“Loverance - Akup” | Mikey Mesina & Alan Ocampo

So here’s a video choreographed by me and one of my very very good friends Alan Ocampo. The last time I even remember collabing together was like waaaay back in our prime iDK days. Had lots of fun shooting this one. Thanks to everyone who got down with us and making this happen. Shout out to Tropixtars! COME TAKE CLASS AT MUSIC LEARNING CENTER (MLC) & Please Subscribe :)

Directed by:
Anthony Quidachay @anfernyq

Choreographed by:
Mikey Mesina @immikeyiiirock
Alan Ocampo @alaniggs

Robbie Mesina @robbiemesina
Will Ortega @bboy1llwill_ortega
Christian Lumba @lumbanator
Marvin Ocampo @mocampz
Julian Sena @jujutr0n

Special Guest (Portal Guy):
Darian Patterson @dairyyawn

Contact Info: