trouble poem

These girls born in the 90’s are dangerous
They wear dark lipstick and drink coffee like its water
They serenade you by the sound of their voice
Bringing you closer until you can’t leave
Their eyes are like tinted windows
They can see out, but you cant see in
These girls born in the 90’s are dangerous because girls like them were born in a storm.

These girls born in the 90′s 


Everyone always talks about the intoxicating feeling of being drunk.

But it wasn’t until you were half drunk and I was fully sober with only inches between our faces that I wondered why no one ever talked about the intoxicating feeling of wanting a moment to last forever.

—  sober thoughts
People will use you. Sometimes you won’t mind it, other times it will hurt. Don’t take it to your heart, it’s in some peoples nature. You are strong enough to know when it’s time to call it quits or when you can take it once more. You are not a toy my dear, don’t let them think you are all the time. Stand your ground. However, sometimes something deep in you will say ‘let them, just this once’ and you will bow your head and let havoc be unleashed into your world. The storm may be destructive for now, but you can always rebuild your home.
—  A.K