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       In an amazing chain of events, the story of these WWII fighters continues to be written. The Goodyear F2G Super Corsair was an upgraded version of the famed F4U, optimized for fighting Japanese aircraft at low level. Before the aircraft could go operational, the war ended, and only 10 were built. Of these prototype airframes, only two still exist today.

     Race 57, shown in her striking red paint job, was the fifth prototype to roll off the assembly line as serial number 88458. After the war, she was purchased by Navy Captain Cook Cleland, who won the 1947 and 1949 Thompson Trophy race with this aircraft. She would become the last propeller driven aircraft to ever win the Thompson Trophy. 

     The dawn of the jet age caused these aircraft to be mothballed. Race 57 lay dormant for many decades until Bob Odegaard would return her to flight in 1999. I took these photos of Race 57 on August 26, 2007, at the Alpine Airpark Airshow in Wyoming. Earlier that day, I watched in awe as Odegaard flew low level aerobatics in this beautiful bird. I was 17 years old. 

      Nearly ten years after seeing my first Super Corsair, I was privileged to visit the Museum of Flight Restoration Center in Everett, Washington, where I photographed the first F-2G prototype as they breathed new life into the plane. Serial number 88454 proudly wears her original Naval Air Test Center livery (as shown in the final five photos in this set).

     As I experienced this later encounter with a Super Corsair, I did so with a heavy heart. Bob Odegaard, who thrilled me as a teenager with his aerobatics, was no longer with us. Odegaard owned a second Super Corsair called Race 74. He exhibited the aircraft all over the country until on September 7, 2012, he tragically lost his life while practicing for an air show in his home state of North Dakota.

      Odegaard’s legacy lives on, forever entangled with the story of the Super Corsair. Race 57 has recently changed hands once again in an effort to keep her flying. Wars begin and end. Races are won. Lives are lost. As one chapter closes, another begins.

Isle of Man TT | The Greatest Motorcycle Race in the World | Also the Deadliest

IOM TT | Isle of Man Tourist Trophy | International Motorcycle Race | Isle of Man Road Course | Speeds reach 300 kph 150 mph | The most prestigious motorcycle race in the old world | Considered the Deadliest Motorcycle Race in the World

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First time standing!

Trophy Wife looks on while her More Than Ready filly gets used to the idea of legs.

The Tucker-White Twins: Part 1

Fandom: Uuuhhh..The Sebastian Stan Fandom???

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader, Dayton White x Reader

Summary: After a domestic dispute, Aileen Tucker and Richard White decided to separate taking one twin with them. Lance went with Aileen and Dayton went with Richard. Both raised how their parent wanted them to be: a successful gymnast and a famous NASCAR driver.

A/N: I said I was straying away from Bucky/Poe fics. And this is what I’m doing. Hahahahahahaha! Anyway, there will be eventual smut/threesome/polyamorous stuff going on in this series. So yeah.

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Lance and Dayton Tucker-White are the twin boys of Aileen Tucker and Richard White. When the boys were one year old, Aileen and Richard got into a domestic dispute as to how they want their sons to become when they grew up. Aileen wanted Lance and Dayton to become gymnasts. Richard wanted them to become race car drivers.

The silly little dispute turned into something big. Things were thrown. Glass was broken. Harsh words were spoken. The two decided to divorce taking one twin for their own. Aileen raised Lance to become a gold-winning gymnast. Richard raised Dayton to become a trophy winning race car driver.

The Tucker-White Twins are taking the media by storm. With their dashing good looks and their talents, nothing could ruin the champions they’ve become.

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I’m not doing Inktober this year, instead I’m going to dedicate it getting as much pages done for my webcomic before I hopefully can launch it before the year is out. But I wanted to warm up and celebrate the Max Verstappen’s victory at the Malaysia GP today. Just when you think nothing could go right for the young chap, it did! Especially after his 20th birthday. He’s one to watch out for!

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Seungcheol drifter/streetracer au! Please!

