direct approach.  Especially the type of woman you’re describing.  Chances are, she probably has a lot on her plate and trying to figure out complex signals and other miscellaneous whatever is not high on her list of things she wants to do.”  

“Heya Darce?”  Bucky asked.  


“You wanna go dancing with me?  I like you a lot and I’d like to see how you move on the dance floor.”  

Even though she’d been kind of expecting it, she still blushed.  “I don’t move well on the dance floor, Buck, I’m not gonna lie.  But I’d love to give it a shot.”

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Are there any fic where one of them is biromantic? I'm biromantic myself and just want to read some where they are... Im having trouble validating myself and idk I thought maybe it'd help..I tried looking on the blog but I'm new to this blog and I don't really know what I'm doing..

Asexual; BiromanticPhil is asexual, but is biromantic. He and Dan have been dating for a few months, and Dan wants to take their relationship to the next step, but Phil is quite uncomfortable. Will he be able to explain to Dan what’s troubling him?

Questioning (ao3) - Dan and Phil help figure each other out.

these are the only two i could find! you may wanna also check out the bisexual tag or asexual tag


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Sleep anon: Sleepytime Extra tea, it has Valerian in it (you can find it at grocery stores). I have a friend with ptsd and trouble sleeping but she's on other medications and has had ulcers so she has to keep real meds to a minimum. But she swears by Valerian for helping her relax to sleep, the tea is probably the lowest dose of it you'll find. Also try eating a little dairy if you can, just a little, cheese is good.


After the events of Pony Prom, this blog will likely be getting a name change and content change. I will not continue Adelaide’s story, and this will change into a full art blog. 

This story has been much more trouble than it’s worth as I find myself wholly uninterested too much to continue it. It feels so much more like a stressful chore looming over me than something fun to show everyone.  I will still draw a TON of Adelaide and Fain as they are my two closest OC’s and I love them to bits, so you’ll still see a ton of them around. It’ll just be accompanied with other art as well (probably a lot of musical/broadway stuff lol)

If that’s not something you are a fan of, I’m really sorry for letting you down and I understand if you don’t want to follow me anymore. I just really dislike that this is my primary blog when I want to give people asks and branch out and it makes me feel confined. I explored a lot of options but I think this one is the best!

So there you have it! Thanks for reading and thank you very much to the lovely people that will stick around!

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they probably hired an acting coach for Emilia Clark, I hate being so rude about this movie but this movie isn't going to be as amazing as they hope

That’s what I had thought, but according to the Hollywood Reporter article, the acting coach was for Alden Ehrenreich, which is troubling because he’s HAN SOLO.

Yikes, yikes, yikes.

Photo of casting director on the Han Solo movie:

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This is super random but I'm mid heights obsession and I needed to share my random Sonny headcannon - which is that his full name is Madison Mateo De La Vega like maybe there was complications when he was born and the doctor who delivered him was Dr Madison and his mom was so grateful she named her son after him/her and Usnavi is the one to nickname him Sonny like people keep assuming he's a girl so Usnavi starts calling him Sonny-Boy and it sticks but when he's in trouble Usnavi uses Madison

I think the best part about all this is that, yes, Sonny HATES that name, and that became VERY apparent when school was about to start. Sonny didn’t want to go because he didn’t want anyone to make fun of his name cause it’s a girl name (although it WAS a boy name in the past) so Usnavi coined the nickname, Sonny, and Usnavi’s parents told the attendance office that before Sonny came, so when the teacher called attendance for the first time, they called Sonny, instead of Madison. Unfortunately, the young barrio didn’t know about that name until they were older. Usnavi doesn’t pull out Sonny’s FULL full name unless he’s in BIG trouble, like, ‘Usnavi’s going to kill you, ressurect you and then kill you again to dance on your grave’ kind of trouble. It only happened ONCE, and it just happened to be when all the barrio dwellers were nearby. Sonny’s trying to sneak away, and Usnavi just bellows ‘MADISON MATEO DE LA VEGA!!!!!’ Sonny freezes, everyone stops what they’re doing, not knowing who Usnavi’s talking about, until Sonny slowly and begrudgingly walks towards Usnavi. The two go off for Usnavi to get on with parenting, and everyone’s just in silence until Benny just BURSTS out laughing and everyone else either joins in or are just in awe by this revelation ‘SONNY’S REAL NAME IS MADISON???’ Luckily, they don’t really make fun of him, they just poke at him and hold it over his head. Benny WOULD NOT let it go, even going as far as to call Sonny Maddie, until Nina grabbed him by the ear and told him to knock it off.Every since that day, even when he’s out of earshot, Sonny feels a shiver run down his spine every time his real name is uttered.

not only is today the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book but the 2nd anniversary of Gay Marriage being legalised in the US

Happy anniversary my dear American followers, in these troubled times, it’s important to remember that #loveislove and to remember the most important lesson of Harry Potter, when confronted by an autocratic would be dictator looking to take your rights away, organise yourselves and fight back

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Your boss ever say anything about your docs? Maybe he ignored them and you won't get in trouble? Maybe he's into it? I want to know, I've been anxious for you all day!

