trouble or carry

After Neil pays the Eden’s bus boy to knock him out Nicky says it caused them trouble. SOMEONE had to carry/drag Neil to the car. It was Andrew. He laughed for 5 solid minutes while the others moped, before picking Neil up and slinging him over his shoulder. Picking Neil up feel like picking up grapes. It’s makes Andrew laugh more. He walks out with this grown man over his shoulder. Either that or it was princess/bridal style. There are no other options.

Her Running Away From Them but Them Finding Her: BTS

I’m not responsible for any nosebleeds, hyperventilations, or heart attacks associated with this reaction. Thank you.


After having enough of the troubles that came together with his bothersome occupation, you had tried to run away, packing all of your things in the middle of the night while he was on one of his raids. You sincerely hoped that with this, he won’t ever find you, even leaving him a small note to say how sorry you felt and that he shouldn’t try and look for you anymore. Unfortunately, you were wrong in your calculations and didn’t even have enough time to get to the airport before a black sedan drove to your side and forced you down into one of the leather seats, where SeokJin already waited for you.

“Love, I seriously hope that you didn’t believe in any chance of escaping.”


When he confessed you of his occupation, you knew from then on that your relationship won’t last for much longer, since you were never a person that liked danger and adrenaline, settling for the more quiet prospects of life. And true to your word, you decided to leave the man with no calls or mesagges, simply disappearing after your trip to a shopping mall. 

A day passed, then another, and there was no sign of YoonGi even realizing that you were gone. You nearly danced in glee, thinking that you got off easy from the dangerous man. Only that you didn’t; which you realized after a phone call.

“I’m giving you another week of free time, and on a Sunday, I expect your ass to be back home. Understood?”


After the break-up with your infamous boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend, you had decided to start your life anew, though it wasn’t much of a likeable decision, but more like a must. HoSeok was against you two breaking up, so the reality of situation was that you ran away from him, and were now hiding, travelling the country after working in diners for a month or two, collecting enough money to move towns. It was not the best decision, but it was better than staying with somebody who did murder for his career. Of course, what you didn’t know was the fact that through his gory work HoSeok had loads of powerful connections, tracking you down easily.

Getting to your new job, one early morning, you were struck speechless as the man you were trying to avoid so dearly was sitting there, just there, eating his breakfast, completely concentrated on his food and not even seeing you. Or so you thought, so you tried to run away again, only to be stopped by his voice.

“Where do you think you’re going, this time?”

Rap Monster:

This man, even before you knew he was a gang leader, was giving you the shivers with his harsh glare. After you found out what was his occupation, however, everything clicked in your head and you instantly swung your tail under, leaving him be with all your stuff still at his place.

You decided to stay at a friend’s place for a couple of days, before renting a cheap place for yourself. Yeah, didn’t think so. NamJoon found you quickly, knocking on your friend’s door so harshly that it nearly flew off of its hinges, leaving you scared speechless, pale from shock and nearly hyperventilating.

As your friend let him in, you had trouble carrying his strong gaze. “You’re like an undisciplined dog. Running away from your owner just like that. I’m taking you home and putting a collar on that pretty neck of yours; try running away again, and we’ll see what happens.”


You knew that JiMin will find you quickly, it was like hide and seek for him; just a game, but you were still going to try; what if you succeeded? However, your positivity soon came to a halt as you noticed your cards being blocked, police occasionally knocking on your door, as they were reported of were noises and smells coming from your place. Your life, albeit slowly, was becoming a living nightmare.

The final drop were the photos of your friends sent to your post, though they were from far away distance. It terrified you, just the thought of any of them getting harmed and you being at fault was sending your stomach on to a task of a billion somersaults.

You had to come back, and you had to do it quick, or else who knows what might happen to the people you cherished.

“That didn’t take too long, now, Baby… I was expecting a better chase from you…”


TaeHyung had always been a clingy man, add to that formula the fact that he was also in a gang and you’ll get a completely undesirable man. Those were the reasons why you left him; he didn’t you give any room to breathe and he scared you to the bone.

Occasionally, you still felt him everywhere you went. While sleeping, you felt his hands snake around your form, whispering in your ear incognitive sentences. You could hardly sleep, leaving you exhausted and beyond repair.

