What your leftist ideology says about you.
  • Marxism-Leninism:You've probably defended the USSR in an internet argument. Everyone but you is sectarian and revisionist.
  • Left Communism:You offer no real solutions to anything except that everyone else is an idiot and should check their dialectics.
  • Democratic Socialist:You're still new to the whole "Marxism" thing but you're afraid to make a full commitment.
  • Anarcho-Syndicalism:You have a huge boner for the Wobblies and Republican Spain. Other leftists think you're kind of annoying.
  • Syndicalism:Same as anarcho-syndicalism but add in Daniel DeLeon into "things you get a boner for"
  • Luxemburgism:What Democratic Socialists become after they hit puberty.
  • Trotskyism:You like Lenin but you can't fucking stand how authoritarian Marxist-Leninists are. You're part of one of the dozen groups claiming to be the fourth internationale. All the other leftists make fun of you behind your back.
  • Maoism:The same as Marxism-Leninism but you're even more of a tankie somehow.
  • Social-Democrat:You truly believe you're a socialist but you're not. You get a raging hard on whenever someone says "Nordic Model". You probably vote democrat.
  • Post-Leftist:You're a pretentious white petty-bourgeois asshole. Get the fuck out of my office.

Former USSR Citizen Schools a Trotskyist History Student on Capitalism 

Lord, if this little idiot isn’t the typical Tumblr commie, I don’t know what is.
Writing by Women Socialists/Communists - Women's Marxist Library

An e-library with the purpose of providing Women who have an interest in Socialism and Communism with writings by Socialist and Communist Women. Particularly, Women of Color Socialist and Communist writers.

Please keep in mind I just threw this together like 3 minutes ago, I’ll keep adding stuff as I can retrieve it from my multiple computers and the internet.

The purpose of the library to me, isn’t to sway people to a particular tenet of communism but simply to raise awareness and inform people [especially women] about socialist/communist literature by women addressing women’s issues.

If you have anything you think should be included please feel free to shoot it to me via submission, ask or fanmail, especially if it’s in another language as I would really like to have more than just English resources. 

The worker who becomes a policeman in the service of the capitalist state, is a bourgeois cop, not a worker.
—  Leon Trotsky, FASCISM: What it is and How to Fight it