New Buttons for Trotcon! by *PixelKitties

Just a few weeks till Trotcon in Columbus OH and I’m rushing to get everything ready for my vendor table.  New prints, new book boxes, new decorative bottles, and these fancy new buttons will be available.  Free hugs and bare knuckle boxing also available upon request!

Anyhoo, these buttons represent some of the characters I wanted to get to last year but didn’t have the chance and a couple re-dos of previous characters that I wasn’t happy with.  I’ll post the full list of available buttons and other sundry items as June 14 draws closer.  

In the meantime, feel free to let me know what other character buttons you’d be interested in seeing, or other types of prints or merch period.  It’ll help me decide what to do next, and I’d much appreciate it!

Hope to see you all in Columbus!  

Hopefully you like music, because that’s what today’s announcement is about!

First on our list is Seventh Element, an electronic musician from central Illinois, coming onto the brony music scene in early 2012. He is known for his diversity in producing, jumping from genre to genre and sometimes in-between. He produces any manner of dubstep, drums and bass, house, chillout/downtempo, ambient, breakcore, and notably a touch of 80s styled synthwave. He has been composing music for five years, and found that composing pony related music was a total blast. Check out his music on SoundCloud and YouTube, and follow him on Twitter @7thElementMusic.

Let’s hear it for Additive Subtractive, supporting the hard and fast underground rave sound of the pony scene! Lots of energy and of fun surround a set from him and it’s guaranteed to tear the roof off. Most of his work is over 170 BPM, but if you’re lucky he might slow down for a moment so you can catch your breath… maybe! Have a browse through his work on SoundCloud, YouTube, and find him on Twitter @AS_PlusMinus.

With over 100 WIPs, tracks, and podcasts on SoundCloud, F3nning is one of the most prolific brony musicians out there. Capable of a wide range of electronic music (dubstep especially) in addition to making some great hip-hop and rap, F3nning is easily one of the most active and vocal bronies in the scene and has done a great job of building a rapport with his audience. He’s also active with the Equestrian Hype label and No Fallen Mare. You can listen to his repertoire on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and YouTube, and follow him on Twitter @F3nning.

We’ve got one more name for you, too! You’ve probably heard his covers, and you might recognize his voice from some of his other projects as well … we’d like to shout a welcome to Solrac! RAINBOW MY DEAR, I CANNOT EXPRESS MY DELIGHT! In addition to being LOUD, he’s also directing and starring in an upcoming animated series, Solrac Ventures, which will feature an all-star cast of bronies, including The Living Tombstone, Rina-Chan, and BlackGryph0n. If you’re the sort who enjoys LOUD NOISES, come join his panel at TrotCon. You can find Solrac on his YouTube channel, and on Twitter @SolracNG.

Are YOU an amazing musician who rocks the house? We bet you’d like to get a free badge with VIP benefits - sign up today to perform at TrotCon! We’re also still taking applications for artists, panelists, and staff, so there are plenty of ways to get involved.

Don’t have your badge yet? Register now and you’ll be saving 25% from the at-door rate, and on top of that, you’ll be helping fund the convention early on so that we can do bigger and better things!

Speaking of registering, we sure have been pretty darn quiet on what those sponsor badges will actually get you. If you caught last week’s news, you’ll no doubt be very interested in hearing that sponsors are entitled to a FREE autograph! On top of that, sponsors will be given higher line priority, both for events and at registration, so you can spend more time enjoying the convention and less time waiting. There’s plenty more to come as well, and quantities are limited, so get them while they’re hot!

P.S. Confused about how to pronounce “F3nning”? He’s posted an informational audio clip for reference.

Trotcon 2013

Said goodbye to everyone this morning, did fine. Dropped Amanda off at the airport, and got choked up in the car as I drove off. It just kinda hit me then that Trotcon was pretty much over (and listening to Florence + Machine likely wasn’t helping).

