Dear Drinkers, 


with your hosts

@piratedashmod, @techmomma, and yours truly! 

Catch us at @trotcon this weekend for trivia, goofing off, and some good ol’ fashioned drinking! We’ll be auctioning off drinks created by Equestria’s premier and one of a kind bartender to raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation! All of the proceeds from the auction will be donated. 

Also featuring drinks based on the blogs of @ask-wiggles, @askmovieslate, and @askdiscordwhooves

Cash and card will be accepted at the auction!

Want to help out? Send me an IM if you’d like to donate towards the initial budget for the supplies and ingredients (ONLY IF YOU’RE 21+ it is illegal for minors to assist in purchasing alcohol). 

Coming to Trotcon? Contact me if you’d like to bring and donate a bottle of alcohol from our menu to assist in raising funds!


One Bon Bon and one Lyra for your background horse sticker needs. Since everyone and their mother ships these two I thought I’d make them interact a little bit, but they still work great standalone.

Last new sticker for trotcon/bronycon should be Derpy, and then I get to spend hours at a time hand cutting these things haha.. hah…

Dear Drinkers,

One year ago I met a man who would become an incredibly dear friend to me. He took me by the hand and led me into a group of friends with open arms and almost immediately I felt as if I’d known them for years. He introduced me to the first alcoholic drink I ever enjoyed. He was the best ‘bodyguard’ I ever had. He helped me to realize that taking medication for my anxiety, depression, and PTSD wasn’t a sign of weakness. He introduced me to @techmomma and @kajeaynart who have quickly become some of my favorite people.

One year ago while we sat in the Trotcon lobby, he mentioned to me that he wanted to run a panel on alcoholic drinks but didn’t get the space. Rusty passed away in March and never got to have his chance to try again. Standing in the parking lot of the funeral home after his service, I thought about the conversation we had. So we decided to do it for him.

With help from @techmomma, @kajeaynart, and @piratedashmod we ran a panel where we raised money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and created a number of the original cocktail recipes that he was known for to give to those who donated the highest amount. The highest bid was $120 for a single drink based on @ask-wiggles 'a Coffee Talk. Rusty Nail was and remains an incredible force of good in this world, which is why I am proud to say that the Rusty Nail Memorial Happy Hour has raised over $1,300 USD that will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

So thank you all, those who donated and those who helped to spread the word. Raise your glasses tonight, be kind, do some good, and love with all your hearts.

Goodnight, Rusty’s dearest drinkers, and rest well.

Dear Drinkers,

Thank you to everyone at Trotcon and beyond who helped make this happen! The original email might have been addressed to me, but I thought I’d make a couple key changes with some simple photoshoppy cantrips to honor everyone who took part in the event and preserve the privacy of our dear friend. 

It started as an idea to honor Rusty Nail in a way that felt sincere to him and grew and fell together in a way that I couldn’t have expected. This little ‘Drink Auction’ of cocktails he created turned into two hours of nonstop fun. I went into this hoping at the very least to raise enough money to offset the cost of the ingredients for the auction and instead we all were floored by the amazing acts of generosity that the patrons of the Pony Keg offered. In the end, we raised $1,400 to donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!

So once again, I’d like to thank everyone who helped here, both those who came to the event and some very special people who went above and beyond-

@acaciaride @theamishpirate @llimus @captainhoers  -For Donating ahead of time to the panel funds to help offset the cost of the ingredients we needed! That helped a TON guys, more than you know!

@ask-wiggles - For offering her art as an incentive to have others donate to the cause, many thanks friendo!

@black-onyx-star -For going completely out of his way during the first day of the con to shop for and donate a TON of ingredients for the panel AND for donating during the event. You rock dude!

Lee Tockar (Twitter- @leetockar) -The man himself! For not only coming to the panel, but for being an all around good dude, interacting with the livestream guests, donating to the cause, and doing a fantastic toast for our dearly departed.

THOSE GUYS AT THAT ONE TABLE YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE (Twitter- @BerryTube) -You all were the life of the party and I’m still not entirely convinced that you weren’t a group manifestation of the Greek god Dionysus on the mortal plane come to pay respects to a Premier Bartender because REALLY.

AND last but definitely not the least, 

@techmomma - Rusty’s dearest, an excellent panel host, and someone who I’d put in my best friend category and cover in affection whenever it’s needed. Your hard work and dedication, not only as a friend and to this event, but to Rusty is really what made the sincerity of it true in every aspect. 

@kajeaynart - Another dear bestie who I’ve come to love. An absolute joy to be around and another excellent panel host. From what I’ve heard, Church attendance has skyrocketed thanks to you because of your advice to those sinners during Quiplash. Y’all need Jesus.

@piratedashmod - For helping to secure the time and space for the panel, giving us time to speak during both the opening and closing ceremonies, for the transportation of delicious drink ingredients and your work in purchasing them, and of course, for being a good sport and host when the going got tough and the tough got roasted. Lots of laughs were had, and we wouldn’t have had them without you.

Plus,  Batender for the night, Jay. You did Rusty’s recipes the justice they deserved and this event wouldn’t have been the same without you. Thank you so much for lending us your time and experience!

And definitely for all of those who donated during the panel and afterwards, one big giant THANK YOU to all of you! We’ll see you next year!

A Vinyl Scratch with a little hip hop twist. She’s probably bumpin that Mura Masa shit, I know I was when I was drawing her. I’m actually really happy with this one, hopefully y'all like it too. It’ll be a sticker for Trotcon and Bronycon as well, so I got you covered Vinyl fans.

All your Sweetie Belles in one convenient image.

This is an update to my old Sweetie collage, this one has significantly more Sweetie Belle. The last one had 32 unique Sweeties, this one has 94. Godspeed if you try to count them all. This is actually only around half of the total Sweetie Belles I have lying around, but most of them are quite old so I didn’t think they looked too nice. Anyways, next time I update this thing I think I’ll stick to only the drawings of solo Sweetie Belle, as much as I like the peppering of Apple Bloom I can’t help but feel like it’d be a bit more Bobdude if it were only the Belle. Or maybe I should only have it be Sweetie and Bloom and no other horse? Which is more Bobdude? Bah.

This design will appear on some crazy big 60x80 inch plush fleece blankets for EFNW, trotcon, and bronycon. That’s right, *60x80*. The print file for this collage is a whopping 8.9 gigabytes, 432 million pixels. had to get me my 300 dots per inch. And yes I’m bringing back the plush fleece, regular fleece had a nice heavy build and it printed very well, but I had more than one person at BABS pass on em cause they didn’t like the material. If I had just washed them beforehand the starchy fresh printed feeling wouldn’t have been around but I didn’t have that kind of foresight… Bit nervous about these ones too, since they’re so big and they’re a special plush, they’re *not* cheap to print so I’m really taking a leap on this one.

Anyways, enjoy a fresh collage. More Sweetie Belles are always on the way!

“You’re the best teacher ever!”

Cheerilee is a massively underrated horse, she’s 2cute. Also she has the same pink as Sweetie’s mane and anything that shares anything with Sweetie is good in my book. Made it kinda tough to differentiate the characters colors though, ah well I did my best.

You’ll be able to find this design as a sticker for Trotcon and Bronycon!

Okay so I lied to you guys earlier when I said that Derpy was the last trotcon sticker, I’m sneaking this one in there too. Also, apologies for the absence this past week, I went back to the parent’s place for a while for fourth of july. (I wanted to draw a Sweetie firing off some rifle with a giant american flag behind her but ah well, maybe next year lol)

Anyways have some Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Glad I finally got around to drawing these two, I’ve always really liked them