trouble in his brain

Day 4: Favourite Trope


My go to tropes funny enough are royalty aus and high school but we already have that so I went with DOCTORS

Prom is a paediatrician
I kind of imagine he saw some cruelty and didnt really assess the situation
So he and Noct now have a puppy
He was pretty severely beaten for his troubles
And imagine Prom being brought in with swelling in his brain from all the kicks
And it takes him a while to wake
But every doctor in the place is like - Not our Prompto
Noct is dropping in to him whenever he has a spare moment
Obv he’s too personally involved to have been allowed to treat him
But he’s in good hands
And when he wakes
He looks at Noct and goes
‘Who are you?’
And then cracks up
Noct would pinch him
He wants to know if the puppy was okay and Noct doesnt tell him its at home
Being babysat by Iris
So its a surprise when he finally gets him home
Their furbaby
I kind of imagine Noct talking to the dog
'You better appreciate what he did for you’
'Youre very lucky you know’

Infatuation (pt12)

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““You heard me.” He dipped his head into the crevice of my neck, placing a gentle kiss against the smooth skin. The furious burn of my blush reddened the tips of my ears and warmed the back of my neck. I could feel Taehyung’s lips twisting into a smirk as he hovered over my collarbones.”

A/N - Just a slight warning for those of you who don’t like smut ~ I tried to make it as fluffy as i possibly could, and avoided getting to graphic, so I hope you can make it through ~

Genre: Fluff | Angst | Smut
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 3167 

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Write Me Lovely part 7

Jughead woke up to sunshine and cinnamon. His eyes fluttered open slowly as he stretched his overly long limbs, his feet tangling in the fabric softener scented sheets. It was such a vast difference from the dirty mattress pad and barred walls he was used too, even at home he had never had a real matress, he slept on a pull out couch covered by an old fleece blanket. He could stay like this forever, tucked into this bed replaying memories of last night over and over.

Betty had cooked dinner, the most delicious meal he had had in years, who knew something as simple as pasta could be that mouthwateringly delicious. Then they had fallen together on her couch, an old nineties movie playing on her television, they didn’t talk much, it was comfortable. He knew it was strange, hell it was past the point of strange it was downright bizarre. This beautiful woman, her heart completely golden, and a hardened criminal sleeping in her home, eating her food, staring into her eyes, memorizing her smile. It wasn’t normal, everything she was doing for him, what could he offer her? Trouble. That was all. The part in his brain that told him to run was loud but there was a new voice now, soft and warm as it whispered

A knock on the bedroom door shook him out of his thoughts, the same voice coming from outside of the room.

“I don’t mean to wake you, I heard shifting. if you’re awake you can open the door, if not I’ll just pretend I’m talking to hotdog.”

Jughead couldn’t keep the grin off of his face as he made his way to the door, opening it slowly to find Betty standing in front of him, ruffled white apron around her waist and her hair pulled into a messy bun.

“Good morning” she whispered, dimples peeking through her Cheeks.

Jughead leaned against the door frame, a sleepy smile on his face.

“Good morning” he whispered back.

Betty’s eyes quickly scanned the boy in front of her, taking in his black tshirt and tight fitting sweat pants that had once belonged to Kevin. By the flush of her cheeks Jughead knew she approved of his newfound muscles and well rested being.

“I have to head downstairs, it’s gonna be a busy day. I made cinnamon rolls, they’re in the kitchen. I use cocoa powder so not even a little bit for Hotdog.”

As if the white sheepdog knew he was being talked about he let out a whine that had both Betty and Jughead laughing.

“Sorry buddy, bosses orders.” Jughead brought his eyes back to Bettys. “You don’t have to do all of this, I can find a place, I know I can be a bit much.”

Before he even had a chance to finish his sentence , Betty’s arms were wrapped around his waist.“I like having you here. I want you to stay.”

Jughead felt his heart speed up, those words had been the focal point of his dreams last night, but that is what all of this was wasn’t it? A dream, the most amazing dream he’d ever had. One day he would wake up and it would all be over but for now? He was plenty happy to stay sleeping. Resting his chin on his angels forehead he inhaled the vanilla and honey, his hands squeezing her back.


They stayed like that for a moment before Betty hesitantly pulled away

“Okay. So showers down the hall, I’ll see you later.” She stepped back and dropped a kiss to Hotdogs head before heading down the stairs and leaving Jughead alone.

Hot shower. Jesus Christ it was heaven, the perfectly organized array of scented soaps and shampoos were like something out of a store and once again Jughead found himself thinking of Betty’s vanilla scented hair, bringing the bottle up to his nose he surprised himself when the deep moan slipped from his lips. Truthfully it wasn’t his fault, yes Betty Cooper was definitely the best person the Former gang member had ever met but she was also the most beautiful and the way her hips moved and the slender curve of her neck did things to him, made him feel ways he hadn’t ever felt. Her lips were something he could picture perfectly when he closed his eyes, so pink and perfect, not to mention the way she bent down to pet hotdog or grab something from the oven, he couldn’t not look.

Sure there had been women, but he hadn’t felt anything for them, they were beautiful and they satisfied that itch but… they were no Betty Cooper. No one could come close.

Running a towel through his hair he sighed at the way his raven locks were growing far too long, he needed a haircut and maybe a shave.

He made his way down the stairs towards the bakery, grabbing a cinnamon roll on his way down. God that woman could bake. He chose to forgo his leather jacket this time, settling for his plain black jeans and a tattered white tshirt. He had to go shopping too. What a mess.

As soon as he reached the bakery he knew what Betty had been talking about when she spoke of how busy it had been lately, almost every table was taken and the line was nearly out the door.

Jughead spotted Betty behind the counter, frosting cupcakes faster than he thought humanly possible, her crew of workers were running frantically around the bakery.

Jughead walked cautiously towards the beautiful blonde baker, his eyes sparkling with mischief as he leaned against the counter

“Come here often?”

Betty’s eyes snapped up, instantly crinkling along with her smile when she saw the freshly showered boy in front of her.

“Well yes I do. I own this place so yeah…”

“Ah yes. I love a woman in power.”

Betty barked out the loudest laugh, drawing the attention of multiple tables and bringing the largest smile to Jugheads face.

Smacking her hand over her mouth Betty giggled
“What are you doing?” She questioned

Jughead pulled a napkin from the dispenser and pulled a pen from his pocket.
“I’m flirting with you.” He stated so matter of factly, Betty dropped the piping bag she was holding.

“And why on earth are you doing that?”

Jughead shrugged his shoulders still writing on the napkin
“I’m trying to woo you, is it working?”

Betty slid a perfectly frosted vanilla cupcake across the counter
“ I don’t know, ask me at the end of the day.” She licked the spare frosting off of her finger making direct eye contact with Jughead, two could play at this game.

Swallowing thickly the dark haired boy slid the napkin across the table, Betty grabbed it with a raised brow.

“I think I’m gonna go explore your town, I should be back before you close up for the day.” He started walking backwards, a goofy grin still on his face as Betty clutched the napkin. He could feel the eyes of all the bakery patrons on him, he didn’t look like he belonged in this town, surely his motorcycle parked proudly out front wasn’t helping his case.

Betty called after him
“Rumor has it Reggie is in town, I happen to know he hangs out around a certain bestfriends boutique, you might wanna say hello to an old friend” she waved delicately and headed into the kitchen.

Jughead smiled at a little girl, the toddlers eyes lit up and she tugged on her mom’s jacket, Jughead vaguely heard her whisper

“Like Danny Zuko.”

Jugheads hands flew to his hair, it was definitely time for a haircut.

As soon as his butt hit the seat of his motorcycle he sighed, sooner rather than later he supposed, pulling out his old fashioned cell phone from his side satchel, with held breath he glanced down

31 missed calls all from serpents

4 missed calls from his father

1 new text message

“You didn’t think you could really leave gang life that easily did you? Can’t wait to find you. You know what you owe us.”

Jughead slammed his phone shut and revved his engine.

Yeah, seeing Reggie was definitely a good idea.

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Prompt: Tony walks around in Steve's t-shirts. That's it. :)

It wasn’t even something that Steve really noticed at first.

It wasn’t something that seemed out of the ordinary for Tony. When Tony was in the workshop he wore greasy tank tops and loose sweatpants. At press conferences and SI business meetings, he wore expensive, tailored, designer suits. In debriefings after missions and fights, he wore the flight suit he wore under the armor. And Tony had always had an interesting fashion sense - Steve may not have been awake in the 80’s and 90’s, but James Rhodes sure was, and he had the pictures to prove it  (really Tony? Mesh tank tops with metallic suits? Really?) - so seeing him wear shirts that were too big for him didn’t even register on Steve’s radar.

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Do you think that Peter has ADHD? Cuze I do.

I totally headcanon this, and I try to portray it in all my fics even though it is never outrightly stated in them. 

