trouble man

While Sasho is getting ahead making new books I started spending more time practicing my drawing and writing skills which were, in my opinion lacking vigor. 
I am writing now a set of stories about a troubled man unable to choose his path in the world and he has to endure life and death three times in order to truly understand the essence of his choice.
The things I draw I’m trying to combine with photographs of Bulgarian landscapes I’ve made and hopefully incorporate them in the website of the bindery which I’m trying to make as well.
However to journals aren’t left behind. I have 9 journals awaiting some finishing work but maybe the website will be finished first.
I’ll keep everyone posted on everything new that’s going on,

Wish you all a pleasant weekend,


Trouble Man
  • Trouble Man
  • Marvin Gaye
  • Trouble Man (Soundtrack)

“Trouble Man” by Marvin Gaye

As you may have noticed, I’ve got a thing for old Blaxploitation soundtracks.  (Click here for more underrated Soul-flavored soundtracks.)  Here’s a little something Marvin Gaye recorded for the movie Trouble Man.  I’ve never seen the movie, and maybe you haven’t either, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying this record.