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Are there any cliches/tropes that you think are overused in YA fiction and are tired of seeing? (especially dystopian or post apocalypse) :)

-The helpless teen who turns out to be the savior, the chosen one

-In general I try to avoid cliché expressions (unless they help building the voice of a certain character). In particular in dystopian, where colloquial expressions are reminiscent of our own culture. Whenever I can I make up colloquial expressions ;)

This are the two things I can think about with regards to dystopian/apocalypse. BUT I would read anything if the voice is captivating, if the descriptions are wonderful, if the world is original, if there is humor and raw, real feelings :)

For example, the great majority of YA in any genre has some sort of love triangle. I think that’s old and trite, but hey, if it’s well done I so fall for it! I have some of that in my books too ;P

A great example of a trite plot that captivated me was “Carry On”, by Rainbow Rowell. I mean, it’s a rip-off of Harry Potter, really. One third into the book I was about to throw my Kindle out of the window, but then, she puts such a spin on it. Her humor came through the pages, the feels, oh my God the feels….I loved it!

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I'm in actual tears over that update. Idk if I think they'll break up or not but omg so many emotions

:( i know it’s sad that bitty’s hurting that much but i wouldn’t be too worried anon. the fact that bitty’s communicating instead of bottling it up and actually voicing his concerns is a brave and good thing. jack and bitty love each other and they’re best friends….they’ll be fine.

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Fandom: Batman - All Media Types

Relationship: Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown

Trope: Intertwining Fingers

Stephanie laughed as she collapsed on Cass’s bed. “Tonight was crazy!” she exclaimed. She looked up and beamed. “Thanks for coming with!”

Cass smiled back at her, a fond light in her dark eyes. “Not a problem.” She gingerly moved to lie down next to the blonde. “It was fun.”

Steph beamed and tucked her head into the crook of Cass’s neck, reaching down to intertwine their fingers, for the moment ignoring their gloves. She sighed, causing Cass to shiver. “I like going out with you, Cass. I like being a superhero with you. It’s fun.”

The darkness of the room hid Cass’s large grin. “I enjoy it too, Steph. Maybe we should do it again tomorrow?”

Steph tightened her grasp on Cass’s fingers. “We definitely should.”


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On Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark has been wronged and it ought to be addressed. Those familiar with HBO’s Game of Thrones, or the George R R Martin book series A Song of Ice and Fire upon which it is based, understand that prim, proper, naive young Sansa—just twelve years old when the story first begins—is perhaps the most universally disliked character to emerge from Martin’s fantasy world. Against a backdrop where characters are slaughtered at wedding feasts and little girls are burned alive, where rapists and sadists are around every corner, it does feel bizarre that so many viewers have seemed to pinpoint Sansa as a target for their hate. Bizarre, but also hardly surprising.

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What is your favourite trope about robots in fiction? Least favourite trope? What is something you wish would be focused on more in relation to robots in fiction?

I’m sort of a sucker for the classics. Appearance wise I like androids that have partially human and partially robotic parts. I like robots that struggle with their own humanity, and go through a journey of discovering their own emotions and autonomy

I really don’t like the old “robots go evil and overthrow humans” trope. I don’t like them being demonized for having feelings different from traditional human ones, or not having feelings at all

I’d like for fiction to focus more on the personal growth/journey of robots? Without the story always being so human centric. I don’t want robots always striving to “become human” as their end goal. I like robots that come to accept themselves and make their own definitions of what life and living is

I just want Dirk and Jake to be the perfectly synchronized bantering gay couple at the college party. I just need them to be this real life trope.

Just. Them hanging out in the kitchen. Jake snacking on a bowl of Chex mix and shaking everyone he meets’ hand. Dirk sulking beside him, leaning against the countertop with drawn shoulders, sipping a solo cup of Coke because he’s designated driver.

