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Share your empress Lance hcs

Girl, prepare thyself. You unleashed a corny ass monster within me. 

1)      After Lance is crowned Empress, Galra opinion on him is split. Others approve of the coronation because he’s one of the Paladins to take down Zarkon. So, they believe he will help Lotor lead the Galra on a path to redemption.  On the other hand, many don’t approve of Lance as Empress because he’s human, one of the Paladins who took down Emperor Zarkon (pro-Zarkon supporters didn’t disappear overnight because he’s gone), and don’t take him seriously because he jokes a lot, is small (by Galra standards) and dismissed as Lotor’s pretty trophy mate.

2)      It isn’t until he and Lotor meet with the top-ranking commanders, negative opinion on Lance changes (for the most part). One of the commanders, thinking Lance is an airhead who doesn’t know any Galra words mutters something really insulting about Lance and Lotor. Unfortunately, Lance: 1) has good hearing, 2) is fluent in Galra (thanks to Lotor), and 3) is not one to trifle with. Lance purposefully pulls an O-Ren Ishii (Kill Bill is one of his favorite movies) and speaks in Galra and English to let the commanders know that he will not tolerate any disparaging remarks towards him, his husband, or his race. The commander who insulted him and Lotor? Oh, he’s alive, but he learns his lesson after he is ordered to escort Slav on a trip to Earth, sent to a planet that has a reputation not unlike Labyrinth’s Bog of Eternal Stench among the Galra, and is later sent to gather scaultrite in a Weblum.

3)      The first interplanetary embassies Lance, Lotor, and the other Paladins set up is in his home city of Miami, Varadero (where he and his family goes to visit annually because that’s where his paternal grandfather is from), Galway (where he and family also visits because that’s where his maternal grandparents are from), and in Texas, close to the Garrison because that’s where his career as a Paladin began and where he met his treasured friends.

4)      He (along with Shiro) insists to Lotor to put a stop to the gladiator fights and end slavery within the Galra Empire.  

5)      Lance, Lotor, and Allura regularly meet to discuss Galra relations with the Voltron Alliance. Much to slight chagrin of the court, Lance still flirts with her. But, just like in their Voltron days, Lance is not serious in his attempts. Allura knows it and is good-humored about (it helps that unlike their Voltron days, the cheesiness and annoying nature of his flirty comments has greatly lessened) and Lotor is slightly annoyed but doesn’t feel jealous or threatened because he knows and trusts Lance.

6)      A few months after their wedding, Lotor presents Lance with a Claddagh ring made of luxite and embellished with a heart made from a gemstone that is considered precious to the Galra. Lotor distinctly remembers Lance telling about the Claddagh ring and was quite touched by its symbolism and history and immediately decided he will give his beloved one as soon as he can. Lance loves the ring and according to tradition, wears it on his left hand with the pointed part of the heart facing his wrist, and only takes it off at night before he goes to bed.    

a.       Many people at court are intrigued by Lance’s ring and they begin to research human romance/love traditions. This causes a great change in Galra courting and wedding traditions in which they blend their own traditions with those of various human cultures.

7)      Lance sets it up that Hunk, Pidge, and (with great reluctance) Slav are regularly consulted for their expertise on technology (Lance and Lotor abolish the order of Druids for their repeated violations of rights of others and what they did to Shiro)  

8)      Lance makes regular visits to Shiro and Keith’s home to see how they’re doing and hangs out with them. He always has to convince his guards and ladies-in-waiting that no, he does not need them to accompany him because for peeps’ sakes, Shiro and Keith live in a quiet, and safe area. He also often brings the couple and their kid gifts despite them repeatedly telling him the gifts aren’t necessary. Shiro says they don’t need to be bribed/paid to enjoy his company. Keith of course jokes (without any venom; by this time, he and Lance get over their issues with each other and become close) that yeah, they do, because dealing with Lance is a job unto itself that warrants big pay. Lance replies that Keith should be grateful that his job allows him to be in the company of a generous empress who tolerates his ingratitude and bad manners.    

9)      Lance and Lotor’s kids regularly visit Coran (“Grandpa Coran”, they call him) who they adore because he’s funny, kind, and regales them with stories of Altea and Altean traditions (the kids are part Altean, after all) and the adventures of their mother, aunts, and uncles during their Paladin days. Lance listens in and (jokingly) yells at Coran to stop making his kids think he was so uncool and dorky.  

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A thought from last night I need to share: Julian Bashir as the Cordelia Naismith of Cardassia.

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Turning the tropes on their heads.

Wearing the Cardassian fashions and rocking them, but wearing them however he likes, and setting new fashion trends wherever he goes.

Striding past Garak’s underlings with an imperious, “Get out of my way, little man, I own you.”

Smiling at the people who think he’s Garak’s offworld trophy mate, and quietly running everything behind the scenes, because fuck leaving everything up to his husband when he’s completely capable of handling his own affairs.

Immediately forming a close social network with all the other husbands and wives who are expected to sit around and be ornamental, and using said network to accomplish just about any goal they desire. (Can you imagine a Cardassian Lady Alys???)

Defying class. Defying tradition. None of it matters, all of it’s silly; work with it when possible, ignore it completely when it’s inconvenient. To Cordelia Naismith, she’s a three-dimensional creature in Barrayar’s Flatland. Julian Bashir could do the same. “Yes, I understand that I’m not to cross this sector of town because it’s forbidden to off-worlders, but this is where I need to go. Good-bye.” And the guards just gape after him, because he’s not supposed to do it anyway–

God, sponsoring the med students to go to the poor provinces~~~


Lyriel and Vaurion

Lyria’s hand shook as she poured another glass of wine for her and her best friend. Marion tried to keep a straight face but she burst forth in a fit of giggles. She sipped her wine and wiggled her eyebrows at Lyria. 

Lyria had just finished telling her about her first time with her mate. Marion screeched, much like Aedion Ashryver had, and she laughed again, choking down her wine.

“But the real question is-” Marion’s head fell forward as she slurred her words. She grinned sloppily as Lyria laughed, sipping down her wine. The two young females were obviously drunk beyond belief. “How big was his kitten maker?”

Lyria did a spit take with her wine. She cackled as the wine spit across the room. She slid down in her chair, cackling louder and gripping her stomach. She put up her hands and made the size equivalent to a chipmunk.

Marion laughed and she fell to the ground the same time Lyria did. Both girls gripped their stomachs and they giggled. They rolled across the floor and panted.

“What about V-Vau?” Lyria giggled. She tried to pull herself to a sitting position but she swerved back down. “How’s his chick maker?” Marion laughed and she covered her flushing face. “Should I expect you to be hatching little eggs filled with ospreys soon!” 

Their brooding, ancient, warrior, trophy mates stood in the corner, crossing their arms. Their jaws were tensed as they listened to their mates compare their length sizes. To say the least, they were not amused.

Meanwhile their fathers, Rowan and Lorcan, who were completely horrified at the fact their daughters were the mates of their former cadre members, had locked themselves in a panic room (along with a certain Aedion Ashryver). 

Countdown to the World Cup - 1 Day

Spanish captain Iker Casillas celebrates lifting Spain’s first ever World Cup trophy with team mates during the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Final match between Netherlands and Spain at Soccer City Stadium on July 11, 2010 in Johannesburg, South Africa.