Because I’m dumb I spent the whole weekend working on this.

I don’t get it.


Thaaat’s right! I’m going to Bronycon - and I’ll be a vendor there, too! Booth 904, ‘Arts and Farts’ with trottingdeadmod, alskylark & acuddlemonster. We’re going to be really, really beautiful.

I’ll have AKS prints, pony buttons, cosplay ears in a ~rainbow~ of colors and super cute pony tote bags!

I’m also going to be on the “Hooves Line Is It, Anyways?” panel and then immediately after I’ll literally run into the Tumblrpon Panel (with askpiratedash, ask-pegasus-lola, askseriousrainbow and fisherpon)! So you should probably come to both. And run with me. It’ll be great.



This year’s theme: POINT AT EVERYTHING.

I made the same face in every picture and I’m not even sorry.

BRONYCON WAS SO MUCH FUN AHHHH. It was my first year as a vendor and I thought it went pretty well! I didn’t bring much to sell- one AKS print, a bunch of buttons, ears, and my mom’s pony bags. But the buttons were a big hit! And the ears sold pretty well, too. I made up the money I spent on materials with some left over so WOO.

I’ll be putting the rest of the stock on my Etsy site once I take some pictures, so be on the lookout for that! Yay!

PICTURESSSS I didn’t take very many of them. I captioned the ones up there… BOOTH! FANS! FRIENDS! SWAG! BAGS!

Hanging out with all the Tumblr peeps was AMAAAAZINGGGG. Especially trottingdeadmod, acuddlemonster, ahappypichu-mod, regal-masquerade, askrustynail, technomod, shinyshaini and piratedashmod who I hung out with the most. And also meeting / chilling with twizz-doodles, cybermagus, kaiuchiha15, penguinpotential, askseriousrainbow, askmerriauthor, askrainbowlizard, nightguardmodkoipony, lexxmod, sombrashyshady, jestre, jitterbugjive, raikissu, darkflame7, inkie-heart-art,  magnetmod, askdukeponyminormatorantheonlycottoncandy, wirelessponyfillyqueenchrysalis, fisherponflufflepuffasks and then people who I can’t get the linkie thing to work with like Violet Rain and then there’s like 20 more people who I can’t remember their usernames enough to name them but I KNOW YOUR FACES AHH DON’T HATE ME (oh I found my sticky note where I tried to write down everyone’s names here’s MORE PEOPLE like redventure and askninjatwilight and outofworkderpy and ask-googlechrome and southparktaoist and bleedshark and I know I’m still missing people aHHH)

I also got a lot of physical fanart from some rad folks that I’ll post later and COOKIES from one guy and TRUFFLES AND THAT SOMBRA MUG from wulvbane and IT WAS SO MUCH FUN and shiny you are like a real-life Rarity because you are both generous and fabulous and I need to play Twilight’s Secret Shipfic Folder at some point and uh uh GOSH DARN IT WAS JUST SUPER RAD and also RUSTY GAVE ME MORE HONEY VODKA and KOIPONY GAVE ME A SHIRT

Definitely want to go back next year and definitely am thinking about vending again! Except maybe actually give myself time to make prints or something. …Even though it seemed like prints weren’t selling very well in general. Maybe I’ll just make 80000 more buttons.

ALSO HOOVES LINE WAS FUN and my team and I were pretty dumb buuut when you throw a bunch of strangers together to do improv, you can’t really expect much. Team Hashbrown aka All The Musicians I Have Never Heard Of But They’re Famous So I Should Have Heard Of Them Oops were really good.

AND THE TUMBLR PANEL WAS REALLY FUNNN. Hopefully it was informative, too. I had fun flailing around on it, anyway. 


also the mariott was ALL ABOUT some bronies, man. They had ponies on their hotel keys, they played pony on loop on the TVs, and they had a whole room downstairs filled with tables and microwaves and giant projections of colorful horse. They were not kidding around.


I was tagged by jwh33zy and littlerubyrue! Since I’ve come down with a cold, I figured dousing myself in cold water would be… the exact opposite thing to help that. 

So alas, I cannot do a physical ice bucket challenge! But I can draw one. And I can draw one in Flashdance style.

 And since I couldn’t really do the challenge, I donated to the ALS Foundation! Which I encourage you all to do as well.

ALS is a terrifyingly debilitating disease that has needed way more attention then it’s gotten. I was one of the many people who know absolutely nothing about it until before the Ice Bucket challenge, and this challenge- though it’s probably ‘annoying’ to some people by now- has done what it’s intended to do. It’s spread the word, and is getting the funding it deserves. And I’m proud to be a supporter!

Read more about ALS here and donate here!

I tag tambelon, trottingdeadmod, askrustynail, technomod and shinyshaini! (Sorry if you’ve already been tagged / said you’re won’t!)