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A sign that Kaneki will fail as a king?

This was an fascinating small analysis about Haise/Ken by Urie. He is probably basin his analysis on the time he spent with Sasaki, but what if this has deeper connections? Maybe this might mean that Kaneki can`t hold his revolution and role as King together since he is not able to control many factions, and as the OEK, Kaneki pretty much has to do just that. Also as others here pointed out earlier, there was a interesting part in all the way in the first volume of TG where Kaneki says that he is bad at running things. 

I wonder what evidence lead him to make this conclusion about Sasaki? Maybe the thing that as a mentor and leader at least in the beginning he had troubles keeping the Q`s in check. They were pretty much doing their own separate thing, so if Kaneki can`t control his own squad, how he is going to manage an entire revolution. 

    As in other cases, Urie predictions have been rather accurate. I wonder if this will end being too(well it already is since Kaneki is not leading the clown attacks…)

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God Noe like. I know this is apropo of nothing really but. I haven't been able to stop thinking about you all day man. It's messing with my classes and I don't even give a shit. Who let you be this good. - Prax

??!?!??! I… have honestly been feeling like this too… for the past few days……

I still can’t believe this is happening… never expected you to feel the same…



The people I love. I think if someone went after them, then that would change every single core characteristic of mine. I wouldn’t become weak, but I don’t think I’d be very good, if you know what I mean. If I were to be walking my dog, for example, and someone were to kick my dog, I honestly don’t know what I would do. I think I’d probably get myself into a big amount of trouble.
ADVENT - 22/12

“there’s a storm and omg i’m losing signal are you okay?? hold on let me drive 489432 miles to get you the night before christmas”

Hope you enjoy it – so nearly Christmas!!!!! YAY!!! Jen.


“Hello Bond, what can I do for you?”

“I’m in trouble.”

Q sat bolt upright in bed, already reaching for his clothing and laptop and not in that order. “What’s happened? Where are you? I thought you were on the way home,” he asked, phone caught between shoulder and ear. “Didn’t your flight…”

“… turbulence meant we didn’t get to land until an hour later than expected, and my car’s broken down.”

Outside, the wind and rain hit mercilessly, as though to prove a point. “… okay, where?”

“I’m not entirely sure.”

Q restrained the urge to swear elaborately. “It’s Christmas Eve. This is high season. I’ve been in bed for less than an hour because it’s Christmas and every terrorist group everywhere is hyperactive around Christmas and I’m working tomorrow and you’ve just woken me up.”

Bond was pointedly unrepentant: “I noticed.”

Q realised that he was probably going to end up driving out himself. The AA would be more than a little bit alarmed to pick up a broken down car with enough special features (including a retractable machine gun) to make Bond get arrested on the spot.

The laptop kicked into gear, and Q considered himself lucky that Bond hadn’t blown out the tracker somewhere along the line. “Alright, I’ve got you. I don’t even want to know how you got so spectacularly lost and your car broke down but okay, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and I’m coming out to find you.”

Another gust of terrifyingly strong wind, and hammering rain.

“I hate you.”

“Thank you, Q.”

Weirdly, Bond sounded very sincere. “I’ll be there as soon as I can. Keep warm, keep comfortable. Don’t want to find you with pneumonia when I get there. Do you have food?”


“I’ll bring you food,” Q muttered, pulling his trousers up. “My god, James Bond, you owe me. You owe me big time.”

Bond’s voice was warm and bright. “I might just have a Christmas present for you,” he said smoothly; Q’s eyebrows rose into his hairline, but he couldn’t quite help smiling to himself. “See you soon, Q.”

The wind was absolutely killer. Driving was less than fun; there were very few cars on the road, and Q had to drive at a snail’s pace to make sure he didn’t crash, with rain thick enough that his headlights were managing about two inches at a time.

He almost missed the car. At the last second, he slid himself in front of Bond’s parked car, vaguely whimpering at the thought of getting out of the bloody car.

Instead, he nearly jumped out of his skin when Bond tapped on the window. It took a moment of paralysing terror before he realised, and unlocked the door.

Bond looked less than impressed. “It’s a fucking nightmare out there,” he managed. “Honest to god, I’m never doing that again. Get me home, Q.”

“I’ll send someone to pick up the car in the morning,” Q replied, with a little dryness that Bond just didn’t notice. “Home we go. Welcome back home to the UK, Q.”

“Do you mind if I do just one more thing?”

Q looked over to Bond curiously.

Bond leaned in, and kissed him.

Q felt his heart skip several beats, and returned it full-tilt.