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Best BTS vlog yet. 



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hi!! could you possibly ship me with bts? I'm 4'11. I have blue/green eyes & long blonde hair. I play soccer. I'm kinda shy whenever I first meet people but after I get to know them or feel comfortable I can be kinda "loud-ish" & hyper & sarcastic & kinda talkative. i can be kinda 4d. I like to tease my friends (playfully of course nothing to EVER hurt their feelings). I love to read, write, watch hockey & sleep. People say I'm funny & trustworthy & making ppl laugh is one of my fav things

another taehyung victim lol seriously you guys are the best I ship you with famous trot singer kim taehyung

"I gained strength from TVXQ's support" says by Moon Hui Ok
The trot singer Moon Hui Ok was able to have her perfect performance with the help of boy band TVXQ’s support. Moon Hui Ok had shown her great talent by singing “The Joyful Sound of the Triangle” on the broadcast of tvN’s Opera Star that had begun it airing at 11pm on the 16th.
In her per…