“Hi! What a fine feathered pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m Jake English, anthropology, this is—”

“Dirk. Hey. Don’t mind Jake’s vocabulary, he’s—”

“Eccentric, thanks. And don’t give the slightest mind about Dirk here, either. He’s a skulky little fellow this evening about not being hammered—”

“I’m not ‘skulky,’ English—”

“Well you’re certainly not hammered! If you were the mood would be three shades lighter in here—”

“Oh okay. Sure. I’m the one bringing the party down with my abhorrent soberness. I’ll just let you drive your gay ass back to the apartment next time, then—”

“Come now, Strider. You know I like it when you take me home—”

“Fuck, English. Don’t look at me like that. I thought you were trying to make a good impression—”

(It’s at this point Dirk is probably shoved against the fridge and fiercely made out with. Whoever they were attempting to introduce themselves to is lost to the background. Someone wishing to retrieve the bean dip has to awkwardly shove them off to the left before they will break apart.)

I’m one kudos away from 400!

So have a little taste from the next chapter of Whom Hades Seized, which is being beta’d and will be posted soon! Now’s a good time to re-read or catch up, lovely readers. <3

“She had not memorized his face well enough: she retraces the dark dusting of marks on his cheeks and above his brow with her eyes, trying to reconcile the fullness of his lips with the uneven strength of his features. His skin is pale against his long, dark hair.

There are dark circles under his eyes and she wonders if, like her, he has not been sleeping. And then blood rises to her cheeks at the thought of why her nights were spent awake.”

t*relliot shippers: *ship a man with a severe mental illness who’s off meds and therefore can’t control ugly symptoms with a man who is the epitome of a rich white entitled asshole and the very damaging predatory bisexual trope who literally beats homeless people for funsies*
t*relliot shippers: *blatantly hate on angela, spew their hate in the angelliot tag (while crying about antis invading the tyrelliot tag), omg this ship is so toxic/forced, why can’t men and women just be friends, the finale only confirms that angela is a backstabbing bitch*

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i feel like im a bad person because of the cs scene that everyones talking about.. it really did bother me and i feel like everyone is practically saying im not a normal person for not seeing the romantic side of cs.. i feel like im worthless and i feel terrible for making people unhappy with not seeing cs for what it is. ive been dealing with anxiety and nausea all day. do you have any suggestions or websites that can help me get my mind off this? sorry if im bothering you

You aren’t bothering me.

Okay, so stepping back to the show and out of the fandom.

I thought the scene was weird.  It’s certainly consensual and at points Emma is clearly enthusiastic but she’s also someone who comes up with three reasons they shouldn’t be having sex (Henry, her parents, her jacket).  So it looks like she’s coming up with excuses not to do what she wants to do which… seems very victorian to me.  The scene was playing with illicit teenage sex tropes which was… odd for a 300 year old man and a woman with a child… but in doing that I think they accidentally hit on some other older romantic tropes where a woman says no until she says yes.  So while it didn’t remind me of sexual assault it did remind me of the Belle scene with Gaston where she’s trying to avoid his advances in the animated move.  Which… is obviously not what they’re writing deliberately.  So to me the entire scene was a mess.

But in general I just didn’t find it sexy.  It looked like odd pawing/dry humping.  Not relax at all.

But it’s also a hot mess I’m not focusing on.

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YES ANOTHER PERSON WHO LIKES YEONHWA. I'm tired of this 'all other women are evil' trope tbh and Yeonhwa is amazing. I can't wait to see her take her future by its reins in the next episode. If she wants to become a God above the King, then she wants to be a queen, no? I'm excited to see where this one is going ^^

Indeed! I love Yeon Hwa. She is majestic, cunning, intelligent, prideful, and full of ambition. She has a sense of purpose and an agenda. She has tried to make the boys play her game and now Yeon Hwa decided to be like a god above the King and I can’t wait for it.

You know what makes me scoff? When fans say things like: “Our Wang So is totally acting like a man of his time and doing things that fit the context” but then turn around and call Yeon Hwa a bitch for acting like a princess of her time who was in charge of the domestic order of her brother’s house and did things that totally fit within the context too. 

