trot lovers

signs as kdrama scenes

aries: orange marmalade

taurus: monstar

gemini: page turner

cancer: page turner

leo: boys over flowers

virgo: boys over flowers

libra: moorim school

scorpio: page turner

sagittarius: trot lovers

capricorn: high school: love on

aquarius: who are you: school 2015

pisces: who are you: school 2015

Like or re-blog if you have watched or currently watching any of these Kdrama (2014):

  • Cunning Single Lady
  • Doctor Stranger
  • Emergency Couple (aka Emergency Man and Woman)
  • Fated To Love You (aka You Are My Destiny)
  • High School: Love On
  • Hotel King
  • It’s Okay, That’s Love
  • Marriage, Not Dating
  • My Love From the Star
  • Surplus Princess (aka The Mermaid)
  • The Joseon Gunman
  • The Night Watchman
  • You’re All Surrounded (aka We Have You Surrounded)
  • Triangle
  • Trot Lovers

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A very special thanks to shura for making this gifset for us!

Can we all just talk about how happy Jung Eunji probably is while filming Trot Lovers?

1. She gets to sing to her heart’s content.

2. She gets to work with cuties everywhere. 

3. And seriously like 75% of all her scenes involve her eating… 

…And eating…

…And eating.