Okaaay I just finished The Kiss of Deception

annnnd woah!

I can’t even write a proper review or after thoughts post yet cause I’m still reeling! The Remnant Chronicles has officially made the top of my favorite YA series list outside of SJM novels.

So get out there, go to your local library, get on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BAM, borrow from the stranger down the street, whatever you have to do…just. read. this. series.

Official Announcement

So last night was undoubtedly terrible, and just a total mess. Per the suggestion of someone who came into my inbox, I have deleted everything related to what happened last night, except for the clarification of who can and cannot interact with us. I have also deleted some of the most recent A$, Ch/ris J/acks/on, and a//lt-ri/ght discourse.

From now on, this blog is going to remain strictly in-format, meaning that I will only respond to satirical social skills, responses to social skills, or general encouraging fun things. Any non-satirical tips, discourse, etc, will be deleted.

~Mod Lia


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Name: Lia, Jen


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Favourite Colour:  Aqua (any kind of tropical blue)

Last Drink:  Tea

Makeup:  Eh, minimal. Im not that great at it.

Glasses: Not yet XD

Cats or Dogs?:  Cats <3

Got any haters?:  Oh most likely

What do you love about yourself?:  Um…. 

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Where are my River Tribe people at?!

Okay, guys. I just finished the fifth and final book in Lisa T Bergren’s River of Time series. I have too many feels to even FUNCTION right now. Literally it is 1AM and I cannot sleep.

Where are my fellow River Tribe members? I need to talk about this. #SendHelp