trophies drake

In Municipal Library
  • Jason: * casually checking books*
  • Tim, with his classmates: * looking for place for group project*
  • Jason: Oh. Hi, baby bird.
  • Tim: Jason.
  • Classmates: * curiously whispering*
  • Tim: This is Jason, Dick's trophy husband.
  • Jason: * frowns* I'm not a trophy husband.
  • Tim: Yeh? So, Dick's an officer, what do you do?
  • Jason, can't talk about his career either as a mob boss or as a vigilante:
  • Jason: Well, I do him. * smirks*
  • A girl classmate: * excited noises*
  • Tim: * rolls his eyes* Typical Jason.
  • Jason: Thanks for the compliment.
  • A classmate: So, you're Tim's brother-in-law, right?
  • Tim: * amused* Yeh.
  • Jason: * Grins* That's(That was) right.

New Music: Drake Drops The Long-Awaited “Trophies”. (prod. by HitBoy)

Drake’s favourite lyrical themes include his rise to fame, his ever-increasing wealth, and his scorn for two-faced friends, and now he’s touched on these subjects once again with a new track called “Trophies.”This bouncy cut was produced by Hit-Boy.This is only the rough copy nowhere near done. Listen below.