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A LOT of Ereri/ Riren Fanfictions

Varrying between one/two shots, canon au’s, modern au’s, all kinds of au’s, mostly multichapter with THOUSANDS of words of sin and fluff~ (WARNING: Some may be unfinished but none are abandoned (or at least don’t say they’re abandoned :/ ))

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Recommended Authors:












SimplySeirin (SimplyTsundere)

I own absolutely none of these fics by the way! [Except one… ;)] GIVE THESE AUTHORS AND FICS THE LOVE THEY DESERVE

Spoiler, we are getting a canon same-gender couple this season who are in love, and Dirk Gently is going to root for them, is going to help them, however doubtful he is of his own powers this season, is going to generally think it’s awful that they’re being kept apart, and he’s going to turn to Todd and smile when they get their happy ending

Quel che non c'è più.

C'è profumo

di tigli


e di ricordo





le stelle

nel freddo

della sera,

e il silenzio

dei grilli

è assordante.


Si piegano

i rami

al vento,

e nella notte

le foglie

sì fanno


Okay, here’s the thing- I want Panto to flirt with Dirk, and I want Dirk to be flustered/flattered and seemingly enjoying the attention (even if he’s not actually into the guy). I want Todd to be absolutely certain that Dirk’s digging the hot bubblegum prince. And then I want the ‘AU fanfiction episode’ to be a musical (maybe Buffy style where no one can control what they’re singing), and I want Todd to burst into this:

And I want Dirk to be confused AF because a) who are you singing about I don’t fancy anyone?? and b) YOU fancy ME?!, and for Todd to be embarrassed and run away. And Dirk wanders round confused for a long, long time before bumping into Panto, who (having noticed that Dirk’s in love with Todd because it’s so obvious) bursts into the exact same song. Penny drops, Dirk politely turns down Panto and tracks down Todd, and he’s both nervous/delighted because OhGodOhGodToddLikesMe and also so fucking amused because really Todd? You thought I was interested in HIM? Do I have to hit you in the face with an ‘I like you’ brick?, and it’s really cute and awkward and they both know now and it’s sweet and they link fingers by the campfire, not making a big deal out of it or anything, and Dirk doesn’t think it’s the magic spell making him want to burst into song right at this moment.

Basically what I’m saying is don’t be fooled by all the Dirk/Panto headcanons I’ve been posting- I am still Brotzly Trash #1 and I am very much enjoying using this pretty new character as a shameless plot device in all my crackiest get-together headcanons and y’all can’t stop me.

anonymous asked:

(1/2) now i'm just laughing because of that post you made about panto using dirk because i'm imagining, after the Big Reveal, when dirk is heart broken about panto and todd is fucking Livid there's this face off between panto and todd, and todd has no weapons and no training and panto is this anime prince knight. and right when the tension is about to break and the fight is going to begin todd takes off his shoe and fucking punts it at panto. farah throws todd a stick and he just hits panto

(2/2) just whacking him with a stick even when he’s curled up on the ground and yelling at him about how he shouldn’t have fucked with dirk and panto is both in pain and so incredibly flummoxed that this 5'6 frail guy is managing to beat the shit out of him

If Todd begins the big final showdown with Panto by lobbing his shoe in his face I will fucking pISS MYSELF and also the idea makes me think of this scene from a Jack and Dean sketch which I can’t find a gif of so here’s my own very artistic comparison:

Do not eat shampoo, even if it's got fruit on it.

Just want to put this out here: I can relate to Bart drinking the shampoo on a spiritual level.
I once had a shampoo with berries on it, blueberries to be exact, and it smelled so delicious? Like, imagine the smell of these fruit candy things together with fresh blueberries and a bit of honey.
And I just had to know what it tasted like. So I put some on my hand and in my mouth and let me tell you: This was the most disgusting thing ever. (And this comes from a person who ate dog food for ten bucks).
To this day, when I see shampoo I can still taste it.
But the worst thing was that I was in the hospital during this time and I couldn’t get a new shampoo bottle, so I had to use it every day and the smell nearly made me throw up? Just the memory of it… Ewww.