oh god this request had me swaying over to seungcheol’s lane

  • seungcheol as a streetracer dear lord keep me from sinning
  • leather jackets everyday
  • leather jackets everywhere
  • just
  • seungcheol in a leather jacket what a concept
  • and he’s literally wearing it all the time (does he even wash it? who knows)
  • except for when he’s fixing his car, then he takes it off and he’s only wearing a black tank underneath like jesus cheol let us live (those arms can choke a bear you feel me)
  • but anyway, your friend Joshua, who’s one of the medics for streetracing events, calls you up one morning asking if you can come over to the show to bring him some supplies because they ran out
  • you had nothing better to do anyway so what the hell, right. you go over to the pharmacy to pick up the few things Joshua listed and finally you meet him under one of the tents by the side.
  • “thanks. oh hey, you know first aid right? great, we’re missing one person please fill in for him I promise you’ll get paid after.” joshua asks
  • and he’s practically begging and he’s always been a reliable friend so you just find yourself being unable to say no (but not before he promises you unlimited chicken next weekend)
  • as you’re putting on the vest that says medic, one of the guys Joshua works with, Jeonghan, he said his name was, walks in with quite possibly the hottest guy you’ve ever seen.
  • “cheol I told you not to move it too much or else it’s gonna get worse, why do you never listen to me.” Jeonghan scolds the man who only gives him a small smile
  • “I had to check if my car’s in good shape before the race!” he defends, laughing.
  • “Jeonghan! Get over here, we need you!” you hear another medic who introduced himself as Jun yell.
  • “Coming! Y/n, can you take care of this please?” Jeonghan says, turning to hand over a bandage and a splinter. 
  • Seungcheol, who noticed you when he walked in with jeonghan, turns to you as you walk over to him.
  • “Hi,” he says, giving you a greasy smile
  • No really, it’s literally greasy because he was checking the oil before he complained about his sprained finger to Jeonghan. He’s got grease on his chin and around his cheeks and it would look disgusting on anyone else but really you just find it attractive (what is wrong with you, y/n, pull yourself together he’s just a guy)
  • “Hey,” you say, avoiding his gaze by dropping your eyes to the hand placed on the table beside his chair. 
  • “What happened?” you ask, placing the splinter underneath the finger and wrapping a bandage around it.
  • “car door.” he says simply. you chance a look at him and he’s still smiling
  • he’s looking at you with those chocolate colored doe eyes and he’s smiling and you feel your knees weaken at his gaze
  • “I’m Seungcheol.” he says once you’re done wrapping his finger. he lifts his uninjured hand in your direction, asking for a handshake.
  • “I’m y/n.” you say, bowing your head to gather the supplies.
  • “Nice to meet you, y/n.” he stands up to help you move some of the boxes around. you slap his hand gently before he makes the injury worse.
  • “wow okay sorry, just trying to help.” he teases, chuckling as you scowl at him.
  • “don’t move around too much you’ll make it worse.” you scold, “does it still hurt?” you ask him.
  • “kinda.” he says and you look over at his injury with worry. he adds, “a kiss might make it better though.”
  • you hurl an empty gauze box at his head and he laughs, ducking out of the way
  • “Hey, how about this,” he says and you turn to face him. He’s walked closer to you, almost chest to chest when you turn around and he’s looking at you intensely, a mischievous smile gracing his face.
  • “If I win today, you agree to go out with me this friday.” he says, hand coming up to tuck a stray hair behind your ear.
  • “Confident, are you?” you tease and honestly you’re surprised at how even your voice sounds even though your heart’s beating faster than Seungcheol can race (and that’s pretty damn fast)
  • “Very.” his voice drops so deep that it’s almost a whisper. he’s leaning closer until you can feel his breath fanning your face
  • Joshua clears his throat and you jump apart, both of your cheeks blazing as red as Seungcheol’s car’s paint job
  • Joshua looks at you with that teasing smile, “Did I interrupt something?” you shake your head and Seungcheol looks away, suddenly shy.
  • “Mmmkay,” Joshua says again with a teasing lilt to his voice. “Y/n, we need you out there. Cheol, you’re done.” and he leaves.
  • the race starts and you find yourself paying attention to the car with a license plate that says “S.COUPS”
  • of course he wins the race and when he’s announced the winner, he takes the announcer’s mic
  • “so, y/n, pick you up at 8?” he says in front of a thousand racing enthusiasts and you blush, feeling Jeonghan’s, Joshua’s, and Jun’s teasing stares at you.
  • you give him a thumb’s up as the camera pans over to you to broadcast the exchange on one of the big screens in the stadium. the crowd cheers.
  • he picks you up in a car much classier than the one he uses to race
  • he picks you up from your door with flowers and he tells you you look beautiful and he opens the car door for you (he’s a gentleman okay Joshua taught him well)
  • you both have a good time and you decide to take a stroll
  • *cue cliche kdrama moment* you shiver and he takes off his leather jacket, putting it around your shoulders
  • It doesn’t smell bad, fyi, it smells like him and that musky cologne he uses. he says he washes it every weekend.
  • he walks you to your door when the date ends and he kisses you softly, just a tiny peck that promises more
  • “I’ll see you again?” he asks, voice deep and husky and you just nod, not trusting your voice not to waver at the way he’s looking at you.
  • “Goodnight, y/n.” he says, giving you one last smile before you close the door. you look at the window beside your door, seeing him pumping his fist up like he would raise a trophy upon winning a race.