Your friends, being the good buds that they were, invited you to an art museum, to help you to relax while spending time in your favourite environment. Oh, how thankful you were for that. Only when you were finally there did you realize what a bad decision to come it was.

The familiar hands snaked around your body, pressing you against his lean build. “Long time no see, Love.” he had whispered into your ear. You knew then, that there will be no chance of escape ever again.


After you left his house, JeongGuk came out with a brilliant plan hot to slowly drive you insane, setting it into motion as soon as he got the word of you finally finding a permanent place to live in.

He appeared before your eyes from day to day, waving at you, or smiling cutely, not doing anything above that. He knew what that did to you; you were slowly becoming sick with the idea of being stalked- by him. That was fun, to watch you squirm everyday just from seeing him. He knew it won’t take much longer before you’d come back to him in hysterics, begging him to stop, but just when you’d step through his threshold, you’d never step out again.


The Sorority

The Corner Witches were not the only magical practitioners on campus.  Located in a vine-covered building on the east side of campus, was one of the Greek Life organizations, ΤΜΠ.  One of the sororities.  Everyone knew, but didn’t talk, about the mysterious sorority with the lovely girls with silver hair who always looked like they had just gotten out of the pool and who threw parties that no one (or no one human) ever went to.  But the members of ΤΜΠ were… different. 

Founded in the early 1900s, as a women’s organization, ΤΜΠ expanded to include people of all genders in the late 1970s, making it the only Greek organization on campus that allowed people of any gender to join.  That being said, no one really knew how people were invited to ΤΜΠ, other than the fact that it happened at the end of your freshman year.  It was whispered, among the people who befriended the sisters (all members, regardless of gender identification or lack thereof, called themselves “sisters” to honor the history of the organization), that people received invitations if they were said to have… unique gifts.  English majors who could paint vivid stories with their words that seemed so real that you could picture what they were saying in your mind’s eye, like you were viewing a movie.  Musicians who could quiet the crows with a strum of their instruments or with a couple of hummed lyrics.  Artists whose art looked like it could almost leap off the page.  Sisters often graduated to be well-known artists, musicians, or writers; one of the lead dancers for the New York ballet is a proud ΤΜΠ alum.

The members where quite popular with the Gentry, because of these gifts.  While many got taken, almost as many came back, often carrying strange items or precious gems in exchange for their art of choice.  The House Mother, it is said, had been Taken eight times total: three times as a student, and five times once she became the official house supervisor after she graduated.  It was rumored that the reason why she kept getting Taken, and coming back, was because certain members of both Courts loved to watch her dance.  Numbers have power, and everyone wonders what will happen if she gets taken a ninth time.

For the most part, the sisters of ΤΜΠ were as normal as any student could be, at Elsewhere University.  They went to their classes, observed the rules and traditions, and interacted with the other students on campus.  But on certain nights, on full or new moons, you could see the sisters lining boundaries of the house with thick lines of salt and placing iron charms, sung into shape by a metallurgy major who graduated back in the 1950s, on the windows and doors.  What happens on those nights no one outside the sorority knows.  Likewise, no one knows how the salt lines and iron charms are taken down almost instantaneously as the sun would rise after those nights.  No one bothers to ask.  It’s safer that way.

As “normal” as the ΤΜΠ sisters could be, it was universally recognized, but not openly acknowledged, that if you needed help with something, ranging from inspiration for a project to needing a tea blend to help with your headaches to crafting a new iron/silver charm because for some reason yours keeps disappearing, you ask a ΤΜΠ.  It would involve a trade of some sort; trades and deals, after all, are the lifeblood of EU.  The sisters tended to be very fair in making deals though, unlike their more preternatural counterparts.  Sometimes they would do something for free, just because.  (Laila, one of the seniors, was particularly fond of just handing out pieces of salt-infused iron jewelry to people, because “I have a feeling that you’ll need it.” – Getting one of their pieces was generally considered to be a mixed omen, because if you were getting something, you probably were going to be in trouble, but people who carried Laila’s jewelry tended to end up alright.  No one wanted to know how or why Laila knew that someone would need their jewelry.  They just did.)  Most times, they would request something simple in return, like a tutoring lesson in math, or even just a cup or two of tea.  For more serious things, they would ask for more important things—your favorite flower, or a necklace that had meaning to you.  Simply because they were human and less whimsical in nature than the Fair Ones didn’t mean that they couldn’t exact a heavy toll for more intense favors – ten years ago, a student known by the moniker “Robin” had to pay for a serious favor by giving up her voice for a month; from what is understood by people who keep in touch with alumni, Robin will still occasionally fall silent on full moons, and not be able to speak until sunrise.  