The moral of the story: No matter how delicious shampoo smells/looks like, DO NOT EAT IT. Or drink it, idk, would shampoo be considered a food or a drink?

Anyways. I feel really sorry for Bart. She’ll never see shampoo the same way she did before. Welcome in the club, sister.


Alright Guys so you see this? This is the lightning that came from the Colossal Titan right before he appeared. I think this might have something to do with the paths that was made in Chapter 88, that the lightning is a literal titan path that comes directly from the ‘Devil of the Earth’ creature we saw in Chapter 86. 

Notice how the trees in the background bend in weird directions and encircle both Ymir and the Devil. Now the one thing I’m not so sure of is that this creature is described as the ‘Devil of the Earth’ and we can clearly see that the lightning strikes down from the sky like normal lightning does. I’m not sure if that breaks this theory or not but moving on. We also see that Eren calls upon his Titan power the same way.

He bites his hand and greenish-orange lightning emerges before his Titan form physically appears. Now what’s interesting is that we’ve seen this type of lightning before. When Mikasa had her awakening. 

It encircles her and then gives her immense strength, way more than a nine year old child should be able to posses. 

In the above panels we see a spark next to her brain. Then a shot of the paths making up the inside of her brain and then strength flowing to her hand. Isayama doesn’t put in unnecessary manga panels. This panel of her brains path I think relates to the ‘path of titans’ and the fact that in the anime they use the same colored lightning for both Mikasa’s awakening and titan transformations. One small caveat as that the manga doesn’t show her surrounded by lighting like the anime does but it’s been stated on record that Isayama asked the anime team to add things to certain scenes that he wished he added in the manga. I think its entirely possible that this was one of those requested features. Why? Mikasa has titan blood in her body.  

Look at this lingering shot of the floorboard after the whole ordeal. The thing is wrecked. I think Isayama is trying to emphasize how unnatural the events that just occurred are. They are supernatural.

So at least 1 of the 9 founding titans is unaccounted for and there’s this theory going around that the Ackerman bloodline is a the last titan. That that titan split itself amongst the Ackermans, much in the same way Ymir split herself into the 9 founding titans and that the Ackermans have a more concentrated titan blood giving them immense strength without the need to transform. But this doesn’t happen at birth. Much like how Eren had his Titan powers for 5 year but awakened at the battle of Trost (which indicates to me that he has 13 not 8 years to live as he wasn’t using his regenerative abilities yet so they weren’t doing damage to his body but I digress). I also think this idea is supported by the fact that the if a titan dies it’s power will go to a random baby. So that baby dies when it’s 13? Nah son that just not viable. It’s 13 years after the first transformation


Mikasa awakened her titan like strength at the age of 9. Kenny and Levi both confirm they had similar awakening experiences. 

Each titan has a special ability. And as we established in chapter 88 they all have specific names. ‘Armored Titan’ ‘Colossal Titan’ ‘Attack (on) Titan’ (i still don’t think ‘Female Titan’ would be an official name seeing as Titans can go to babies at random which to me also indicates random sex, I think Annie’s titan might be named ‘Screaming Titan’ or “Crystal Titan or something like that). What if the ability of the (for lack of a better word) ‘Ackerman Titan’ was somehow being able to block its path from the other titans? Aka to be the real ‘Rouge Titan’ and could ignore the orders of the coordinate? If the Ackermans were meant to be the king’s sword and shield then to me that indicates that Ackerman Titan split itself into the clan before the walls fell. But still fought by the side of the king against the Marley until the forming of the walls were their free will than became a liability and they were persecuted. Or maybe the Ackerman Titan and the king had tension during the war and it could sense that the king might turn on it so it split itself into its people so that king couldn’t kill it and have it be eaten by a more loyal subject. 

