trotting park

Eerie derelict escalator in Phoenix’s Trotting Park. Goodyear, Arizona. .


The Phoenix Trotting Park, a horse racing track, was originally built in 1964 in Goodyear, Arizona. It opened in 1965 and was run for about two and a half seasons. The large, futuristically designed structure gave an optimistic look for the 1960s.

Originally planned to be built for a cost of about $3 million, the facility ended up costing around $10 million. Various incentives during the events that were held, such as free parking and admission did initially lead to decent attendance. However, a variety of factors led to the inevitable closing of the track. The hot weather of the desert caused events to be uncomfortable to attendees. The location provided limited means to control rain, leading to floods that caused accessibility problems. The park is also located about 20 miles outside of Phoenix and was built long before any major roads made the area easily accessible to those in the city or its suburbs. more pics The main building of the park was used in the 1998 Charlie/Martin Sheen movie No Code of Conduct. Part of the feature involved a large explosion occurring at the track.

Release the Puppos!

Ok, first of all, fuck this illness! 
Secondly, I felt bad for not posting the past few days because this Tumblr is sorta part of a schedule I put up for myself and I want to keep too it!!! 

Anyway, while I was wasting away in bed I thought up a few fics I wanted to write. 
Please forgive me if my writing is a little wonky; I have literally gulped half a bottle of cough medicine. So I’m a little sleepy and drowsy. Probably not a good idea but I couldn’t find a measuring cup or anything.

This one is just a little Markiplier fic where you’re a subscriber of Mark’s channel and you go to the meet-up with some hairy companions. 

(Y/D/N)- Young dogs name.
(O/D/N)- Older dog’s name.
(Y/T/N)- Your Twitter nickname/ or social media nickname

You have always wanted to go to a meet-up. Not only to see Mark but also to meet some of the other subs. 
You were always commenting on Mark’s tweets and sometimes even posting some fan-art. People started following you and you started chatting. 
You wouldn’t say you were popular or well-known in Mark’s community, but you had a fair number of people following you on most social medias because of him. Every so often he’d retweet one of your artworks and you contributed to his charity live-streams too. Once, he had called out your name excitedly and yelled, 
”That’s the person that draws awesome me pictures!”

Mark had tweeted another location for a meet-up. A park not far from your home. 
But as always, you were stuck and unable to go. Usually it was work, school, even family had become an obstacle. But today, it was two large dogs who were currently snoozing on the lounge-room floor. 
You sighed and wrote your reply on Mark’s twitter;

“I’m dog-sitting and can’t leave them alone! Can I bring the puppos?” 

You knew you wouldn’t get a reply from the Youtuber himself, but you added a photo of the dogs anyway. 
The largest dog, (Y/D/N), a big brown shaggy hound with golden eyes, lifted his head just as you took the photo. The result was adorable. His floppy ears were propped up and his head tilted slightly. 
The slightly smaller dog, (O/D/N), an elderly Labrador, continued to snooze, completely ignoring your calls to lift his head.
You posted the tweet and continued to scroll through your phone. 
It wasn’t long before your notifications started beeping. You checked your Twitter, finding people were reposting your tweet and replying to the photo. 

“Awww! So cute! You have to bring them!” 

“This is unacceptable! You can’t miss out on another meet-up!” 

“I want those dogs!”

You smiled at each Tweet and tried replying. More and more re-tweets and replies came and you got fed up with notifications, so you turned them off. 
You ignored Twitter for some time, already jealous with the fans who were going. You’ll probably see what was happening in a video on Mark’s channel in the next few days.
You checked your Twitter one last time; amazed at the number of retweets you had received in the short space of time.

“Keep retweeting so Mark can see this!” 

“I’ll show him when I get there!” 

“Everyone show Mark and make him see the puppies!” 

You laughed at each one and went through the list liking them. 
Then, your phone vibrated with a DM from Twitter and you almost let out a squeal when you read the message. 

Tweeted from Markiplier. 

You spent almost no time leaping from your couch, grinning like a lunatic as you ran about the house finding your shoes and actually getting out of your PJs for once. Upon grabbing the dog-leashes (Y/D/N) bounded over to you, barking excitedly. You looped the clip around his collar and did the same to (O/D/N). 
You were practically dragged out of the house by (Y/D/N) with (O/D/N) trotting behind you. 
The park was a few blocks away and the closer you got, the more nervous you were becoming. 
What if someone there was allergic to dogs? Or someone was scared of dogs? Maybe this was a bad idea, I mean (Y/D/N) could accidentally knock someone over or (O/D/N) could get agitated with someone and growl at them. 
But it was already too late. By the time you had the thought to turn around and retreat home, you were on the outskirts of the park and the mass of people had spotted you. 
“Oh my God, it’s the puppies!” You heard someone cry. Your nerves escalated as the crowd turned to you and started shouting excitedly. 
But you couldn’t help but smile as you started towards them. (Y/D/N) started tugging against his leash, his tail wagging madly. 
“Release the puppos!” You heard a familiar voice bellow. You shrugged and trapped (Y/D/N) between your legs as you unclipped him from his collar. 
“Brace yourselves!” You called as (Y/D/N) galloped towards the hoards of screaming people. 
He crashed into the many legs, almost drowning under reaching fingers and gentle pets. 
A few people approached you, politely greeting you and asking if they could pat (O/D/N). You nodded and they crouched beside the older dog, who lazily wagged their tail and panted happily. 
“So, your (Y/T/N)!” Mark said with a wide smile. 
“Hi! I couldn’t bear losing my dogs to a kidnapper, so I had to bring them.” 
The man laughed and crouched down beside (O/D/N) to give them a gentle scratch behind the ear. 
“A lot of people here didn’t want you missing out.” He continued to speak to you from the ground. “I’ve always wanted to meet you as well. Your art is amazing.” 
You blushed and chuckled, “Well, my muse is pretty inspirational.” 
Mark flashed you a brilliant smile and stood, gesturing to the crowd. 
“Well, come meet everyone. We were about to start the video.” 

You followed Mark into the middle of the park, where (Y/D/N) was running around, almost overwhelmed with excitement. A few people were chasing after him, seeming to play tag with the dog. 
Then (Y/D/N) found, what you guessed was Mark’s bag, and removed a football from it. 
“Hey!” Mark yelled, starting towards the pup. “That’s mine!” 
(Y/D/N) started running. His ears flapped like wings as he bounded away from the man. Everyone started laughing as Mark gave chase. He tried leaping onto the dog, even tried herding him towards the crowd, but (Y/D/N) seemed to dodge every hand as they made a grab for the ball. 
You laughed along with everyone else. Enjoying the comical show that was unfolding in front of you.
Finally, you thought it had gone on for long enough and you whistled loudly. The hound skidded to a stop, his golden eyes fixed on you with a quizzical stare. 
“Give it here,” You ordered, keeping your voice friendly. 
(Y/D/N) trotted over to you, his ears slanted backwards and his eyes mischievous. He slowed as he neared you, lifting his head up slightly to place the ball in your hand.
“Don’t you dare,” You warned, but before your fingers could find purchase, (Y/D/N) had jumped back and started running. 
But he ran straight into Mark’s legs and the man caught hold of the dog’s collar and plucked the toy from his jaws. 
Cheers flooded the park as Mark lifted the ball up like a trophy. Grinning wildly. 
“Markimoo- 1, doggo- 0″ Mark smirked and booped (Y/D/N) on his wet nose. He looked rather disappointed, but wagged his tail none-the-less. 

As Mark set up the cameras and arranged the crowd as he needed, you had found a nice spot under a tree to watch. 
Others had joined you, too nervous or anxious to join in the activities. But the small group around you were happy stroking your dogs fur and laughing at what Mark was making the others do. 
You weren’t sure what was happening. It had started off as a game of tag, then evolved into stick-in-the-mud, then the ball came in as the crowd formed a circle. Mark was in the centre kicking the ball as high into the air as he could for someone to catch. 
Those who caught it, had to make up a ridiculous dance routine and make animal noises to go with it.
At one point, Mark had kicked the ball but it struck the toes of his shoes and the object flew in a unexpected arc. It had almost hit you as it came tumbling through the canopy of the tree. You saved yourself by slapping it away, but managed to accidentally hit (O/D/N). 
“Oh no! I’m so sorry!” You cooed, cradling the dog’s head as if you had seriously injured it. Mark over-exaggerated the situation by running over and dramatically throwing himself in front of the dog, begging their forgiveness and apologizing profusely. 
(O/D/N) looked very confused, and responded by gently tapping Mark’s bowed head, as if to say 
“You are forgiven, loud-one”
Mark laughed and returned to the circle. 