Oh My Goodnesssss! No, he didn’t say anything. I’m HOPING he didn’t even see it. He’s not good with the computer, but… sometimes he surprises me. 

It’s funny because, he knows that I write… “erotic stories” as I called them when he found out. And he really is super cool and we’re chill like that, but that’s way different from him sitting down and reading about Jared tying me up and drilling me. Ya know what I mean? So fingers crossed that he just ignored the list and didn’t go searching… lol. 

Drunking A.M.A.

A 10 year old girl is on vacation in Bandera, Texas. She’s pulled all the couch cushions off the sofa and she’s sprawled out across them, sitting in front of the fire place (where there is a fire lit, even though it’s the middle of summer). It’s midnight and she’s reading. She’s trying to be quiet so she doesn’t get in trouble. Then it’s 1 AM and she’s still reading. Her mother tried to come out to turn off the light, but the little girl asked for one more hour, please? Then it’s 2 AM and she hasn’t stopped reading. She’ll have to wake up in the morning, but she doesn’t care. She reads until she’s finished with the book… it’s probably 3 AM now.

And then she starts the next one; this one is called Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

That was my introduction to the Harry Potter series. The books weren’t even actually mine, I think we had bought them for my grandmother to have something to read while we were on vacation, but I picked them up and I couldn’t put them down. I exhausted my little 10 year old self devouring those first 3 books on that vacation.

From that point on, I was on every waitlist as soon as I knew the books were going to be released. 

Here’s… probably sophomore in high school me?, braces and all, at a midnight HBP release party at B&N:

I’m not wearing them in the photo, but I still have those cheap little glasses from that evening in a keep sake box somewhere. The boy in the front with the awful early-2000′s edgy flame t-shirt? He was a long lost friend that I hadn’t seen in years and he just happened to be there. Who says Harry Potter doesn’t bring people together?

I was going to be out of town at a summer camp the same week Deathly Hallows was supposed to be released. I very seriously considered not going and that’s not even a joke. I begged my parents, my boyfriend, any one that truly loved me to go pick up my pre-ordered book for me because I wouldn’t be there to do it myself.

Sleep-deprived from having been on a non-stop bus ride from Florida back to Texas, 5 in the morning and the first thing I did after stepping off that bus was (hug my parents and) ask if they had been able to pick up my DH copy. It was on my pillow at home. They said I should sleep before I started.

And recently graduated from high school, wholly exhausted and smelling like I had been on a bus full of many teenagers for 20 hours, I turned off my cell phone, climbed into my bed and didn’t leave my room until I was finished with DH… Harry and I had both graduated (in a sense) at the same time, and if he could survive being a horcrux and saving the wizarding world, then I could probably survive going off to college.

(And okay, yes, I did pause to collect myself after crying real tears when Hedwig died. And also, yes, I did finished the book before my evil friend could text me all the spoilers, which he said he was hellbent on doing.)

I knew HGD was probably a good bet when I saw his Education Decree #24 shirt (no music during study hours). I knew I had made real friends in college when they didn’t look at me funny when I asked about their Hogwarts House. I knew there were good people in my life when they asked “oh my god, are these butterbeer cupcakes?!?!” instead of “hey, are these butterscotch?”

I proudly rock a Slytherin sticker on my car (HGD has a Ravenclaw one that he hasn’t put up… yet). I proudly harass the chat into taking every iteration of the Pottermore Sorting quiz to find out what our houses are. I proudly lose hours and hours to tumblr admiring the beautiful artwork this fandom creates, and getting lost in the amazing stories you all write. I will proudly fight anyone that tries to tell me Drarry isn’t real.

So thank you, JKR… for creating this wonderful world and letting us all join you in it.

(And thank you - yes, YOU! - for being so damn amazing. For being in this fandom with me and for creating, for sharing, for commenting, for encouraging, for exploring, for telling your story, for making these characters yours!)