Trotcon Goodies:

  • Filly Applejack plushie
  • Buttons from Amanda, Dream, Rai, JJ, Pixelkitties, and other artists
  • Keychain, tarot cards, and a Baltimore/Bronycon map from Chocolatepony (totally going to use the map in August)
  • Keychain from Master Tortilla
  • A Redheart commission, a miniprint, and a bookmark from Aspendragon
  • A Redheart commission from Rai
  • A Redheart commission from JJ
  • Celestia print from Valcron/Dreatos
  • Doodle from Pirate Dash
  • OC commission from Amanda (you can just give it to me whenever)

Ended up with a lot more stuff than I thought I would get, but on to the more personal stuff.

Pirate Dash: Your driving, quite frankly, terrifies me, and I don’t really understand why you like golf so much, but you’re a good guy. We just need to get you an actual Dash plushie now.

Chocolatepony: Definitely want the other half of your tarot card deck, so I’ll pick that up for Bronycon. Wish you could have stayed around longer and played some more Cards Against Humanity with us, or gone to see the movie with us. Remind me to ask you for advice on Baltimore once Bronycon rolls around.

WillDrawForFood1: ur a fgt. Also set an alarm clock next time. Showing up at Wendy’s with everyone else in order to surprise you was one of the highlights of the con (seriously, the look on your face was priceless), and I didn’t know someone could eat an entire bucket of popcorn that quickly. You never cease to amaze, it would seem.

Rusty Nail: I really don’t know how or why you know so much about almost anything in existence, but I do appreciate your rather extensive knowledge of booze. Thanks for the beer and medical talks, and maybe we’ll bump into each other at another con some day.

Raikissu: You were a lot shorter than I was expecting. A lot. What you lack in size, though, you make up for in generosity and kindness. You’re such a sweetheart, and it’s almost sickening. Same goes for your sister. Really glad to have met you two.

Dream: DRAM. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect from you (even after all those skype chats and calls), but it was still really great to meet you, and I’m looking forward to hanging out with you again at Bronycon. Also you’re a butt.

Amanda: It was really, really great to see you again after we first met up in September of last year, and when we were doing our little toasts yesterday before Chocolatepony left, it was nice to know that I was one of the people who helped turn your Trotcon experience into something positive (and even memorable). Remind me to never end up on an island with you, though – I need to work on my own counter-strategy for that.

And now, I am going to bed. I’m running on 5 hours of sleep, and driving Amanda back to the airport was a bit of a struggle (especially because she could sleep and I couldn’t, FFFFFF).

Talk to you guys in a few hours.


Folks have been asking for size information on the book boxes, so here’s a quick rundown on just how big they are plus some pics with reference items.  I’ve still not settled on prices yet, I’m afraid. 

All sizes are in inches, Width, Height, Depth.  The first size is for the box as a whole, the second just for the inner box part.

Note that the gold bits aren’t quite as shiny in these pics.  They’re all covered in a protective plastic layer, but underneath they’re shiny shiny!

Large Box- 

    Outter Dimensions- 10.5" x 14" x 3.75"

    Inner Dimensions-   9.5" x 13" x 3"

Medium Box- 

    Outter Dimensions- 8.5" x 12" x 3"

    Inner Dimensions-   7.5" x 10.75" x 2.5"

Small Box- 

    Outter Dimensions- 6.5" x 9.75" x 2.5"

    Inner Dimensions-   5.5" x 8.5" x 1.75"

I used some regular, brushable-size ponies, a comic book, Blind Bag box and trading cards for scale. 

Note that the gold bits aren’t quite as shiny in these pics.  They’re all covered in a protective plastic layer, but underneath they’re shiny shiny!

All three sizes nest inside each other.  You can put all kinds of things inside!

Finally, for those who missed the update on the Box deviation page, I’m going to try and offer a set or two between Trotcon and Bronycon, prolly sometime in July.  I’ll make a post about it once I’ve got them ready to ship.  I AM willing to ship worlwide, but be aware that postal rates in the US are kind of nuts right now, so it’s probably going to be a bit pricey sending them outside the continental US.  

Hope these help!  Thanks everyone for all the really great feedback and interest in the books!

Super Late Trotcon Swag Post

A wide angle shot to get in all the swag and splendor accumulated at the recently concluded Trotcon 2013.

A complimentary Official Bronycon Map from Chocolate Pony, being held open by most of the blindbag figures I obtained over the weekend. I could not pass up Zecora, Applebloom, T-1000 Rarity, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE, and all the stallions I could buy (Gonna try some painting!)