Ultimately, having a friend who was a ΤΜΠ sister was a pretty fortuitous.  The sisters tended to be ridiculously lucky, perhaps ironically, considering their motto, “Τύχῃ μὴ πίστευε” (“Do not trust fortune”).  Moreover, people who befriended ΤΜΠ sisters tended to not only get random gifts but were almost guaranteed to come back from the Other Reals if taken, usually because the sister would disappear for a day or two after they did, and then come back with the friend in tow.

If push came to shove and you were in a jam, you really wanted a ΤΜΠ sister in your corner.


Wow, this is the first bit of creative writing that I’ve done in months.  It probably shows, tbh.  Most of my writing these days is legal or academic, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for fun and creativity.  

I got inspiration for ΤΜΠ from my own sorority, as we were a co-ed, non-traditional sorority, where all of our members, regardless of gender, would call ourselves “sister.”  Obviously, there’s a supernatural element to this that my sorority doesn’t have (or does it…?), but this was a fun little tribute to the fun memories that I have with my sisters.


Baby Liam| Scott McCall x Reader x Liam Dunbar


Part 3| Series

Grocery Shopping Trip

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You hummed as you rolled the shopping cart through the aisle in the grocery store. You came to a stop and grabbed two zippy cups for toddlers, reading the labels to yourself. You heard Scott following behind you, having trouble carrying baby Liam. You looked up to find baby Liam pushing at his chest and turning his head towards yours, catching your eyes before smiling. “God, even as a little baby, he still follows your around like a lost puppy.” Scott scoffs feeling a little betrayed at his beta.

You put both cups in the cart before making your way over to Liam, stretching out your arms, “Does little Liam want to get away from the big bad ugly monster?” You asked before grabbing him, a little giggle coming out from his mouth. “Yes you do!” You cooed making Scott roll his eyes, “I told you I’m sorry.” He whispered, hugging you from behind. Sighing, you smirked up at him, “You’re on diaper duty.”


You made your way to the toy aisle in the baby section, your eyes skimming over the many different toys, while carrying Liam on your hip. Liam pushed himself forward, his arm stretching towards one of the many toys. You eyes them not knowing which one he wanted, which made him believe he wasn’t going to get the toy he wanted. He started crying making Scott you panic handing Liam to Scott which only made him cry more. You started grabbing toys of the shelves, while Scott managed to, surprisingly, calm down Liam’s wailing cries to soft whimpers. You showed Liam the toys one by one, until he smiled at a certain stuffed wolf making Scott laugh at the irony.

His laugh was cut off short by Liam calling you, “…mama.” You looked at him shocked because even though he was two years old, capable of speaking, he hadn’t uttered a single word. “Did..he just..” You whispered in shocked, eyes wide staring at Scott. He looked in awe before shaking his head, “I’ve been teaching him ‘dada’ since we found him…little mommy attention seeker.” He pouted.

You smiled before kissing him, Liam interrupting by crying and pushing you both away and leaping over to hug you, stopping you from getting close to Scott. “He hates me.” Scott states.

An elder lady approach you both, smiling adoringly at the young couple. “You guys are adorable. This is the type of relationship every teenager should have. Don’t let anyone stop you from happiness.” The elder lady said while she observed the interaction. “Oh, no…it’s not..we’re not, you see…” You tried explaining but couldn’t seem to figure how to sentence it. Scott smiled proudly, “Thank you ma'am. My family and I appreciate it.”


ichika27 replied to your post ”Yuu carrying Mika bridal style”

Can Yuu even carry Mika? I always thought the reason Mika could carry Yuu is cause he’s a vampire and has the strength to do it…

Oh boy

Yuu as a human(with no demon weapon) could jump from and to high places without getting hurt, wield a sword, was trained by Guren, did push ups…

Yuu right now is a namanari, at the verge of turning into a demon, his strength is probably not far from Mika’s…

Despite what the fandom wants to believe or whatever, Yuu is not weak. Like, At. All. He’s actually the strongest “human” in the squad.

