Mod is still trying to catch up on sleep from Bronycon, but we forge ahead to the next con!

This weekend we’ll be heading to Trotcon in Columbus, OH for three days of more pony fun!  Once again, I’ll be a guest at Trotcon, along with running numerous panels and a vending table again.  If you didn’t catch me at Bronycon, pick up some of my prints, buttons, badges, and the TSSSF PD cards at Trotcon!  Some of the supplies are limited, because turnaround time in between cons on back-to-back weekends is only a couple days.  GO FIGURE!

So what will be happening on the numerous panels?

  • Opening Ceremonies - Self-explanatory
  • Behind the Artist - Your favorite artists talk about how to art
  • Tumblrpon Q&A - Tumblrpon mods like @ask-king-sombra, @askspirit, and more answer your questions!
  • The Punanel - Do I even need to explain this one?
  • Sketchy Friends - Show up and draw sketches with friends.
  • Poncast Reunion - @chocolatepony and I reunite under our former podcast name.  Choco will talk about how the fandom is escapism.  I will smile and nod.
  • The King Pirate Power Hour - The mods of Ask King Sombra and Ask Pirate Dash answer all your questions.  About anything.  SPECIAL SURPRISE AT THIS ONE SO DON’T BE LATE!
  • Closing Ceremonies - Come say good bye.

Hope to see everyone there at Trotcon this weekend!


Hey everyone! Just wanted to show you all what I’ve been up to recently!

Trotcon is right around the corner, and I’ve gotten my hands on some of Zecora’s Potion stock to sell! Click on the pictures for the captions and descriptions of each item! Each bottle comes in different sizes and can be bought as a charm or necklace. Limited amounts.

I’ll be selling at Booth 42A a Trotcon in Columbus and booth 209 at Bronycon in August! Hope to see you there!

azure-quill  asked:

*rises from hibernation* *looks at dash* Oh sweet heavens.. that "joke" went out of control fast... To ask something more pleasant: Have you ever been to Germany/Bavaria, or alternatively, ever eaten german food?

Yes to the latter. There was a German restaurant I went to during Trotcon last year. It was so good.

Many thanks to @theghostlymuse for taking us there.

As I prepare for 2017, here is a list of all the conventions that I have spoken to so far in my career! I’m looking forward to more panels this year!

Confirmed attending (panels pending):

  • Fur the ‘More, April 28-30, Tysons Corner, VA
  • Anthrocon, June 29-July2, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Bronycon,  August 11-13, Baltimore, MD 
  • Geek Girl Con, September 30-October1, Seattle, WA
  • Beach City Con, October 13-15, Virginia Beach, VA


  • Trotcon, July 14-16, Columbus, OH
  • Potterverse, September 8-10, Baltimore, MD

If you’d like me to attend anything else, please let me and your convention planners know!


Trotcon was pretty great. I got to meet some nice people, hang out with some artists, and I was able to actually draw something. I really had fun not only at the convention but drawing this picture for @askpiratedash. I also gave some pictures away that I thought others would appreciate such as @askrustynail and that one blog that is now ask somboom aka @ask-wiggles. I received some great feedback as well. I hope I get to do this again soon.

Hello everyone! To those of you going to Trotcon, I was asked to make Final Fantasy themed pony buttons that are going to be sold there over the weekend. 

If you’re interested, they will be sold at Table 27 by J&K Crafting!

I hope you all have lots of fun at the con!
The World's Cutest Brony


This makes it all worth it.

Indulge me for a moment if you will, because there’s a lot to this.

I cannot properly explain how stressed I was in the weeks leading up to Trotcon this year. Many of my close friends will tell you how much the last few months have burnt me out on the fandom as a whole. How I believed that the bad out-weighed the good.

I asked myself on more than one occasion “Why do I put myself through all this?”

And yes, Trotcon from my end (as a staffer) was very stressful, but by the time the con was over and I saw how happy all this hard work made people and how nothing had actually gone terribly wrong, I do feel like my faith was restored. I heard praise upon praise for the attitude the convention had and how positive and forward the fans were, attendes and staff alike.

But this story does not end there.

As I said, I did wonder for quite some time why I continue to identify with a group that is looked upon the way it is. Yes, I did feel reassured that there truly is far more good in this fandom than there is bad, but there is still that lack of outside understanding.

Case in point:

Three weeks ago, I received an angry note on my car referring to bronies with unsavory and grotesque terms I do not wish to repeat. I tried not to think about it, as I’ve heard this kind of sentiment before, and shrugged it off as a harmless prank attributed to someone who doesn’t have anything better to do than pass their anger and frustration off onto others.

Then, after an eight hour drive back home from Trotcon, I pulled into my home at 1:30 AM Monday, and awoke for work a mere six hours later.

In that short time span, someone had slashed my two left tires and gouged/keyed three of the doors, my trunk, and the left front and back panel of the body. My mother’s car was directly next to mine and unharmed.

I can only assume this to be a deliberate attack on me because of a small Pinkie Pie sticker next to my license plate singling me out as a brony. I hope it is just local random vandals, but there’s a but too much coincidence for me to shrug it off as being no connection.

Now, please rest assured the police are involved and my safety is not at risk. Unfortunately I only have liability insurance and had to replace the tires out of my own pocket to the tune of $550 (which was slightly eased by a gracious $250 gift certificate to the local tire shop my boss gave me), but repairs to the body damage, sadly, are not in my budget or necessary.

Still, I can’t help but look at the marks in my car and see them as scars there to remind me what the world thinks of me for being a brony. And as quickly as Trotcon restored my faith in how wonderful and joyous this fandom is, my mind immediately went back to ‘Why do I let myself go through this? Why do I choose to be a brony when this is how the world treats us?’

And immediately I thought of the moment in the video above. As I sat in the autograph room between Peter New and M.A. Larson’s table, this little girl who I estimate at 5 years old ran in and started bouncing up and down as she made it to Peter’s table. She dumped out a mess of miniature size pony toys she was carrying and proclaimed how she had gone 'pony crazy’ today. I started shooting the video while she was spelling out her name for Peter’s personalized autograph.

She then took the print and immedately started pointing out the characters she recognized, starting with the most minor of the characters, Smarty Pants. As my phone cut out and the video ended, she gathered her toys from the table and hopped over to Andrea Libman’s, eager to share her own impression of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.

This little girl melted my heart. She reminded me what we all do this for.

Because it makes us happy.

It makes us 'pony crazy’.

And this.

This makes it all worth it.