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A got another one. If Marco had survived Trost, would have Jean also gone to de Military Police (I think you said Marco would still join the MP)? If so, when Marlo & Co joined the Scouting Legion, would any of them go too?

Yeah, Jean would’ve gone too.


Star Wars Saga, by Destiny Trost.

My SW boner won’t go away now.


Star Wars Saga trailer by Dylan Trost.

I haven’t seen this before, and it’s pretty fantastic. 

chromemist  asked:

You said you originally had planned for Marco to die later in the series... How did you originally have it planned, and would Jean have gone into the MP since Marco's death in Trost was his reason for joining the SC?

I threw it over cause it didn’t make that much sense, so there’s no real reason to publish that

How to make me cry instantly… :’(((((

I can just hear the music in the back ground of this scene, and feel Eren’s pain, reaching for something he can never reach, always reaching for Armin, always, (just like at Trost, with the same outstretched hand), and he can’t even transform or do anything about it, it’s just him in desperation, again, reverting to a child again, back to that day he lost his mom, back to that sense of helplessness as he’s carried away from his loved one, right there before him, waiting for death, it’s that pain all over again, except along with that pain is also the loss of hope for humanity, and for his future…

PHEW good thing he lived after all, right?!^^’
Social conservative MP Brad Trost joins federal Conservative leadership race, will defend party's right flank
Trost, 42, is an outspoken anti-abortionist and self-declared 'uncompromising defender of traditional marriage,' who He fought to keep the party’s definition of marriage as “the union of one man...

Social conservative MP Brad Trost has officially jumped into the federal Conservative leadership race.

The longtime backbench MP is selling himself as “100% conservative” and someone willing to stand up and defend the right flank of the party, especially when it comes to divisive social issues.

Trost, 42, is an outspoken anti-abortionist and self-declared “uncompromising defender of traditional marriage.He fought vigorously, but unsuccessfully, at the Conservative national convention in May to keep the party’s definition of marriage as “the union of one man and one woman.”

He will use his leadership campaign to appeal to social conservatives and other members who might feel like the Conservative party and certain leadership candidates have been abandoning some of their core principles for political expediency.

“Brad Trost is a genuine, principled conservative — a 100% conservative — who believes that Canadians are concerned about their families and deserve leaders who respect them and who can speak for them on ALL the important issues of the day,” says Trost’s new leadership website, launched Tuesday.

Trost, the member of Parliament for Saskatoon-University, is now the sixth declared candidate in the Conservative party’s leadership race, joining MPs Maxime Bernier, Kellie Leitch, Michael Chong, Tony Clement and Deepak Obhrai.

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  • Er:wieso ritzt du dich
  • Ich:Du verstehst nicht warum ich mich Ritze?..ich versuche es dir zu erklären.kennst du das Gefühl unter vielen Leuten dich alleine zu fühlen? Wenn du dich jede Sekunde einsam und traurig fühlst? Das Gefühl wenn du Blüten musst,weil du verlernt hast zu weinen? Und du den Trost in der Klinge suchst.dieses schreckliche Gefühl wenn du den Tod rufen hörst..und du nichts lieber würdest als zu sterben. Dieses Gefühl wenn du jeden Tag gegen dich kämpfen musst um nicht nach der Klinge zu greifen. Und jedesmal wieder versagst. Dieses Gefühl lachen zu müssen und du sagen musst das es dir gut geht..und wenn irgendjemand deine Narben sieht du eine Ausrede erfinden musst..wenn du es hasst zu lügen,dir aber nichts anderes übrig bleibt. Dieses Gefühl wenn jemand sagt " ich versteh dich" und du kotzen könntest,weil seine Augen etwas anderes sagen. Dieses Gefühl wenn du genau weist das andere über dich reden. Wenn Sie Dinge wie "sie ist verrückt" oder " sie will doch eh nur Aufmerksamkeit" sagen. Dabei willst du doch nur jemanden der dich wirklich versteht. Und jeder Schnitt ein Hilferuf ist. Das Gefühl dich selbst zu hassen,und dich für deine Narben zu schämen. Ich denke nicht das du dieses Gefühl kennst. Also bitte frag mich nicht noch einmal warum ich das tue, denn du wirst es eh niemals verstehen.