  • I figure that Peter was never diagnosed with it because if it doesn’t affect your grades than adults don’t seem to care whether it is diagnosed or not, but I feel Peter is the type of person to research it and be like ‘yeah I have this.’ 
  • So I imagine this is part of the reason that he stutters and trips over his words. We know he is super smart and so I think that coupled with the hyperness that is ADHD his brain is just going too fast for his mouth to keep up with. 
  • In my fics I always show him moving, whether he is tapping a beat on his knee or bobbing his head, I think that this is one of the ways he gets out his energy and need to multitask at all times (even if Peter doesn’t really think about it pertaining to his ADHD) but I am sure other people notice it and figure out why he is always moving. 
  • I picture Peter needing to stim at times, in order to get his brain to slow down and for him to think things through more logically. (And I think that the fact that he is constantly allowed to move as Spider-Man might be part of the reason that he doesn’t stutter while in the mask) 
  • Honestly, I always picture Peter stimming in some way (much like myself) in the lab I can see him throwing things around and in the end getting in trouble, and I picture him listening to repetitive music while studying and in the end rocking and bobbing around in his chair like a made man, before needing to burn off energy on Patrol. 
  • I’m not sure how much Peter would acknowledge it though. I don’t think he would blame his ADHD for some of the things it causes. Most people just look at it as being hyper and nothing else. And I think that might be the extent of Peter’s knowledge on the subject. 
  • So when it comes to his trouble remembering certain things he doesn’t find interesting, or having trouble paying attention, or getting distracted, or his brain floating off and him thinking about other things when he shouldn’t be, I don’t think Peter would make the connection that that was related to the ADHD. I think he would just blame himself for that sort of thing. (Like a lot of people do)
  • I think that it probably got worse once he hit puberty, and no one (other than Aunt May and closer friends) paid it much mind because his school work was staying pretty consistent. 
  • And I feel that for a while there, it was really hard on Peter, he was flying through most his school work, while some subjects (like English) he couldn’t seem to pay attention, and he didn’t know why. And that left him bored in some classes and lost in others. 
  • And for a time there, even his speech was getting a bit worse (which usually only happened when he was under a lot of stress) and it took a while for the teenager to figure out what helped him. 
  • Becoming Spider-Man helped, being able to burn off that energy and work through things while web-slinging (a repetitive and smooth motion) became something that helped his mind slow down. 
  • And he figured out a routine, doing certain things at certain times and giving himself breaks or jumping from subject to subject. And in class, if he was allowed to tap his foot (or sneak in his headphones and listen to music) that helped as well, it seemed like his mind needed more than one thing to focus on.
  • And hey, once he graduates and gets his own lab and space to work, he can come up with his own system and way of doing things, he can pound music as loudly as he pleases, or work on the ceiling, whatever he wants. 

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You'll write joffnick? Oh thank goodness,, now I can request,, my boys,, so my request is Joff and Nick going on their first date? And nick is super nervous,, while joff is really calm and happy he gets to go on a date with nick,, so a fluffy date ensues,, and then nick kisses Joff and Joff is ,, like super embarrassed? He can't even talk for the rest of the night!!?

*aggressive clapping begins* YES NONNY MAKE TRASH MOM PROUD (in all seriousness I love this so much??? I love the whole opposite’s attract thing and there’s nothing like the gentle boy and his exciteable boy being cuties together)

Nick was suddenly realizing what it meant to truly be terrified. Sure, he was a hero and faced villains who wanted to destroy him at least a couple times a week, but this was something he’d never been up against: A date with his crush. He was beyond panicked, beyond nervous, and beyond terrified at this point, now that he really thought about it. He’d arrived at the cozy little restaurant nearly an hour early, and he already had found several decent exits in case of an emergency. Right now, the window to his left was the best option he had, and he was seriously considering launching out of it when Joff hurried over, a content smile on his face.

“Greetings, Nick. I apologize if I happen to be late.”, he murmured, sliding into the booth. “There was a commotion in the plaza, and I found that my assistance was needed to help dissolve the tension.”, he explained, picking up the menu to look over his options.

“Oh, it’s no trouble dude! You’re actually ten minutes early!”, Nick replied, his brain catching on fire when he realized it was too late to back out now. He picked up his own menu and pretended to look it over, acting as if he didn’t have his order memorized already so he couldn’t flub it. Not only did he want to avoid sounding like an idiot in front of his date, he also wanted to avoid offending him. He’d done plenty of research on the diet Shaolin Monks practiced, partially out of curiosity when he Joff mentioned he only drank room temperature water, and partially because he didn’t want Joff to be stuck in a restaurant where he couldn’t eat anything.

“Is the vegetable stir fry here good?”, Joff asked, peeking his head over the top of his menu to look at Nick. The action probably wasn’t even really cute or anything, but it still brought a rush of blood to the army man’s cheeks.

“I haven’t tried it myself, but I’ve heard it’s really good. My cousin Jake sells a lot of produce to this place, so I know they actually use fresh vegetables and stuff like they advertise.”, he replied, grinning as he felt some of the nervous butterflies settling down. Joff nodded, glancing back down at the menu before he folded it and set it down.

“I think I’ll have that, then. Do you think to ask for them to add ginger would be too much?”, he wondered, pausing as he thought it over. Nick couldn’t help but laugh at the question, making sure to keep his voice down since this was a rather nice place. Joff was such a… Well, such a Joff! He was the sort of guy to who would ask a mugger very politely to not rob him, and instead point them towards a place that was hiring so that they wouldn’t end up spiraling down the path of villainy. Hell, Nick was pretty sure that had happened at least twice to the guy! It was honestly part of what drew him to the monk, his quiet, soft-spoken ways providing a great foil for his brash, reckless lifestyle.

“Joff, I’m 100% certain that you asking for ginger wouldn’t be any sort of trouble at all. The staff here are super friendly and chill, you could probably ask for them to sing you a lullaby while you sleep and they’d oblige.”, he finally replied, shooting the man a little grin. Joff nodded once more, returning the grin with a gentle smile of his own. They two placed their orders the next time a waitress came around, and the staff really had no problems adding some ginger to Joff’s dish. The extra assurance that he wasn’t bringing any inconvenience to the chefs brought a bright smile to the monk’s face, one that Nick swore rivaled his own Blinding Teeth power move!

The two ate in relative silence, occasional small talk being traded as they enjoyed their meals. General stuff, like “How was your day?” and “Did you see Drupe’s new post on winter fashion?”. The usual stuff they talked about whenever they’d hang out as just friends. Any tension that Nick had felt earlier slowly dissipated as the night wore on, a loving affection for the gentle man filling his heart instead. It was a very pleasant feeling, one that he embraced without even a moment’s hesitation. He’d worried that asking Joff on a date would make things weird between them, maybe even ruin their friendship, but it just seemed to make it even better.

As night fell and the two left the restaurant, idle conversation being murmured back and forth as they walked arm in arm, Nick realized that this was it. He’d looked over at Joff to better hear one of his stories about the monastery, and felt his heart begin to race like he was in basic training all over again. Even though it was probably a little rude-Joff was in the middle of a story after all-he found himself leaning over and pressing a kiss to the man’s lips.

Joff was equally confused and ecstatic, at least until he remembered that this was his first kiss and oh he didn’t know what to do at all! His face heated up as he copied what Nick was doing, trembling slightly as he let his hand rest on his shoulder. In his mind he had himself convinced he only did it because it was what happened in all those cheesy romance movies Nick secretly adored, but in reality, it was because if he didn’t have a grip on something he would’ve fainted.

After what felt like a few years, but was really only a couple seconds, Nick pulled away with a satisfied grin on his face. Joff was still pink in the face; his mouth opening and closing without any sound coming out. His date just laughed softly, letting his arm slip around the other’s waist as they started walking again. A comfortable silence settled over the two like a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer, and soon they found themselves outside of Joff’s home.

Before he could even begin to say goodbye, Nick let out a very surprised noise when Joff kissed him fiercely. By the time he was able to remember that words existed, the other man had rushed into his home after squeaking out a goodbye. The army man saw an anxious looking face peek at out him through the curtains, and he grinned before he blew his best friend turned possible boyfriend a kiss. He walked off after he saw Joff’s fist catch the kiss and press it against his heart, a light, airy feeling filling his head.

So maybe he’d been super nervous and scared when the date began, but so what? He’d gotten not one, not three, but TWO kisses from his favorite Shaolin Monk! And that seemed to make the earlier dread absolutely, 100% worth it in his eyes…

Moonstruck: Chapter 4

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Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Genre: fluff with some angst (Jungkook x OC)

Word Count: 3.5k

Summary: You and Jungkook have been best friends for as long as you can remember. But when he starts acting strange, you begin to fear the worst. You hope that tagging along with him and his family for their annual summer trip might bring him out of his slump, but things quickly get messy as you start to question where both of you stand in your relationship

FIRST AND FOREMOST I WANT TO THANK TWO LOVELY PEOPLE @boymeetsfiction​​ and @taeklings​​ for supporting this story so damn hard like seriously thank you

Later that night you find yourself tossing around in bed. Dreams of massive, churning waves and deep, dark waters leave you a shaking mess. You startle awake in a cold sweat, mistaking it for the cool touch of the ocean outside your window. After taking some deep breaths, you manage to peel yourself from the now damp mattress, sitting with your legs hanging over the edge.

The clock resting on the table beside your bed reads 3:03 AM. You rub your stinging eyes and place your feet on the floor, forcing yourself up to a standing position. You try to keep quiet so you don’t wake anyone, especially Jungkook’s parents, but you can’t prevent the soft slap of your feet as you trudge down the stairs.

You reach the kitchen and open one of the cabinets, searching for a glass. When you find one, you glance at the sink faucet and cringe, instead going into the fridge to pull out the milk. Your mom always told you that warm milk was best for troubled sleeping. You pour a cup and open the microwave, setting the time for a few seconds. Still conscious of the other occupants of the house, you wait until the last second on the timer, quickly stopping it before the timer hits zero and sets off the alarm. You open the microwave door and tap a finger again the warm glass to see if it need to cool. Deciding it’s safe, you slide out the cup and softly shut the door again.

You stand there for a minute, leaning your elbows against the counter and sipping the drink. You’re still a little shaken from your nightmare, but the warmth gliding down your throat and settling in your belly acts as a small relief.

You sigh, trying to distract yourself from the unease in the back of your head by tracing the rim of your glass with an index finger. It’s impossible to deny the fact that part of the restlessness is due to the events from yesterday. You recognized the way he looked at you in the water. You were beginning to recall every touch and lasting glance from Jungkook. How you used to brush them off as a casual exchange between friends. But now you were beginning to see them as something a little more.

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Be More Chill Sleeping Jeremy AU

Jeremy didn’t mean to take three SQUIPs, he wasn’t even sure if he wanted one. So when he looks up and see’s three men, all with different colored lights coming off of them he’s a little surprised. They’re his SQUIPs, here to help and improve his life…well they’re trying to. The nice one is the green one that’s always reassuring him telling him how to get Christine without changing too much. The second blue one isn’t that nice, shocking and insulting him when he can’t do something right. The third red one Jeremy doesn’t really understand, he’s talking so fast his brain has trouble comprehending what he’s saying but when the other two are fighting over how to take care of Jeremy this SQUIP is there to make him smile with bad puns and pep talks. Michael thinks this is awesome even though a third of the SQUIPs don’t like him. But this is proving to be too much on Jeremy’s mind and body as he falls into a coma that he can only wake up from when the SQUIPs are gone. For that they need Jeremy to drink Mountain Dew Red, a drink that Michael just happens to have.

Masterpiece - Domestic Linstead Part 2

A/N: So last week after posting the first domestic prompt, my girl Sherri and I were talking and I said something about the responsibility the writers have to make the fandom feel better when all is shit. That never felt more true than today, and to quote my dear friend @justkillingtimewhileiwait: *dramatically swinging cape over shoulders and fastening it*: “WE WILL SAVE YOU!!” (with fluff that is haha).

Brought to you by an amazing @justkillingtimewhileiwait and her biggest fan (me).

Enjoy darlings, and together, we can totally make it four months!

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have you ever written galra hunk? (bonus if heith <3)

Just want to say thank you anon for giving me this prompt.  I had way too much fun with this, and I hope you enjoy it.

Title: Death Wish

Rating: PG

Series: Voltron Legendary Defender

Characters: Hunk, Keith, and the Yellow Lion

Summary: Hunk is a Galra mechanic who is simply trying to mind his own business as he works on a mining colony.  Yet, when he discovers an intruder he finds it hard to leave the matter alone.

It wasn’t any of Hunk’s business.  It didn’t concern him.  He was a certified mechanic for the Galra empire, and nothing outside of his job description was any of his concern.  His superiors made that clear the tic he set foot on this mining camp.

Yet, when he entered the hangar to start his repairs and spotted the intruder dressed in red, and white armour trying to hide among the crates, Hunk wasn’t certain what to do.

He seemed male, and if Hunk were to guess not much older than himself.  Hunk chewed his bottom lip.  The boy definitely wasn’t a local of the planet, and he should probably report him.  This was area was for Galra personnel only.  He should move his body and call the guards over right then. 

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carry on, darling, we were built to last

“Hey, Vitya, have you seen my laptop?” Yuuri asked, looking around. “I swear I–”


“What?” He blinked, turning around and immediately backing up from the star-eyed, grinning Victor. “What?

“What did you just say?” Victor came closer, his steps like a predator’s who has just sniffed out its pray.

Yuuri swallowed. “Have you seen my laptop?”

“Before that,” Victor’s grin was so sharp, Yuuri had trouble focusing on anything else.

When his brain finally caught up to what Victor wanted to hear, heat rushed to Yuuri’s cheeks. It was a little embarrassing, because the name just slipped out of his mouth without any warning since he’d been thinking so much about surprising Victor and calling him that one day. It was even more embarrassing when Victor clearly wanted him to repeat it while staring closely at his lips.

Yuuri’s whole face reddened.


There was a moment of silence before… Victor squealed. Like a little girl that sees a doll she wants. He squealed and jumped on Yuuri, hugging him so tight it was hard to breathe. But Yuuri didn’t necessarily mind it.

“Once more,” Victor demanded.

Yuuri’s ears stung a little, red, but he repeated obediently, “Vitya.”

And Vitya giggled.

It was so unexpectedly cute that Yuuri couldn’t react at first. His heart was beating wildly in his chest for some reason and his breathing seemed to have stopped altogether. And then he chuckled too, and hugged Victor back, because his happiness was infectious and Yuuri didn’t feel like fighting it.

“You really like when I call you that?” he asked, smiling into Victor’s shoulder.

“You have no idea,” Victor replied, and Yuuri just knew he was grinning from his voice alone. “But there’s one more I want you to try.”

He pulled back a little, looking at Yuuri with sparkling eyes. How could Yuuri say no to that?

“What is it?”

“Try to say Vitenka.” Victor’s voice trembled a little and Yuuri thought he knew why since his own heart trembled as well.

Yuuri licked his suddenly dry lips and cleared his throat, gathering courage, very aware that Victor’s whole attention was tuned in on him.

“V-Vitenka,” he said, looking up at Victor.

The reaction was equally as intense as before, but so much more subtle. Victor’s cheeks flushed, his ears turned red, and his eyes widened so much Yuuri thought he would pass out. And the worst was: Victor was quiet. He wasn’t saying anything, wasn’t making any sounds at all, almost as if Yuuri’s words were a magical spell that froze him into a living statue.

“Victor?” Yuuri asked. “Are you okay?”

It snapped him out of the weird state. Victor blinked.

“Ah, yes, I’m okay.” He covered his mouth with a hand, looking away and mumbling, “It was just cuter than I imagined…”

Yuuri smiled, relieved. “Can we go back to the matter at hand then?”

“Yes, right.” Victor nodded and Yuuri looked about the room once more, turning his back on him. “What were you saying before, Yuu-chan?”

Yuuri was never struck with lightning, but in that moment he imagined it must have felt a little like that. His whole body froze, temperature suddenly rising until his face turned red up to the roots of his hair. Robotically, totally numb, he turned to Victor.


“Yuu-chan,” Victor repeated. “Did I pronounce it right?”

He did. Perfectly.

“Yuu-chan, are you okay?” Victor asked, concerned, but he was smiling as if he knew Yuuri’s internal dilemma.

And Yuuri was in deep, deep trouble.


The image faded, and a girl’s voice whispered: “Percy.”

At first, Percy thought he was still asleep. When he’d lost his memory, he’d spent weeks dreaming about Annabeth, the only person he remembered from his past. As his eyes opened and his vision cleared, he realized she was really there.

She was standing by his berth, smiling down at him.

Her blond hair fell across her shoulders. Her storm-gray eyes were bright with amusement. He remembered his first day at Camp Half-Blood, five years ago, when he’d woken from a daze and found Annabeth standing over him. She had said, You drool when you sleep.
She was sentimental that way.

“Wh—what’s going on?” he asked. “Are we there?”

“No,” she said, her voice low. “It’s the middle of the night.”

“You mean…” Percy’s heart started to race. He realized he was in his pajamas, in bed. He probably had been drooling, or at least making weird noises as he dreamed. No doubt he had a severe case of pillow hair and his breath didn’t smell great. “You sneaked into my cabin?”

Annabeth rolled her eyes. “Percy, you’ll be seventeen in two months. You can’t seriously be worried about getting into trouble with Coach Hedge.”

“Uh, have you seen his baseball bat?”

