tropes meme · loki for zaataronpita and thescentofwhiteroses

inferiority superiority complex · green eyed monster · emotionally tongue tied · desperately craves affection · villainous breakdown

tropes meme · fingolfin for hereff & marille-ancalima

big damn hero · honor before reason · dying moment of awesome · papa wolf · reasonable authority figure · last stand

art credit to peet, catherine karina chmiel, gold-seven, croclock, mentosik8, and sedeslav

tropes meme · lúthien tinúviel for anonymous

badass princess · divine parentage · world’s most beautiful woman · rebellious princess · the power of love · earn your bittersweet ending

art credit to: gold-seven, esmira, iardacil, moon-blossom, ted nasmith, and gustavomalek.