I’ll admit this is the part where we get into some wilder speculation.

BUT ANYWAY. The point of this whole thing is that there is more to Mikasa than meets the eye. She has just heard some terrible news that her two closest friends, her family practically will leave her soon. She’ll be alone again so I think she’s going to do something about it.  

There’s this interesting hand gesture Mikasa keeps doing whenever she loses family. 

She has just lost Carla and touches her head in pain. She says ‘That again’ like its familiar. She is most likely referring to a similar pain she felt when her parents died. 

And again here she has just lost Eren. She says ‘this again’. Also narrative writing 101 tells me that whenever a character says ‘No it’s nothing’ means it’s ABSOLUTELY SOMETHING. 

And then finally she is seen here holding her head looking at Armin’s dying body. 

So here’s what I think. I think Mikasa has the ability to physically feel the paths that connect all of Ymir’s people. Again that panel of the inside of her brain during her awakening feels pretty significant to me. When someone she is close with leaves her she can feel their path being ripped away and it causes her to have a headache. But I think this is just the passive part of her ability I think she can do more with that and here is where we go REALLY OFF THE RAILS.

So latest manga chapter Mikasa hears that her two closest family are on borrowed time and will die in 13 years. So do you think Mikasa is going to take that lying down?


Full credit to falcon94ssy’s post ‘SNK 88 thoughts Eldian Tree’ and it’s commentary about Mikasa in the 5 stages of grief. This is blatant copying and expanding that theory. 

Right now she is in denail. But something is going to happen soon where Mikasa will fully understand the extent of her powers and use it to call back the Devil of the Earth and demand to take back the titan powers. The coordinate might be able to send messages through the paths but what if Ackertitans are the only ones who can talk back to the original titan? 

Like I’m totally picturing Mikasa  shooting her arm in the air, summoning the Titan lightning having it shoot into the ground in front of her and then having the Devil of the Earth emerge from that spot and starring her down. Then having Mikasa give some epic speech essentially boiling down to ‘take it back we don’t need it it doesn’t make us human’. And then I have no idea after that nor how that would tie into this. 

Ugh that page keeps me up at night I swear to god. But anyway this is my crackpot theory. I just basically want Mikasa to end up being the most relevant character in the manga. 

Full credit to for that theory. You should check them out they’re pretty bomb at snk meta.

fic rec

I read three one-shots today and one a few days ago and I loved all of them so much, now I feel like I have to make a rec post about them or else I can’t sleep peacefully tonight lmao

The reason why I grew to love the fics right from the very beginning were certainly because of the portrayal of characters, the interesting (non-clicheic) plots/themes and the hot smexy stuff mmm

Reward (Jearmin, Explicit) by corbaccio / @corbaccio

Jean figures they need a break from all their hard work, but Armin is a little more reluctant.

Nadir (series) (Rivarmin, Mature & General Audience) by lollipop_swirls, featuring:

The nadir of their fortunes (my personal fave)

At a particular low point, Armin will grasp at almost anything to make himself feel better

Mind over matter

Levi observes Armin’s questioning after the Battle of Trost

Ignite Me (Eremin, Mature) by orphan_account

He didn’t know whether it was in the heat of the moment, or if it was the amount of alcohol in his system. All he knew is that, he wanted to taste the others lips on his own.

Even if the writers of these fics don’t seem to be active on ao3 anymore you should give those fics definitely a try because they’re worth a read. And leaving a comment would be nice too.

Even Gooder Guy Draft Jean!

What is it with Jean and hair…?

I’m in the process of writing some more Jean meta (this time on his “honesty”) and while I was working on it today I ended up looking at the draft copy of the first chapter that Isayama published in the English Attack on Titan Guidebook. The original first chapter contains the graduation party scene and Jean seems simultaneously happier, more easygoing, and yet also a little more brutally honest??

Under a cut because the pictures make it a longer post!

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