“Besides, Seaweed Brain, I just thought we could take a walk. We haven’t had any time to be together alone. I want to show you something—my favorite place aboard the ship.”

Percy’s pulse was still in overdrive, but it wasn’t from fear of getting into trouble. “Can I, you know, brush my teeth first?”

“You’d better,” Annabeth said. “Because I’m not kissing you until you do. And brush your hair while you’re at it.”

For a trireme, the ship was huge, but it still felt cozy to Percy—like his dorm building back at Yancy Academy, or any of the other boarding schools he’d gotten kicked out of. Annabeth and he crept downstairs to the second deck, which Percy hadn’t explored except for sickbay.

She led him past the engine room, which looked like a very dangerous, mechanized jungle gym, with pipes and pistons and tubes jutting from a central bronze sphere. Cables resembling giant metal noodles snaked across the floor and ran up the walls.

“How does that thing even work?” Percy asked.

“No idea,” Annabeth said. “And I’m the only one besides Leo who can operate it.”

“That’s reassuring.”

“It should be fine. It’s only threatened to blow up once.”

“You’re kidding, I hope.”

She smiled. “Come on.”

They worked their way past the supply rooms and the armory. Toward the stern of the ship, they reached a set of wooden double doors that opened into a large stable. The room smelled of fresh hay and wool blankets. Lining the left wall were three empty horse stalls like the ones they used for pegasi back at camp. The right wall had two empty cages big enough for large zoo animals.

In the center of the floor was a twenty-foot-square see-through panel. Far below, the night landscape whisked by—miles of dark countryside crisscrossed with illuminated highways like the strands of a web.

“A glass-bottomed boat?” Percy asked.

Annabeth grabbed a blanket from the nearest stable gate and spread it across part of the glass floor. “Sit with me.”

They relaxed on the blanket as if they were having a picnic, and watched the world go by below.

“Leo built the stables so pegasi could come and go easily,” Annabeth said. “Only he didn’t realize that pegasi prefer to roam free, so the stables are always empty.”

Percy wondered where Blackjack was—roaming the skies somewhere, hopefully following their progress. Percy’s head still throbbed from getting whopped by Blackjack’s hoof, but he didn’t
hold that against the horse.

“What do you mean, come and go easily?” he asked. “Wouldn’t a pegasus have to make it down
two flights of stairs?”

Annabeth rapped her knuckles on the glass. “These are bay doors, like on a bomber.”

Percy gulped. “You mean we’re sitting on doors? What if they opened?”

“I suppose we’d fall to our deaths. But they won’t open. Most likely.”


Annabeth laughed. “You know why I like it here? It’s not just the view. What does this place remind you of?”

Percy looked around: the cages and stables, the Celestial bronze lamp hanging from the beam, the smell of hay, and of course Annabeth sitting close to him, her face ghostly and beautiful in the soft amber light.

“That zoo truck,” Percy decided. “The one we took to Las Vegas.”

Her smile told him he’d gotten the answer right.

“That was so long ago,” Percy said. “We were in bad shape, struggling to get across the country to find that stupid lightning bolt, trapped in a truck with a bunch of mistreated animals. How can you be nostalgic for that?”

“Because, Seaweed Brain, it’s the first time we really talked, you and me. I told you about my family, and…” She took out her camp necklace, strung with her dad’s college ring and a colorful clay bead for each year at Camp Half-Blood. Now there was something else on the leather cord: a red coral pendant Percy had given her when they had started dating. He’d brought it from his father’s palace at the bottom of the sea. “And,” Annabeth continued, “it reminds me how long we’ve known each other. We were twelve, Percy. Can you believe that?”

“No,” he admitted. “So…you knew you liked me from that moment?”

She smirked. “I hated you at first. You annoyed me. Then I tolerated you for a few years. Then—”

“Okay, fine.”

She leaned over and kissed him: a good, proper kiss without anyone watching—no Romans anywhere, no screaming satyr chaperones.

She pulled away. “I missed you, Percy.”

Percy wanted to tell her the same thing, but it seemed too small a comment. While he had been on the Roman side, he’d kept himself alive almost solely by thinking of Annabeth. I missed you didn’t really cover that.

He remembered earlier in the night, when Piper had forced the eidolon to leave his mind. Percy hadn’t been aware of its presence until she had used her charmspeak. After the eidolon was gone, he felt as if a hot spike had been removed from his forehead. He hadn’t realized how much pain he had been in until the spirit left. Then his thoughts became clearer. His soul settled comfortably back into his body.

Sitting here with Annabeth made him feel the same way. The past few months could have been one of his strange dreams. The events at Camp Jupiter seemed as fuzzy and unreal as that fight with Jason, when they had both been controlled by the eidolons.

Yet he didn’t regret the time he’d spent at Camp Jupiter. It had opened his eyes in a lot of ways.

“Annabeth,” he said hesitantly, “in New Rome, demigods can live their whole lives in peace.”

“Her expression turned guarded. “Reyna explained it to me. But, Percy, you belong at Camp Half-Blood. That other life—”

“I know,” Percy said. “But while I was there, I saw so many demigods living without fear: kids going to college, couples getting married and raising families. There’s nothing like that at Camp Half-Blood. I kept thinking about you and me…and maybe someday when this war with the giants is over…”

It was hard to tell in the golden light, but he thought Annabeth was blushing.

“Oh,” she said.

Percy was afraid he’d said too much. Maybe he’d scared her with his big dreams of the future. She was usually the one with the plans. Percy cursed himself silently.

As long as he’d known Annabeth, he still felt like he understood so little about her. Even after they’d been dating several months, their relationship had always felt new and delicate, like a glass sculpture. He was terrified of doing something wrong and breaking it.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I just…I had to think of that to keep going. To give me hope. Forget I mentioned—”

“No!” she said. “No, Percy. Gods, that’s so sweet. It’s just…we may have burned that bridge. If we can’t repair things with the Romans—well, the two sets of demigods have never gotten along. That’s why the gods kept us separate. I don’t know if we could ever belong there.”

Percy didn’t want to argue, but he couldn’t let go of the hope. It felt important—not just for Annabeth and him, but for all the other demigods. It had to be possible to belong in two different worlds at once. After all, that’s what being a demigod was all about—not quite belonging in the mortal world or on Mount Olympus, but trying to make peace with both sides of their nature.

Art: burdge

Excerpt from, “The Mark of Athena”

Hiccstrid Week 2017
DAY 2:  The moment you started shipping them – as soon as Astrid came on screen in HTTYD 1.


She was beautiful.

The prettiest girl on Berk. The strongest girl on Berk. The most free-willed girl on Berk…

…the only girl he’d ever learned to love.

Hiccup watched from the Forge window as she stepped by, flames rising higher from the house she was supposed to distinguish. She held a heavy wooden bucket in her hands, but she held it as though it weighed nothing, before she turned and tossed it onto the fire.

Hiccup blinked in amazement as she turned and began to hurry back to the well, her braid flying out behind her, her bright eyes reflecting the flames that burned about her as though the iris’s themselves were on fire with fury. Her axe jostled her back as she jogged, and the weight alone would’ve had Hiccup toppling in seconds. But it was no problem for Astrid, she was lithe, and could out do many.

Hiccup stared at her as she dashed pass, not even noticing him standing there by the Forge window. But Hiccup was hardly bothered however, for it was like nothing different from the other times he’d seen her. She’d pass, his heart would flutter and ache in longing, wishing that she… she would just give him a chance.

Then she’d be gone, not even giving him a second glance.

Perhaps that was a good thing, for if she did, Hiccup feared he might very well faint from the thudding sensation of his heartbeat racing. Astrid Hofferson? Pay attention to him?

He sighed and backed away, the shape of the girl disappearing between the darkened ally’s if two huts, until she totaled passed form sight. Hiccup turned away, stepping back inside the Forge.

Dream he would, even though his dreams rarely came true.

He still couldn’t believe it.

How had he been so lucky? How had he- Hiccup Haddock- gotten the prettiest girl on Berk to actually… notice him? Why had she come with on Toothless? Why had she bothered at all?

The moonlight shimmered, spraying light across the small lake and splaying shadows across the ground. Hiccup shifted nervously, expecting some painful punishment for the stunt he’d pulled… that’s what always happened to him. Do something that he actually wanted to do, and trouble would come from it.

Sure enough, the punch he’d been expecting landed against his scrawny shoulder. He gave a little yelp, turning slightly and letting his free arm grab the small wound. He blinked in surprise- that hadn’t been her hardest punch. 

To further his surprise, Astrid looked restless, and she hadn’t dashed off yet. Yet. Oh Thor, what was she going to do to him? No… she had just spared him. She hadn’t punched him with all the weight she could muster- like she’d done to Snotlout in the past. She… she’d clung to his waist when they’d flown with the flock of Dragon’s, she’d…

she’d been everything he’d ever dreamed she’d be. 

