The Hush Sound is back! Show Review + Photos

One of my favorite bands finally came back to Los Angeles, performing their first show in LA in five years!  The band, with a fully bearded lead singer and guitarist Bob Morris, performed to a packed crowd at their sold out show at the Troubadour March 3.

The band performed like no time had passed at all, well, except for the surprising facial hair! They had not put out an album since Goodbye Blues in 2008, but nothing had changed. Their upbeat, piano driven hooks and simply beautiful voices, especially singer and keyboard player Greta Salpeter, were just as good live as they are on recording. Even more exciting, they opened strong with one of their most popular songs, “We Intertwined.”

The show was filled with many more old favorites like “As You Cry”, “Crawling Towards the Sun” and the ever popular “Wine Red”. They even sang some new songs, including one called “Scavengers”.

Since going on a hiatus back in ‘08, the band went on to new musical projects, Greta with Gold Motel and Bob with Debate Team, and more recently, Stamps (with former guitarist from The Cab).

The band’s funny too! Humorous, joking banters between Greta and Bob were surely entertaining, especially when talking about their upcoming show at the Glass House in Pamona. A common gag was the sarcastic line, “Oh, the crazy things that will go down in Pamona…” Well, I guess you had to be there to get it…

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