A GREAT AND POWERFUL CHUBBIE! Also One Bit, A Celestia Butt-Tattoo Lapel Pin, a Sweetie Belle Pin, an Applejack Pin, a Peanut Bucker pin, and a Derpy Chubbie Pin.

The Rusty Nail Annotated “Spirited Discussion Official Pony Drinks List” from the Trotcon Spirited Discussion Panel, a Gilda the Gryphon con-badge, and the front of the Trotcon handbook.

My Princess Celestia Flask (PRAISE THE SUN!), My Pre-Reg Pass, the back of the handbook, a Breaking Babs postcard from PixelKitties, and a gorgeous Derpy Keychain from Tortilla.

Catbutt and Surprise Blindbag figures; and the Third Place Trotcon 2013 Speedfiction winning entry “It Was a Beautiful Day in Ponyville” (Known to the judges panel as “That Ovipositor Submission”)

An absolutely breathtaking set of 11 of the Major Arcana, given to me by Chocolate Pony, for helping with his table, and for doing tarot readings for customers of his in Artists Acres.

Twilight and Smartie, in the style of Watterson; drawn by WillDrawForFood1, and an absolutely adorable Rusty Nail holding aloft a refreshing beverage by Raikissu. Also, a Trotcon Postcard by Pixelkitties.

Rusty Nail, drawn by John Joseco. Nothing more needs be said.

Until next time, y'all.


Convention Announcement!

Next weekend I will be on hiatus because of TrotCon! I’ll be manning a table with a friend or two and we’ll be selling plushies and prints! We should be straight ahead as you walk in the artist alley! Our booth is called “Niftey’s Nook”. Idk the table number right now, but it should be in the pamphlet you get when you walk in.

I can’t think of any more info to include right now, but I’ll include more later if I think of it! I’ll repost this Friday morning too!

TrotCon is proud to bring you the widely talented Lee Tockar!

Lee’s been fairly actively lately with Fanbuilt, which you’ve probably heard about by this point. In a nutshell, Fanbuilt is a virtual animation studio for creative minds to collaborate on projects. You can watch the introductory video on YouTube for a great description of what it’s all about.

Of course, you might also know Lee from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as the voices of Steven Magnet, Snips, and a number of other characters. He’s also voiced for a wide range of other titles over the years, including Pucca, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Stargate: Infinity, and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Check out his IMDb profile for the whole impressive list.

At TrotCon this summer, Lee will be talking in detail about Fanbuilt, his voice work, the other projects he’s been involved with, and more. He’ll also be signing autographs for $15 each.

You can follow @LeeTockar and @Fanbuilt on Twitter, and check out Lee’s website at

But wait, there’s more! Heather Breckel, the colorist for the official MLP:FIM comic series, will also be joining us. While most of the focus on the comics thus far has been on writer Katie Cook and artist Andy Price, Heather’s top-notch coloring work truly brings the comic to life.

The Round Stable recently posted an insightful interview which might serve as a preview of the sorts of things she’ll be discussing this summer. You can find Heather on our artists’ panel, where she will be talking about the comics, as well as some of the more technical aspects of colors and design.

You can find Heather Breckel on DeviantArt, Twitter, and via her own website.

We’ll also see the return of our resident Professor Farnsworth impersonator and colorful equine artist WillDrawForFood1. He’s the creator of the popular Ask Surprise tumblr, and he’ll be on our artists’ panel, as well as doing some crazy voices and drawing crazy things. (He also drew the awesome art up at the top of this post.) You can find him on DeviantArt, and now also on Twitter @ToonZach.

If you’re interested in one of our $100 sponsor badges, now is probably a great time to get one – we will be posting details about sponsor’s perks in the coming weeks, and we’re sure that once we do, they’re going to go fast. Quantities are limited, so get ‘em while they’re hot. Of course, you don’t have to spend that much to attend: our regular badges are still a great deal at $30. Register!

Last but not least, as a reminder, applications are open for panelists, artists, and musicians! We’re planning on having a schedule packed full of pony for the whole weekend, so if you have an awesome talent that you’d like to share at TrotCon, don’t be shy, apply!