He’d seen her sweet and soft side. And that- that sent a warm chill running down his back. 

In his deep thought, he didn’t notice when she leaned forward, and before he knew it she’d grabbed the front of his tunic and planted a quick kiss on his cheek- right in the corner of his mouth. Hiccup gasped when she let go, staring at her in shock.

“That’s for… everything else.” She murmured, looking up at him with those beautiful blue eyes of hers. Hiccup saw it then, those eyes were filled with grief, with sorrow, with remorse. Guilt.

Astrid felt… felt guilty

He smiled brightly at her, not really helping the reaction but also hoping it would comfort her. Astrid had just kissed him…. his highest dream had come true! How could this be happening… to him no less!?

Her eyes widened, filling with relief as she smiled back, before turning and dashing off towards the path in the cove. Hiccup stared after her, holding his hand tighter to his shoulder, still feeling the warmth of her hand against his skin, could almost feel her lips against his cheek again…

He sighed happily, the troubles of tomorrow lagging at the back of his brain. But for the time being- he ignored them. 

For it had just been proven to him that his dreams really could come true.

Premieres: Tuesday, April 4 at 9/8

Where We Left Off: David Anders’ Blaine (with a minor #REALLY FUCKING MAJOR assist from Rahul Kohli’s Ravi) rescued Peyton (Aly Michalka) after she was kidnapped by Mr. Boss. Clive (Malcolm Goodwin), Liv (Rose McIver) and Major (Robert Buckley) took down Vaughn and Rita at a Max Rager party, which turned into a massacre once it became the epicenter of a zombie outbreak. As a result, Clive learned zombies exist and Liv was forced to kill Drake. Before the outbreak could infect the wider world, military contractor Vivian Stoll (Andrea Savage) killed all the zombies and told Liv about her plan to turn Seattle into a zombie safe haven.

What’s Next: Each character will have to figure out where they stand in the humans vs. zombie conflict, which is teetering on the edge of becoming public knowledge after the Max Rager massacre. With all their cards out on the table now, Liv and Clive will become closer than ever as they work together on cases and keeping the existence of zombies a secret. But Clive will also be working through his own issues after people close to him get caught up in the drama.

After years of searching for his purpose, Major finally finds a new job that fulfills him but that raises some issues with many of his friends who question his choice of employer. With Major set to lose his life or his memories if Ravi doesn’t find a cure, he and Liv aren’t focused much on repeating their romantic relationship. But Liv does get a new love interest this season who (thankfully) doesn’t die!

Meanwhile, Peyton will also have to figure out her feelings toward both Blaine and Ravi (#no one cares about this love triangle bye), both of whom show off very different sides of themselves this season: Blaine as a lounge singer trying to live an honest life (!!!), and Ravi as, frankly, a bit of a cad. “We’ve always seen Ravi as a nice guy, but this season we get to see him be a little bit more selfish,” Kohli told

Elsewhere, Robert Knepper will return as Blaine’s dad Angus, who quickly makes trouble for his son by setting up his own brain business, and Veronica Mars favorite Jason Dohring finally joins the cast as a relative of Vivian Stoll’s who Rose McIver describes as “quirky and manipulative and calculated.”

John’s experiences = worthiness of Madi

I happened to be rewatching some older episodes of Blacksails when it struck me - “earlier” John probably would not have hit it off with Madi, not for one second. I’m guessing Madi would have dismissed him right away and probably not seen him as reliable or trustworthy… definitely not worthy of her - after all, he was a born opportunist and John Silver was numero uno in his books. I believe this because John didn’t see himself as a leader - the men beat him up and often they had his life in their hands and he had to use his brains to get himself out of trouble. He cared only for himself but then gradually matured especially after losing his leg. Those experiences thankfully moulded him in to the character he is now on the show - capable, an in-depth thinker who considers the welfare of others in his plans and a leader. Definitely King material now worthy of his Queen as Madi was always groomed to take her mother’s place so she already had the respect of her people including the men.

Crossing my fingers for a reunion this Sunday!


CHAPTER 11 | love syndrome

“What if you accidentally fall in love?”

JEON JUNGKOOK: Full-time Student, Part-Time Heartwrecker

When Jungkook is hired to break up the relationship of Taehyung’s childhood best friend, he finds the presence of overwhelmingly attractive Park Jimin a bit more distracting than he could ever expect it to be…

read on ao3

It was undeniable that Jungkook had kissed many others before, and perhaps even gone just a tiny bit further.

But it had never felt like this.

He couldn’t quite explain what this feeling was. It was quite the euphoric feeling, despite that Jungkook’s mind was still befuddled, still unable to comprehend all that was happening.

There was Park Jimin’s body on top of him, his weight pressing into him as his own body writhed against the freshly made sheets of the hotel bed beneath him. Jungkook’s wrist was gently clamped down by Jimin’s gentle hands, and his eyes squeezed shut from pleasure. The taste of Jimin’s soft lips were intoxicating, causing him to lose his mind if he hadn’t already.

Mingled breaths, heavy panting. Their heartbeats seemed to resonate loudly, rhythmically blending in with one another. Jungkook reached his free hand up to Jimin’s neck, sliding his fingers into the firm skin and pulling him closer, urging him in. Jimin just as eager, as he swiped his tongue over Jungkook’s bottom lip, begging for access. Jungkook obliged at once, letting out a moan as Jimin intruded even further into him, overwhelming him both physically and mentally.

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Insecurities - boyf riends

Title: Insecurities

Word count: 1527

Pairing: Jeremy Heere x Michael Mell (boyf riends/Meremy)

Warnings: Panic attack, kind of body dysmorphia, really just angsty, Jeremy is really anxious and Michael is really supportive and kind

A/N: So, I finally pushed through my writer’s block/lack of motivation/inspiration and finished this one shot! Yay! Now I just have to do that on all my other unfinished one shots… 

I think this is the most angsty one I’ve written (or at least published), so yeah. 



Jeremy knew from the moment he looked himself in the mirror that he wouldn’t go to Michael’s place that day. His face was covered in red, swollen spots, and his hair was a bird’s nest, and his under-eyes bags and circles were especially prominent. He looked like a mess. No way he was letting Michael see him like that.

Michael always had perfect skin. That he had been lucky with during puberty. He’d never had one spot, while Jeremy had suffered through periods where his face was more red than nude. He’d had much better skin lately, but he had a sneaking suspicion that was the SQUIP’s doing. He knew the supercomputer had changed subtle things in his body, like his hormone levels and his sweating.
Now Jeremy could barely look himself in the mirror, as the SQUIP’s voice was whispering harsh truths in the back of his head.

You’re ugly
Everything about you is so terrible
Everything about you makes me wanna die!
Michael would probably want you to die if he saw you like this too

With trembling hands Jeremy picked up his phone to tell his best friend he wouldn’t be over. He wanted so badly to come over, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t let Michael see him like this.

To: My Favowite Person
Hey, I won’t be over today, sorry. I’m feeling kind of under the weather and I don’t want to give anything to you

He staggered over to his bed as soon as the message was sent. Soon his phone was tossed in the corner of his room, the screen down, so he didn’t notice when the screen lit up with a message from Michael.

From: My Favowite Person
I’m coming over with some warm soup. Just rest and try to get better :*

As Jeremy had trouble breathing, and the SQUIP’s voice was loud and clear in his brain, he started to sob. And when his vision finally cleared, and the grip on his chest started to lose a little bit, he finally fell asleep. His hands were still trembling, and there where still tears running down his cheeks as his mind went blank.


“Like I said, I didn’t know he was sick, he never came down.”
Jeremy awoke to the sound of his father ’s voice outside his door, his mind foggy and his eyes puffy from the crying. When he opened his eyes, they stung and he groaned softly into his pillow.

“I just want to give him this soup, and make sure he rests. I know what he’s like when he’s sick, that boy can never sit still.” Michael chuckled outside. 

Jeremy could recognise his boyfriend’s voice immediately, and his breathing started to get erratic. Maybe he would look so bad from his crying session and from just waking up that Michael would actually believe he was sick?

Jeremy glanced up to the mirror that hung on the wall across his bed. Nope, Michael knew him too well. He would see right through it immediately.

In panic, not knowing what to do if Michael came in and realised that he wasn’t in fact sick, and that he lied to him, he went and hid in his bathroom. Maybe if he pretended to take a shower, Michael would leave?

It wasn’t after he had turned on the shower and sat awkwardly on the toilet for five minutes he realised he should probably shower. It would save him a trip, and if Michael was still there, he would probably be suspicious as to why Jeremy was just in the shower, but still dry and smelling like sleep and sweat and tears.

