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Love the Coopers (2015) dir. Jessie Nelson.

Johnny: Thanks, man. 

Johnny: Er, babe? 

Johnny: No, wait, that sounds kinda lame like that.

Johnny: Forget I said anything. 

Johnny: Uh. Just. 

Johnny: Just thanks. 

Johnny: Yeah.


The Schuyler Sisters as the Hecate Sisters

Angelica, the smart, sharp-tongued and wise Crone

Eliza, the loving and loyal Mother

and Peggy, the young and innocent Maiden


Claire Underwood and TV tropes [x]

For Tess’s 21st birthday!!!!!!!

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i don't see why a lot of people see the claw arc as a piece of standard shonen when violence completely failed against the boss and in the end all mob had left was kindness

reminds me a bit of the ending of “a wrinkle in time.” just a tiny bit… like, the concept of defeating an enemy with something which the protagonist has but which the otherwise near-omnipotent enemy lacks (in this case, kindness). though that in itself is probably a bit of a trope… plus it’s not exactly that mob even defeated touichirou; really, he saved him. which also seems like a trope. but everything is tropes, so i still think the boss fight was uniquely good. the fact that touichirou basically threw a tantrum until he wore himself out was a good way to show that there was no real need to fight in the first place.

The ending we all deserved

Things I’d add to the Save Chloe ending - Ending 3

1) Since the Two Whales diner still stands after the storm I am assuming that whoever hid in there could survive. I want Joyce, Frank, Pompidou and Warren to walk out of the diner, Chloe yelling “Max, Max they’re alive!” and Max as they drive by. Hurling stop of the car, Chloe running as quickly as she can out of the car and hugging her mom. Tears.

2) David driving by cause he survived in the bunker, tied Jefferson up/left his body and drove in with his car to find Joyce. If you helped Joyce forgive David, she’d comment upon that, if not, they’d hug. David would then also want to hug Chloe, who’d hug him back and they’d share a moment of I’m so glad you’re okay. 

3) A brief dialogue about how there’s not much left to be done here. David comments about Jefferson going to jail. Warren comments about you doing the right choice after all. Max giving a look at Chloe and Chloe looking back at her with the same kind of love.

4) Joyce and David are now together, Frank has Pompidou, they all comment about how they need to leave this place. Max and Chloe tell them they’re leaving too and after a moment we see them waving them goodbye and sitting back in the car.

5) Chloe doesn’t start the wheel. Max asks what’s wrong, and she just smiles with a tear in her eye. She was so sure they’d all die, that it was all going to end in only her and Max together. But they are okay and it’s all good. Chloe grabs Maxs hand that’s been laying down on the car seat beside her, squeezing it lightly. Max leans in for the kiss they both deserved.

6) Chloe turns on the engine, stating smugly how they can finally go on that dream roadtrip and Max smiles bright, looking out through the window. They roll off as we saw them in the original version. Sun is shining, birds are flying, music trails off. Camera pans to the sky, then fades to black.

The End.

Okay but what if Harry is an older gentleman at a part and he is told there are rent boys there (compliments of the host). And he meets Eggsy and starts trying to court/hire him, and Eggsy is all receptive and smiling and blushing a bit.

So they go back to Harry’s fool around, Eggsy sleeps over but has to leave early. Harry asks if he can see him again, and Eggsy laughs and says of course. And they start spending time together, Eggsy is practically insatiable and Harry can’t help lavishing attention and gifts and affection on him.

Finally, Harry decides to ask Eggsy if he might consider only being with Harry, because Harry has fallen madly in love with him.)

Cue the very awkward reveal that Eggsy was only a waiter at the party and has been under the impression that he and Harry have been dating for the past six months.


Stella massaged her forehead, “Okay, let me see if I understand this correctly. You guys were going to steal a briefcase from some Nazis with some important documents inside. Only when you found the guys who were supposed to have it, they had apparently lost it after they drove their car into a tree during last night’s storm, dropping the briefcase as they walked into town, not realizing it until today. Now the Nazis are out in the woods looking for it, and we need to find it before they do, take pictures, and then leave it somewhere for them to find so they don’t realize anything is up. That about cover it?”

Schooled: Part 4--Ink Stained

Welcome to day 4, written to the prompt Ink. Yes, this is three days late. Life happens.

Thank you so much, @bendandcurl, @lunar-resonance, @makapedia and @sojustifiable for looking it over. You guys are the bees knees.

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She was tired.

It was the third night in a row Maka was up well past midnight, and this was the last push. She had to finish grading these finals tonight and calculate grades. Winter break started after tomorrow, grades were due, she was out of time.

This never happened to her–never never never.

What was wrong with her?

“Hey,” his voice was deep behind her and far too close to her ear, startling her. She slammed her head into his chin, leaned far too low to read over her shoulder, and yelped in pain, his own bellow of discomfort little consolation for the new throbbing in the back of her head.

Oh, yeah, that’s what was wrong with her. Or rather, he was what was wrong with her, his warmth and his cute dimple and his stupid snarky humor. How had he snuck up on her?

“You shouldn’t creep up on people!”

“Wasn’t creeping.” He rubbed his chin ruefully. “What’re you still doing up?”

“Grading,” she snapped. “First semester grades are due in the morning. Gotta finish their finals and calculate final grades.”

Maka couldn’t have stifled the long sigh if she tried. What she didn’t mention was that her head had been buzzing since she’d slept in his arms two months ago, and then again this month, that waking up to his warmth and his slow, steady heartbeat had been so right and frightening all at once that she didn’t know what to do anymore and it had her so distracted, she couldn’t focus on the grading she should have finished last week. Somewhere in that part of her brain she labeled denial, she knew she’d gone and caught a case of the feelings, but she’d be damned if she admitted as much. She’d keep shoving the thoughts aside because they were a problem, a headache she didn’t need.

These things never ended well. Maka Albarn didn’t do relationships–she had tried and failed and vowed never again. Watching her parents crash and burn should have been warning enough, but she’d had her own fill and wanted no more part of it.

Didn’t stop the stupid goosebumps from springing to life on her arm as he brushed aside her hair briefly before walking into the kitchen. She could hear a clatter of cabinets and pans but forced herself to ignore it in favor of grading her next exam.

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tv tropes + rebecca reid from the lone ranger

Please don’t steal an amazing relationship that has grown for seven years and shoehorn it into the storyline for a woman we’ve known for five minutes.