And Mika weights even less than him, so doubt he’d have any trouble carrying him.

Stay With Me (Part 4)

Summary: Directly after the events of CA:TWS, Bucky meets a girl with extraordinary abilities and together they may have a chance to recover from their troubled pasts.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 2369
Warnings: Mild language (like, really mild, barely worth mentioning type mild)
A/N: Okay so this part is a bit longer than I intended but I couldn’t help myself because I’ve kinda missed this series, I hope you guys like it! Reader’s thoughts are italicized.

one | two | three | four

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In truth, this was the first time you met Bucky, the man behind the Soldier, but this wasn’t the first time staring into the most intense pair of steel-blue eyes you had ever seen.

Your voice cracked as you let the tears fall to your cheeks, “You still can’t remember me, Bucky?”

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 41: Meeting the Gang

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1350 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

As the Taxi took you to your hotel, you watch out the window, trying to take in as many sights as possible. This convention was taking place in Chicago, and you had never been there before. Watching as people hustled pass on the sidewalks, and as you passed tall buildings, you wished that you and Jensen could just be tourists for the day. Forget about what happened in Vancouver, and not worry about the convention that would be going on. It was just a dream, and you didn’t want to take him away from his fans.

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caregiver appreciation post

appreciate overweight caregivers, who don’t look like the typical toned and slim tumblr caregivers

appreciate short caregivers, who’s littles tower over them

appreciate disabled caregivers, who have trouble picking up and carrying their little ones around

appreciate caregivers that are still learning and ask you about every cute little thing their little ones do

appreciate caregivers with no little ones to take care of

appreciate caregivers with no little ones, and are okay with that

Riverdale + Rainbow Rowell quotes
  • Archie: "I just want to break that song into pieces and love them all to death." -Eleanor and Park
  • Archie: "But you're so helpless sometimes.It's like watching a kitten with it's head trapped in a Kleenex box." -Fangirl
  • Betty: "If you can't save your own life, is it even worth saving." -Eleanor and Park
  • Betty: "I'd rather pour myself into a world I love and understand than try to make something up out of nothing." -Fangirl
  • Veronica: "I don't want to do anything.I don't even want to start this day because then I'll just be expected to finish it." -Fangirl
  • Veronica: "You were the sun, and I was crashing into you.I'd wake up every morning and think,'This will end up in flames." -Carry On
  • Jughead: "I don't trust anybody.Not anybody.And the more that I care about someone,the more sure I am they're going to get tired of me and take off." -Fangirl
  • Jughead: "And because I'm so out of control, I can't help myself.I'm not even mine anymore, I'm yours, and what if you decide that you don't want me?How could you want me like I want you." -Eleanor and Park
  • Cheryl: "You have to pretend you get and endgame. You have to carry on like you will;otherwise, you can't carry on at all." -Carry On
  • Cheryl: "I want someone whose heart is big enough to hold me." -Attachments
  • Reggie: "I think I can live without you, but it won't be any kind of life." -Landline
  • Reggie: "He smiles and he's made of trouble." -Carry On
  • Valerie: "I'm sort of...coming off a bad relationship."
  • "When did it end?"
  • "Slightly before it started." -Attachments
  • Valerie: "Real life was something happening in her peripheral vision." -Fangirl
  • Kevin: "So what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life,you just think about adding additional good things.One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow." -Attachments
  • Kevin: "I might not use capital letters.But I would defiantly use an apostrophe...and probably a period.I'm a huge fan of punctuation." -Eleanor and Park
Monsta X Reaction #20 - Their s/o is extremely clumsy

anon asked: Can I request a reaction for Monsta X to their s/o being clumsy and getting injured a lot? :o (Im a prime example of clumsiness. Broke my leg a week ago by falling down the stairs…)

A/N: OMG ANON I REALLY HOPE THAT YOU’RE OKAY?!? I just fell down the stairs the other day and it really hurts but luckily I didn’t break anything. I’m so sorry you have to go through that TT.TT I hope this reaction brightens your day a little!!