Jeremy made sure to use extra long time this time, slowly working the shampoo into his scalp, and using as long time as possible to cover his skin in soap and then rinse it off. It felt good, and his muscles started to relax, and he thought that maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea anyway. When he couldn’t possibly be anymore longer in the shower (by now his fingers and toes looked more like raisins), he got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around himself. The towel was soft and warm, and he could smell the fabric softener used on it. A calming, familiar smell that reminded him of rainy days and his mom. He used another towel to try and dry his hair as much as possible, before he put that, together with his clothes in the laundry basket.

He was almost completely calm by the time he had dried himself up, but one look in the mirror, and it was ruined. Suddenly he was reminded of why he had been so panicked in the first place. 

His face was red and blotchy, and his hair was still a bird’s nest, except now it was a wet bird’s nest. He could feel the panic and anxiousness welling up in his body again and turned around, clenching his hands into fists. He would not start to cry now, right before he was about to see Michael.

As soon as Jeremy stepped out of the bathroom, Michael started to speak.“Hi Jer, I brought you soup since you aren’t feeling well.”

A warm feeling fluttered in his stomach by his boyfriend’s words. Why did he absolutely have to be perfect and nice? It was not fair!

“Oh, wow, thanks Michael. I really appreciate it.”

Michael gave him the doggy bag, his head cocked to the side and a curious look on his face. He looked like a confused puppy and Jeremy melted at the sight.

“You look good.” There was something shining in Michael’s eyes that told Jeremy he’d been busted, and gosh darn, why couldn’t his face stop blushing when he was lying or felt guilty?

“Yeah. I feel better too. Maybe it was just like, a morning thing?” His voice cracked, a sure sign of his lying, as he made his way towards his dresser where he kept his clothes.

“Jeremy,” Michael sighed, “what’s going on?”

Jeremy could feel tears gather in his eyes. This was just not his day.

“Nothing! I’m fine, I just, I’m fine, don’t feel so good.” He couldn’t look him in the eyes as he lied, so he looked down at his feet instead, rolling a small thread from his towel between his index and thumb.

“Jeremy, look at me.” Michael’s voice was so soft, so tentative, Jeremy was forced to look up.

“I woke up today, and my face was cove- is covered in acne, and my hair was just all wrong, and I looked so tired, I almost looked sick, and you always have perfect skin. And your hair is so fluffy and you smell so so good all the time, it’s not fair!” The words forced themselves out of Jeremy and he could do nothing to stop it, just like he could do nothing to stop the tears now making their way down his cheeks. Tears he had tried so hard to keep in.

“Jeremy…” Jeremy wasn’t sure how Michael’s voice was so soft and full of pity, and so reassuring at the same time, but it was, and he was so fixed on his voice, and the thread between his fingers to notice Michael walk over to him and embrace him in a hug. Jeremy buried his face in the soft fabric of Michael’s hoodie.

“Jeremy, I know it may feel like that, but it’s not true, trust me. I have acne, and my hair is bad, and I’m sweaty and gross, all the time. And you are beautiful and you should not be afraid or think you’re not, because you are, okay? Now please let me see the beautiful face of yours.”

Jeremy sniffled, but looked up into Michael’s eyes. His eyes were so brown and warm and full of love. Jeremy loved Michael’s eyes. While Jeremy’s eyes were probably puffy and bloodshot. And they were that colour were you could never decide whether they were green with a blue undertone, or blue with a green undertone. Gosh he hated his eyes. 

“Hey hey hey hey hey, shhh, you look beautiful, stop thinking that about yourself.”

Michael knew Jeremy so well, he understood what he was thinking.
“Thank you Michael. I guess things the SQUIP said kind of stuck.” Jeremy whispered.

Michael’s face was only inches away from Jeremy’s, and he desperately wanted to kiss him, but he was afraid he would start crying again and ruin it, so he stood in Michael’s arms instead. In his arms, what the SQUIP thought about him, and what everyone else thought, didn’t matter. In his arms, he felt safe.
Jeremy still felt bad about himself. There was still a part of him that thought he was ugly. But Michael helped numb that part a bit, so that Jeremy could function, so that he could look himself in the mirror, and so that he wouldn’t have to lie to Michael. 

The SQUIP took away something that Jeremy might never fully restore, but he had Michael there to help him, and he was eternally glad for that.

anime-saved-and-destroyed-me  asked:

Nonsexual intimate acts: Having their hair washed by the other-AkaFuri (I really wanted to do multiple ships, but I only know that you ship AkaFuri!!( and shizaya, but I haven't finished durarara just yet,lol)

Ahhhh, thank you so much for this! It’s funny, because I literally requested this exact prompt from the person I reblogged the prompt list from, lol! Shizaya also would have been interesting, although I’m way less confident on my ability to write for those two (as well as being able to write them without bloodshed, lol) Good luck with durarara, and thank you again! <3 (Also I wanna mention that this got to over 2K words somehow, lmao)


Prompt Meme Here

Furihata kept his eyes focused on the back of Akashi’s head, his face burning hotter with every step he took. He tried to calm his heart rate, but the pounding only seemed to increase the closer they got to the bathroom door.

He silently cursed himself for being so embarrassed. This had been his idea, after all.

The two of them had just gotten back from playing basketball, and had returned to Akashi’s house, sweaty and exhausted. It was late afternoon, with the sun already beginning to set. Furihata had immediately gone to his suitcase, rummaging for a fresh change of clothes for after his shower. Akashi was digging through his closet, doing the same.

“You may go first, if you’d like,” Akashi had said, emerging from the closet.

“That’s okay,” Furihata told him, watching Akashi wipe sweat from his forehead with the collar of his shirt. “You should go first. I don’t mind waiting, really.”

Akashi smiled warmly at him. “I’m afraid I must insist. You are my guest, after all.” Amusement flashed in his eyes.

Furihata laughed. He had been Akashi’s “guest” dozens of times now, and that excuse no longer worked. “Seriously, you worked way harder than me,” Furihata said, waving his hand dismissively. “You should go.”

“Kouki,” Akashi protested, crossing the room and setting his clothes down. “We both know you exerted yourself just as much as I did.”

They bickered back and forth a few more times, debating the pros and cons of of who should go first, or whether or not it would be worth it for Akashi to take his clothes to one of the guest bathrooms so they could shower at the same time.   

“You know,” Furihata said, shifting the clothes in his arms. “We could save ourselves a lot of trouble if we just showered together.”

The words left his mouth easily, his brain not fully processing the statement until it left his lips. He stood frozen, his gaze darting to Akashi to see him doing the same, his mouth hanging open.

Blood rushed to color his face, and he shifted nervously on his feet. “I m-mean, uh…”

He wasn’t sure what to say. It wasn’t that he wanted to take it back, exactly. The thought had definitely crossed his mind before, but he was never bold enough to suggest it. Leave it to him to suddenly find the courage in a random argument.

“Would you…” Akashi began hesitantly, breaking the silence. “Would you really like too?”

Furihata rubbed the hem of his clean shirt between fingers. “I, uh… I mean–” he cut off, swallowing nervously. He voice dropped to almost a whisper. “I’m okay with it. If, uh, if y-you are.”

Akashi laughed softly, and Furihata peaked up from under his hair. “I assure you Kouki, I am more than okay with that arrangement.” He tilted his head a little. “As long as you are.”

Furihata nodded, butterflies assaulting his stomach. Akashi gathered his clothes, and walked up to Furihata, kissing him gently on the forehead. “Are you ready?”

His heart pounded with both nerves and excitement as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to Akashi’s jaw. “Yeah. Let’s go.”

And now he was here, following Akashi into his master bathroom.

He wasn’t even sure why he was so nervous. They’d been naked together before, doing… other things. This really shouldn’t be any different. But it somehow felt more intimate, standing in front of Akashi’s shower, with Akashi standing next to him.

They both set their clothes down, and Akashi moved to pull the shower door open. Furihata watched him start the water, holding his hand under the stream to test the temperature.  

“Would you mind grabbing the towels?” Akashi asked, turning away from the water.

Furihata nodded. “Yeah, s-sure.”

He turned towards the cabinet, and pulled two fluffy white towels out. He folded them in his arms and turned back around, startling slightly that Akashi was right in front of him.

“Are you sure you’re alright with this?” Akashi asked, gently rubbing Furihata’s arm. “You seem uncomfortable.”

Furihata laughed nervously. “I g-guess I’m a little nervous.” He looked up to meet Akashi’s gaze. “Pretty stupid, huh?”

“I don’t think it’s stupid at all,” Akashi said softly.

“I knew you’d say that,” Furihata muttered under his breath, and he heard Akashi chuckle. He leaned into Akashi’s touch, and looked up to meet his gaze. “I’m definitely okay w-with it, though.”

Akashi kissed his forehead again, and took the towels from Furihata’s arms. He moved a few feet away, and set them on the counter.

And then he turned back, and pulled his shirt over his head in one fluid movement.

Furihata looked away, warmth spreading across his face. It was ridiculous, he told himself. He’d seen Akashi shirtless multiple times before. Why should this be any different?