The whole situation was cringey and amazing all at the same time. 
Finally, when the time of the meet-up was nearing its end, Mark ushered your group up and into the middle of the park. 
“Right, now it’s your turn!” He told you and you quickly panicked as he kicked the ball into the air. You instinctively watched it soar skywards and you angled yourself so when it plummeted back to earth, you caught it in your hands, cradling it on your chest. 
People cheered and Mark grinned broadly, “You have to make up a dance sequence now!”
Groaning, you dropped the ball and started krumping. It was sloppy, and your cheeks glowed red from embarrassment, but people were laughing and cheering you on. 
When was the last time you even danced?
A loooong time, a voice at the back of your head replied.
“You have to make an animal noise!” Someone in the back reminded you. 
You rolled your eyes and turned to (Y/D/N), “Howl!” 
Weeks of training paid off as (Y/D/N) lifted back his head and started to howl. A long deep sound that you started dancing too. A few others followed your lead, and soon you had a large group of people boogie around (Y/D/N). 
Like some weird ritual, everyone started making strange howling noises and you couldn’t help but laugh. It was all so ridiculous! 
Finally, Mark hushed everyone and told them that it was time to back up. 
You said your goodbyes and clipped your dogs back on their leashes. 
Before you started walking home, someone gently touched your shoulder and you turned to face Mark. 
“It was really nice to meet you, (Y/T/N)” He said with a small smile. “I hope you come to the next meet-up.” 
“Of course!” You beamed, “And my name is (Y/N) by the way.” 
“It was a pleasure meeting you, (Y/N). We’ll have to meet up another time.” He winked at you and shouldered his bag, heading towards his car. 
You couldn’t help but smile and you quickly turned away so no one could see you blushing.

I’m gonna go to bed now! Hope you enjoyed!

Eruri Fic: Meat Boy

This is what happens if you get drunk in a Brazilian restaurant and Skype me at two in the morning. 

Side eyes @momtaku​ 

Oh and @birbwin​ may have had a hand in this too. Surprise surprise. 

Outrageous crack with added frog because it’s “not nonsense til you add a frog”.

Erwin knows he’s already had one too many caipirinhas but it doesn’t stop him accepting another when Mike calls for a third round.  The Brazilian churrascaria restaurant is loud and buzzing.  So is his head, and he can feel the heat and the cocktails flushing his cheeks.  Beside him, Hanji is yelling about something but he’s not really paying attention, his eyes keep drifting over to the server who’s been waiting at their table all evening.  He’s short, with a dark undercut, intense grey eyes and a noticeable lack of the “service with a smile” attitude normally required for these places.  In fact he looks like he’s barely tolerating their drunken antics and he scowls every time Erwin flips his stone over to green, though Erwin can’t help noticing his cheeks also glow an alluring shade of pink.  It may just be the heat, or the lighting or the last caphirina Erwin had, but it’s cute as hell.  He grins goofily at the man’s back.  Nice back.  His red shirt fits snuggly across his broad shoulders tapering to a narrow waist.  Before Erwin’s gaze can drift further south he’s startled by a particularly raucous burst of laughter from the table.  He refocuses and realises his friends all seem to be laughing at him.  

“What?”  he asks, bemused.

“Erwiiiiiiin!” Hanji screeches in his ear, “stop eye fucking the meat boy!”

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pjo femslash week: day 1

(theme: firsts | ship: pipabeth) DAMN I WROTE THIS AS SOON AS I HEARD ABT FEMSLASH WEEK,,, i can’t even remember if i proof-read it,,, oh well


Of course Piper would meet her soulmate under unfortunate circumstances. Of course she would. She couldn’t just - quietly spot the girl, and ask for her number; she couldn’t just strike up a conversation in a middle of a coffee shop, or something like that. No, Piper had to meet her soulmate by nearly mowing her down in the middle of the park, and then accidentally set five barking dogs on her.

Admittedly, the dogs were domestic, but still.

The girl untangled herself from the dog leads, which seemed to be a difficult process, since the dogs were still attached to the ends, and still running in circles. Piper rushed forward to help.

“Thanks,” said the girl, grinning ruefully as she finally got to her feet. “My bad.”

“Uh - no, no. Completely my fault. I lost control of them,” Piper stammered, suddenly awed by the girl’s casual beauty.

“I’m Annabeth.” The girl stuck her hand out. For an awful moment, Piper didn’t know what the hand was for, then she realised.

“Piper,” she said, shaking Annabeth’s hand perhaps a little too vigorously. “I mean - that’s my name. Piper.”

“Right.” Annabeth retracted her hand, shaking it a little, like it hurt. Oops. “Do you make a habit of taking five dogs everywhere you go?”

“Um, these aren’t mine. I’m a dog-walker. See?” Piper offered her card, internally cringing at her own behaviour.

Annabeth took it. “Piper McLean,” she read. “Expert dog-walker.” The cards weren’t very interesting, with Piper’s name, job, and number on a blank white background. She didn’t give them out often.

Annabeth tucked the card into her pocket. “These are lovely dogs,” she said, turning her attention to one of the pets.

“Her name is Peaches,” Piper blurted, pointing at the dog Annabeth was stroking.

“Hey, Peaches!” Annabeth scratched Peaches behind one fluffy ear, laughing at the dog leant into her touch.

“You have a way with them,” Piper said. Her mouth kept going without her permission, though: “Do you want to help walk them around the park?”

Annabeth looked up, surprised. “Uh… Sure, that sounds fun.”

The birds sang, the wind blew, and Piper was walking with a beautiful girl. It couldn’t have been a lovelier day. They talked about anything and everything - from college to cinemas to curry, and kept on chatting.

“Can I have your number?” Piper asked, at a suitable break in the conversation.

“Sure thing.” Annabeth pulled a biro out of her pocket and Piper offered up her hand. Annabeth scribbled a string of digits over Piper’s digits, her hair brushing Piper’s skin. It smelt good, like Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream, and coconuts.

“There,” said Annabeth, drawing back. “I have to go now, but…call me?”

“Absolutely,” Piper agreed. Annabeth turned and, apparently with some reluctance, trotted off across the park. At the gate, she threw Piper one last look over her shoulder; Piper smiled and lifted a hand in farewell.

She looked down at the number on her hand, and, even with the leads clutched in her grip, she did a little celebratory jig.

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Happy Halloween from AOMG’s resident cartoon Dad….xD Jay Park Jaebum…..hahah…he’s such a Simpsons head since forever, he finally get to become one! lol

And in conjunction of Halloween night, here’s a vid dump post of Jay in various states of wackiness to entertain you for five minutes. xD

When he became muhf*kg Jack Sparrow….

Jay Park the trot singer…..

Jay Park the doppleganger xD

Grandma Jay…..

the best one yet…..puppy Jay! cutest and he didn’t even know it. xD Thanks to Simon Dominic.

Because now is a good time as any to write onminkey travel au and yea its just onho for most of it kay? kay.

Minho wasn’t surprised when he heard the plate shatter. Jinki wasn’t clumsy, but just like every other person he had his moments. He expected to see the man come in to grab the dust pan and broom, but then he heard more shattering, the sound of plastic cups hitting the floor and wood against wood as if chairs were being moved. All at once, he was slowly walking out to see what was up when he heard Jinki’s gaps of his name. The quick, shuddered breaths, as his voice fought for volume.

“Min-Mi- MINHO!”

When he finally made it into their dining room the entirety of the table’s contents were scattered on the floor, knocked over, and the chairs weren’t in their positions. It was then he saw Jinki on the ground, one hand holding him up in a sitting position, the other clutching his chest. Minho rushed over and knelt, trying to figure out what was wrong. His hands were touching Jinki’s shoulders when the man looked up, eyes blown with panic as his chest huffed, “I can’t breathe! Mi-minho I can’t breathe,”

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the number of times seungkwan saved seventeen’s image

1) The time in One Fine Day when they were cooking samgyupsal and it got caught on fire. The only sensible thing to use was the beomdong to put the fire out. While holding the beomdong, Seungkwan bowed deeply and apologized to the beomdong ajummas for ruining it and wasting their hard work. 

2) While in the waiting room, a couple members play the game where they drink a mouthful of water (without swallowing) and try to make each other laugh. Not even 3 seconds pass, and all the boys are rushing to find a place to take cover in case they spit water out. Jeonghan (being the lazy ass he is) stayed seated and spat on the carpet (of course not on purpose). Seungkwan saw the accident and quickly covered the water stain with his feet. 

3) The members were playing a quiz game and the question was, “In One Fine Day, they sang ‘Unconditional,’ who is the singer? Seokmin forgot the surname of the famous trot singer, Park Sang Chul and wrote LEE Sang Chul instead. Lately people get bashed about this kind of stuff, but Seungkwan made Seokmin apologize and had him sing the famous trot. Since Seokmin sang it flawlessly, I think he was able to save his image. 

4) Seungkwan participated in the Duet Song Festival. He made it known to the public that he is a seventeen member. If you watched the performance, I’m pretty sure he also made it known to the public that seventeen is a talented group. 

5) I see this in andromeda episodes a lot, where the members are just being themselves and making ugly faces-seungkwan would cover part of their faces to save their image. 

6) When they were on Malitel, Seungkwan was working so hard to keep the atmosphere up and to keep things interesting and funny. When the first half of the broadcast was over and they were allowed to take a break, Seungkwan let out a be sigh of relief and all the members complimented him for doing a good job. This is an example how hard Seungkwan works and that how much the members rely on him. 

7) I am thankful for kwon sposhi all the time but hoshi’s neck is always on the line if the fans fall for it…but luckily seungkwan ALWAYS tries to save him. Remember when hoshi mentioned vernon’s feature in bumzu’s new song? Seungkwan switched it up to saw vernon’s feature in dom millis’ album. 

**Will add more, Seungkwan is so kind, the list is bound to grow. :) 

Broken (Sam x Reader)

Character: Sam x Reader (Neutral) 

Word Count: 2,180

Warnings: Arguing. Swearing. Blood. Angst. 

Request: I was wondering if I could do a one shot of Sam and the reader getting into a fight and she storms off on her motorcycle only to get into an accident and Sam finds her. 

Inspiration: Lifehouse - “Broken”

AN: I’m back from vacation! I go back to school on Tuesday, but I’m hoping that I’ll still be able to post at least twice a week. If y’all could let me know what you think of this (or any of my writings), whether it be through a comment or message, I’d really appreciate it :) thanks for reading!

- Megan


*Disclaimer* I have no affiliation with Lifehouse


Someone once said that there is no such thing as an accident. Rather, there is a purpose that has not yet been understood.

Apparently that person had never taken a step in your shoes.

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run like a rabbit, bloom like a rose

Is it still Stalia week? Even if it’s not, here’s a little something I thought of a couple months ago; twitter followers may remember me tweeting about it. Pure pwp.

It’s dark out by the time Stiles gets out of lacrosse practice, the sun long dipped past the horizon, air cold as they head into the last weeks of November. He shivers a little as he steps out of the school and into the chilly night air, body no longer steaming with warmth as it had been out on the field. He can see his breath as he heads toward the parking lot, pulling out his phone as he goes.

It’s the full moon tonight, and practice was rough; Liam’s still struggling with control, even though he’s gotten much better at it, and Stiles and Scott and Kira spent most of practice reining him in, giving him the security of pack. It’s Malia he’s worried about now; she got control of the shift months ago but she was acting weird all day; she snapped at Lydia — like, literally snapped her teeth, eyes flashing blue — when Lydia gently suggested she needed to study a bit more after getting a C- on her chemistry test, and she’d skittered aside with a growl when he’d tried to kiss her that morning. Something’s up.

Malia doesn’t answer the phone — she rarely does, even for him — so he sighs and leaves a message, pinning his phone between his ear and shoulder as he tries to unlock the jeep without having to put down his gym bag. “Hey, I just got out of practice. Did you still want to come over tonight? Just text me or something.”

He hangs up and tosses his phone on the passenger’s seat, then chucks his gym bag into the back. Stiles takes a moment to just sit, running a hand through his sweat-damp hair; he hadn’t showered after practice ended because he wasn’t sure if Malia was going to come over or not. She’s got this thing about smelling him, and she really seems to like it when he’s sweaty, especially after sex when they’re both covered in sweat, so he hadn’t showered tonight because it seemed like, oh, he doesn’t know — like a treat for her or something. It’s just uncomfortable now though, his clothes damp and his skin sticky. Stiles sighs and turns the key in the ignition.

It won’t start.

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