Hyunwoo:  “…Jagi…? Where are you?”

He’d turn around in circles before finally hearing you say, “Down here Hyunwoo.. DOWN HERE!!”

“Baby what are you doing lying on the sidewalk??”

Your shoelace/heel had gotten caught in the drain pipe and you’d tripped and fell, spraining your ankle in the process.

Hyunwoo would be super worried and panicky on the inside, but his face would only show slight concern. If you had trouble walking he’d 100% carry you back to your place or to the doctors. The entire way. Without pause. He’s so worried he can’t breathe anyway so it doesn’t matter to him that he has to carry you because he’s just SO FREAKING WORRIED but you won’t know that until after the doctor sees you and he finally lets out a sigh of relief, admitting that he was completely spazzing out inside.

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Hoseok: Hard core tease. You’d trip and face plant on the floor and without skipping a beat he’d be lying beside you and waving like the gif.

“Hey sunshine. I see you fell again. Are we drunk before noon again?”

You: “Shut the hell up Hoseok.”

And then he’d burst out laughing, poking your cheeks then helping you up. He’d giggle about that for the rest of the day. If you really hurt yourself though, he’d be so freaked out he’d bawl his eyes out while trying to help you and wouldn’t make fun of you until you healed again.

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the rest is below the cut due to the length of the post (EVERY DAMN TIME KAT! I’m sorry I’m long-winded xD)

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To anyone who says that they are "glorifying obesity"

Your rolls are not “glorious”

Sweat trapped under rolls is not good.

Stretch marks are natural, but when they are bold purple, and painful and tearing, its because your skin was not meant to expand so much, so quickly.

Neither are chafed thighs, red and raw just because of walking around too much, without coverings. Maybe because it’s summer and you got a new bathing suit. Maybe a dress or skirt. Its uncomfortable for a reason.

A bad diet very often will give you bad acne, which means that when you sweat, it stings badly.

Your knees hurting because you have trouble carrying the extra weight on your body, which was not meant to be there, is also for a reason.

Take time to notice that none of this is created by a “fat phobic” society.
This is your body telling you to STOP.
Stop eating so much .
To lose weight , you don’t need a gym or expensive foods.
Just think about what you put into your body.
Don’t treat your body like a trash bin.

Unhealthy foods aren’t “bad”, its just that they are treats, which you don’t need every day.

Drink water regularly, count the soda as a treat, because it’s not free of calories.

Lastly, stop pushing this shitty mentality that its OKAY TO GIVE UP ON YOURSELF TO CHILDREN.
A decent percentage of users on here are children!
This site is 13+

They have enough to deal with without fucking ADULTS telling them to inflict this pain on themselves.

Because they were “meant to be fat”.

Because they can not change it.

Cut that crap out.

They deserve better than living like that.

As Long as You’re Mine

This is my and @falling-for-fandoms entry for my 1k Musical Challenge.  Originally @falling-for-fandoms sent in a request for me to write this story, but then she also ended up helping plan the entire thing and added in some details! :)

Summary: You’re a witch who gets into a spot of trouble, bringing back the one man you’ve ever loved to your house to either hunt or help you.

Warnings: injury, angst, some fluff, Dean x Reader

word count: ~3500

Your hands shook as you tied the hex bags together.  You set each of them to the side, ready to use them when or if necessary.  You had anti-demon, auto-exorcism, and hellhound repellers ready to go, multiple sets of them just in case.

When the hex bags were all done, you grabbed the goofer dust from your trunk, sprinkling it all along the windows and doors of your house, right inside of the salt line that was already permanently under the floorboards there.  When that was finished, you stood in the middle of your living room, heart pounding and mind racing.

Why was this happening to you now, of all times?  You’d been peaceful, living in this small town, staying out of the way.  You had a job, friends, a life.  You hadn’t done anything bad in years, couldn’t even imagine reverting back to your old self, what you had once been.  Wicked.

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