He released a shaky breath, silently laughing at himself. Stepping closer, Furihata pulled his own shirt off and let it drop to the floor next to Akashi’s.

When he looked up, Akashi was watching him. Before he could blink, Akashi’s eyes lifted from his bare torso to meet his gaze. Furihata smiled nervously, and Akashi returned it, his eyes full of gentle fondness.

They both finished undressing, the sound of water hitting the tiles the only noise in the room. Akashi gestured toward the shower, and Furihata followed right behind him.

Akashi held his hand under the water again before stepping into the stream. He turned to face Furihata, tilting his head back and closing his eyes as the water soaked his hair, turning it a darker shade of red.

Furihata stood still, completely memorized as he watched the water run down Akashi’s face, and down his neck, and over his collarbones, and down his chest…

He snapped back to reality when Akashi’s eyes opened, blinking water from his eyes. He wiped at his face before offering a hand to Furihata, inviting him in to join.

Furihata’s face burned, realizing that he had basically been busted watching Akashi shower. He ducked his head a little, but accepted Akashi’s hand, and stepped into the shower, pulling the door shut behind him.

Akashi looped his arms around Furihata’s neck, pulling him even closer, until the water doused his head as well. His eyes slid shut, and he blindly put a hand on Akashi’s chest to steady himself.

The warm water felt amazing, after spending half the day out in the sun. Furihata let his head fall back into Akash’s hands as the water ran over his face.

Fingers brushed his wet hair back from his forehead, and it was that gesture that made Furihata turn out of the spray to open his eyes.

Akashi was standing right in front of him, wet and perfect. Furihata’s heart skipped a beat, suddenly hyper aware of the situation he was in.

“Everything okay?” Akashi asked, his voice echoing strangely in the enclosed space.

Furihata blushed, and he hoped Akashi would blame it on the heat from the shower. “I’m fine,” he said, chuckling a little. He glanced down and stared at the space between their feet. “I’m a little m-more than fine, I think.”

One of Akashi’s fingers caught under his chin and tilted his head back up, forcing Furihata to meet his gaze.

“I’m glad to hear it,” Akashi said, still wearing that infuriatingly soft smile despite the situation they were in.

They both stood in silence for a moment, enjoying the hot water. Akashi leaned to the side, and came back holding a bottle of shampoo in his hands. He popped the cap, and looked at Furihata with an almost eager expression.

“May I?” Akashi asked.

Furihata blinked in confusion. “May you…?”

Akashi laughed lightly. “I’d like to wash your hair, if that’s something you’d be comfortable with.”

“Oh,” Furihata said, turning bright red once again. “Y-Yeah, I’m okay with that.”

Akashi grinned, and lightly nudged Furihata to turn around. He tipped his head back, and a few seconds later he felt gentle fingers working through his hair.

Furihata hummed, his nerves vanishing almost immediately. His shoulder relaxed, and he leaned back into Akashi’s touch. He would have suggested this months ago, if he knew that this would come out of it.

The feeling of Akashi’s fingers massaging his scalp was more pleasant than he would have expected. He tipped his head sideways as Akashi scrubbed behind his ears, his eyes shut.

“Are you alright?” Akashi asked, amusement clear in his voice. Furihata mumbled something along the lines of an answer, nodding his head.

Akashi chuckled, his blunt nails scraping lightly along the back of Furihata’s head. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Furihata was aware that his hair must be clean by now, but Akashi showed no intention of being done any time soon.

Furihata’s thoughts drifted as his body grew more relaxed. He yawned, wobbling a little on his feet, and his head jerked up, the sound of the water spray suddenly deafening. He shook his head a little in an attempt to clear it.

“Sei,” he said, his voice a little groggy. “You gotta stop or I’m gonna fall asleep.”

Akashi laughed. “I apologize. I suppose I got carried away.”

His fingers vanished, and Furihata had to stop himself from pouting. He would definitely have to suggest doing this again…

“Here,” Akashi told him, touching his arm. “Turn this way.”

Furihata obeyed, moving so his back faced the spray. Akashi stood in front of him, brushing his hand along Furihata’s forehead to block the foam from getting in his eyes.

It didn’t take long before all the shampoo had washed away, and Furihata turned away from the stream. Akashi reached for the bottle again and opened it, about to pour some into his hands, when Furihata stopped him. Akashi looked at him curiously, one brow raised.

“Um,” Furihata began, suddenly nervous again. “Can I?” He held his hand out for the bottle.

Akashi blinked, and then smiled. “Of course,” he said warmly, and passed the shampoo over.

He turned around, and Furihata stepped up behind him. He squeezed some of the liquid into his palm and set the bottle down.

Akashi already had his head tipped back, clearly relaxed. Furihata rubbed his hands together, and then started working his fingers through Akashi’s hair, taking care to avoid getting any his eyes.

He made his way back, taking his time to get behind Akashi’s ears. He raked his nails lightly along the back of his neck, and he watched as Akashi’s head tilted forward, his whole body going slack.

There was something enjoyable about it, Furihata found himself thinking. He understood why Akashi had taken so long to wash his hair. He almost liked this as much as he liked the feel of Akashi’s fingers in his own hair.

He took his time, making sure he got every spot thoroughly. It wasn’t long before Akashi began to sway lightly, so Furihata took that as his time to stop. The last thing he wanted was for Akashi to slip.

Akashi turned, and Furihata laughed at his dazed expression.

“I see what you mean,” he said, shaking his head a little. “That is quite dangerous indeed.”

Furihata nodded in agreement. “It probably doesn’t help that we had a long day,” he said, turning Akashi so he could rinse his hair. “I’m pretty sure I could have fallen asleep on the sidewalk on the way back here.”

“That’s true,” Akashi hummed. Furihata ran his fingers through his hair until there weren’t anymore suds. “I’m not sure if I can entirely blame exhaustion, though.”

Furihata knew what he meant. He always had a habit of melting under the other’s touch, and this was no different.

It still felt kind of strange though, to know that Akashi felt the same way about him.

They each grabbed a washcloth and some soap, and set about washing the rest of themselves. Furihata wondered for a moment if Akashi was going to offer to do this for him too, and then blushed bright red at the thought.

Instead, Akashi seemed to be a hurry, and Furihata understood why. After everything that had happened, Furihata wanted nothing more than to be in clean clothes, curled up in bed against Akashi.

It seemed their thoughts were in sync once again.

They took turns rinsing the soap off, and Akashi shut off the water. Furihata opened the door and grabbed the towels, passing one over to Akashi. He tried not to watch as Akashi dried himself off.

Furihata reached for his boxers as soon as he felt dry enough, and slipped them on. He was just getting ready to pull his shirt on when he felt a pair of arms wrap around him, and a bare torso press against the skin of his back.

He gasped a little, but leaned back into Akashi’s touch. Akashi squeezed him tighter, resting his chin on Furihata’s shoulder.

“I’m very happy you suggested this,” Akashi said, his breath tickling Furihata’s neck.

Furihata swallowed, his pulse accelerating. “Me too.”

“Perhaps we can do that again,” Akashi continued. His lips pressed into the space just below Furihata’s jaw. “When we’re both not dead on our feet.”

A million thoughts raced through Furihata’s mind. Some of them made him blush, and others made him want to get back in the shower right this minute.

“I’d like that.” Furihata said, twisting in Akashi’s arms. “I’d like that a lot.”

A New Start-Zig x MC Fanfic

Finally got this bad boy done! I started before the Freshman chapter update and then I read the chapter update and it took me two days to recover LOL. But, anyway, I’m not completely happy with this but I hope it works. This is rated T for some sexually suggestive moments. And this fic is for the #ChoicesCreates Carnival currently being hosted by @hollyashton for the prompt “My heart finally told me to stop wasting my time.” Well…enjoy!

It was a warm, clear day but she wasn’t going to be able to enjoy it. She gazed briefly out the window in disdain before turning back to the computer screen.

She sighed in frustration as she continued typing, finding herself deleting and rewriting the same line over and over. This novel was going to be the death of her. She loved Professor Vasquez dearly and missed him just as much. But part of her still couldn’t believe he’d tasked her with finishing his book.

One more paragraph…just one more was all she needed. Then she would be ready for her next meeting with Professor Atiyah. She would also be free to call up Zig before he had to head to work.

Things had been going well between the two of them since they’d started dating a month ago. He was the most attentive guy she’d ever been with. He always seemed to be able to tell when she was feeling down or frustrated and knew exactly what to do to cheer her up. He regularly brought her coffee and little baked goods from work. He’d learned quickly that the strawberry scones were her favorite and he made sure she stayed stocked up. A sly smile appeared as images of their last late night romp flashed through her mind. He was no slouch in bed either.

As if on cue, the door to Professor Vasquez’ office opened and there stood her boyfriend, looking anxious and worried. She got to her feet, immediately coming toward him, an eyebrow raised in confusion.

“Hey, you. I didn’t expect to see you here. Is everything okay?”

He hesitated before responding. “Yeah. I’ve just been…thinking about something.You got a second?”

She nodded, trying to ignore the knots forming in her stomach. Her heart was pounding mercilessly in her chest. She’d never seen such uncertainty in his expression before. It was unnerving and she braced herself for bad news.

“Of course. What is it?”

He ran a hand through his hair and glanced down at the carpet before finally looking back up at her. “So, I was thinking about that scholarship. The one I helped Chris and Arjun with? I was thinking maybe I might go for it.”

He still looked unsettled and she took both of his hands in hers, fighting the squeal threatening to break free from the back of her throat. “Are you serious?”

“I’m not totally sure but yeah, I’m thinking about it.”

“That’s great, Zig!” Her mouth split open onto a wide grin.

He nodded half-heartedly and her smile faltered. She led him to a couple of chairs across from the desk. Something was obviously bothering him and she intended to find out what it was.

“You don’t seem at all excited about this,” she observed.

He shrugged and blew out a frustrated breath. “I’m just…worried, I guess.”

She squeezed his hands. “About trying?”

Another shrug. “Something like that. I’ve just spent a long time struggling to stay afloat. Every time an opportunity to do something better with my life came along, it was immediately squashed…sometimes because of my own screw ups and sometimes because of things I couldn’t control. It was almost like some cruel joke.”

She nodded sympathetically as he continued.

“Then I moved here and met you and you care about me just as much as my family does. In fact, you’re the only girl I’ve ever dated who liked me for more than just the physical stuff. And on top of that, this scholarship appeared and I started to feel pressure because I don’t want to disappoint you or my sisters or…”

“Yourself?” She finished for him.

He paused before giving one quick nod. She stroked his cheek tenderly with her thumb. “Hey, you know I want this for you. But, I’m not trying to make you do it. I’m happy you helped out Chris and Arjun with the initiative and everything else. You’re a big reason this scholarship even exists now and it’s going to help a lot of people. But you did that because I wanted you to. All I ask is that you do this now because you want to.”

He gazed intently into her eyes before leaning in to kiss her softly. When they parted, he still had apprehension in his expression, but he appeared slightly less nervous. Still, he got to his feet and began pacing.

“I know. I just keep thinking I’ll mess this up too or they’ll just say no to me. I don’t know if I can handle that…”

She stood, drawing him into a hug. She slipped her arms around his waist and snuggled into his chest. He rested his chin on her head, heaving a deep sigh as his arms nestled around her.

“I know this is scary and it’s a big risk. But whatever you decide to do, I’ve got your back. Okay? No matter what, you’re not alone, Zig.”

He nodded again before leaning down and resting his forehead against hers. Momentarily they both looked into each other’s eyes. He spoke first.

“Thanks. I’m grateful for you, you know that?”

She nodded, smirking. “As you should be. I’m a catch.”

He chuckled at her teasing and she smiled. It was just the reaction she was hoping to get. Then he glanced at his phone screen. “My shift’s starting soon. I’ll call you when I’m off, okay?”

“Please do.” She winked and he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before releasing her and disappearing out the door with a wave.

She collapsed back down in her chair at the desk, her fingertips at her temples. Everything inside of her wanted him to go for this. He’d been trying to hide it, but she knew just how badly he wanted to go to school. She’d seen him pausing to glance at textbooks in the bookstore whenever they stopped in. She’d noticed him eyeing the course catalog with a highlighter to mark classes he was interested in. It stung her to watch him shove down that desire and he seemed to be doing it to spare himself the disappointment and to avoid his own feelings. But that’s not what she wanted for him. She would almost rather hear him yell or scream if it meant she got to see him express a genuine emotion about his future.

That’s why she hadn’t been fazed by his anger outburst in the cafe back when Chris and Arjun had first proposed this plan. Although she was upset to see him hurting, she was also happy to see the passion behind his anger. To know that he cared about more than just keeping her safe. That he was starting to consider caring about himself.

She returned back to her work, still with the image of his troubled look etched into her brain. She hoped he would decide to put himself first for once and go for this opportunity. She would be right there to help him with whatever he might need. But, as much as she wanted to talk him into it, she knew she would have to let him make this decision on his own.


Somehow, she found herself with a little alone time in the suite on a Saturday afternoon. All of her roommates were off hanging out with friends or each other and she was enjoying having the space to herself. Zig would be coming by any minute which would make her afternoon that much better.

She still couldn’t help thinking back to the day they’d talked about the scholarship. It had been a couple of weeks now and she’d promised herself not bring it up but inside she was a ball of nerves. He’d been so conflicted and tense that day, she was positive he wasn’t going to go for it. She knew the deadline was fast approaching and it took all of her willpower not to pester him about it. Everything would be fine in the end, whether he went to school now or not.

She heard a quick knock at the door and jumped up instantly. When she answered, Zig stood on the other side of the door, his signature smirk on his face. He looked so sexy and she’d been craving him for the past two days. Without a word, she yanked him through the doorway and slammed the door closed, locking it behind him. Then she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him toward her, causing their lips to crash together. She attacked him hungrily, her kisses moving from his top lip to the bottom one and back again. She was just beginning to deepen the kiss while slipping her hands underneath his shirt when he reluctantly pried himself away, flushed and breathless.

“Woah, hold up there, tiger!” He teased, his hands raising in mock defense. She narrowed her eyes at him and folded her arms.

“Seriously, Zig? I tell you we have the whole suite to ourselves and you don’t want to do anything?!” She didn’t even try to hide her frustration and he chuckled.

“Hey, relax. Of course I want to! I always want to. But I have something to show you first.”

He pulled out his phone and opened up his email. He then scrolled to one particular message and held it out for her to see.

Dear Applicant,

 We are writing to inform you that we have received your complete application package for the Second Chances academic scholarship. You will be notified as soon as selections for the upcoming school year have been made.If we should need any additional information from you, we will contact you directly with….


There was more in the email but she could no longer concentrate on the words. She couldn’t believe her eyes…he’d actually gone for the scholarship on his own! She shifted her gaze to his and held it for a moment, clearly seeing the excited glint in his eyes. Then she suddenly slammed into him, wrapping him up in a bear hug. He stumbled backward a few steps with the force of her embrace but quickly recovered, chuckling. She felt him stroke her back, giving her a small squeeze back.

“Oof! Hey, babe, could you loosen up a bit? I can’t breathe.”

After a moment, she pulled back, searching his eyes.

“So you did it, huh?”

He nodded sheepishly. “Yeah.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? I could’ve helped.”

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to go through with it. And when I finally decided to, I really wanted to do it on my own. I also thought it might make a nice surprise for you.”

She grinned. “It’s the best surprise ever. But, I have to say…after that conversation we had, you didn’t seem like you were going to apply.”

“Honestly, I really wasn’t sure. It seemed like a long shot. I mean, why would they pick me? I still feel that way now but something in me just told me I need to stop wasting my time. This could be a new start for me. So I went with it.”

She carefully placed her hand against his breast bone and slightly to the left, her fingers splayed out across his chest. “Sounds like you’re finally listening to your heart.”

He nodded, slipping one arm around her waist and pulling her close. He placed his other hand on top of the one she had near his heart and curled his fingers around her smaller ones.

“I already did it with you and that decision is turning out to be my best one yet. So I just hope I’m lucky enough to have it happen again.”

Her face heated up instantly and she smiled. This time he leaned down toward her and gently pressed his lips to hers. He pulled back after a moment, his eyes finding hers again.

“Thanks for being there for me through this.”

“Zig, you’ve been there for me since day one. It’s the least I could do. And I really believe you can get this scholarship. So don’t worry too much, okay?”

He smirked. “I’ll try.”

“How long until you hear back?”

He thought for a moment. “I think the email said they’ll start notifying us in about a month or two.”

“Alright. So we need to figure out a way to keep you occupied until then.”

An intensity entered his gaze as he leaned down to gently kiss her neck. “I think you were on the right track earlier.”



He continued to work his way around with his kisses until he reached the other side of her neck, settling on an area between her jawline and earlobe. She felt her entire body shudder and a needy moan escaped her lips. Dammit, he knew exactly where her spots were.

“How much time do we have?” He murmured.

“A couple hours.”

He nodded. “Perfect.” Then, in one swift motion, he lifted her up easily, one arm at her back and the other behind her knees. He made a beeline for her room and she giggled as he attacked her neck with more playful kisses.

As much as she was ready for some one-on-one time with him, she couldn’t help but think about how proud of him she was. He’d stepped far outside of his comfort zone to apply for this scholarship and she could only hope that his efforts would be rewarded.

But more importantly, he was finally going after his dream. She couldn’t wait to be there by his side when he finally achieved it.