And yes, I’m totally referring to the hairpin incident.

She was called a “bitch” and people said they wanted to “slap her” and quickly judged her actions without a second thought because apparently, anon, second thoughts are only spared to the misunderstood prince and not the “evil” ladies.

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have you read "attempted murder" by ash-castle??? would you dare to continue/expand the story????

I haven’t read it!! I just pulled it up in a new tab and i see that its a soulmate trope which is!!!! amaze

idk about expanding it though, i mean…i think that would be up to the author to expand upon it??? idk it feels a bit strange to me to be expanding on someone else’s fanfiction idk??? so i dont think i would dare, but i’ll definitely give it a read!!! thanks for the suggestion!

New Writing Meme

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Fandom: DC Comics - All Media Types, Flash - Show 2014

Characters: Paco Ramon (Earth-0), Cisco Ramon (Earth-1), Dinah Lance (Earth-0)

Trope: Crisis Crossover

“Who are you?”

           “I’m you, but stronger.”

           Cisco pauses. “…forreal? Going with that one, Paco?”

           Vibe—or Francisco “Paco” Ramon of Earth-0 (as oppose to Francisco “Cisco” Ramon of Earth-1)—grins, then laughs. “Couldn’t let it go. Perfect opening, amigo.”

           Cisco huffs, crossing his arms and smiling along with his doppelgänger. Man, oh man, is he glad this one isn’t evil like Reverb. If only the circumstances of meeting were a little less dire.

Red skies and all that. Speedsters missing, worlds converging. It’s not all in good fun.

“Dinah Lance,” the blonde woman in the tights and the black leotard and the half jacket says. The original person Cisco was asking until Paco decided to joke. “Black Canary. You don’t have one on your Earth?” She looks almost hurt at the implication that they wouldn’t

“Oh no, we do,” Cisco assures her quickly. “Just, you’re blonder. And you have blue-eyes. And you’re wearing less leather and buckles.”

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1. What’s one quote that gives you shivers no matter how many times you read it?

“Does such a thing as ‘the fatal flaw,’ that showy dark crack running down the middle of a life, exist outside literature? I used to think it didn’t. Now I think it does. And I think that mine is this: a morbid longing for the picturesque at all costs.” -Donna Tartt, the secret history

bc honestly? me

2. Do you have a favorite writer?

neil gaiman has been for a while

3. Favorite myth or mythological figure?


4. the ocean or the sky?

stop i need both

5. Do you have a favorite literary trope?

not really, i don’t actually pay much attention to that

6. If you could write yourself into a single story what would it be?

a soft adventure, like journey or abzu

7. Mermaid or nymph?

which one lives forever

8. Favorite song lyric?

it’s late and i can’t really think rn

oh wait

the entirety of “everyone is gay”

9. If you could live anywhere on Earth where would it be?

anywhere i want

10. 10 Places to see before you die?

space, deep sea, some ruins i guess, a big ass library, art museums

11. If you could tell the wold one thing, what would you say?

chill the fuck out

my questions:

  1. do u own plants
  2. do u love my son noah czerny
  3. what’s ur fave bird
  4. would u kiss a wasp for gansey
  5. would u ignore “canon” for sarchengsey ((bc i’m salty
  6. what would u not do for neil abram josten
  7. would u like to live forever
  8. would u kill a man for henry winter
  9. pls summarize the get down in one sentence (if u watch or based on what u know)
  10. do u love my son nico di angelo
  11. do u love my son jean moreau

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I’m usually pretty particular about the sorts of traits that get assigned as humanity’s “special thing” in sci-fi settings, but I have to admit that I have a weakness for settings where the thing humanity is known for is something tiny and seemingly inconsequential that it wouldn’t normally occur to you to think of as a distinctive trait.

Like, maybe we have a reputation as a bunch of freaky nihilists because we’re the only species that naturally has the capacity to be amused by our own misfortune.

Alien: Why are you happy? You’ve been seriously injured!

Human: *struggling to control laughter* Yeah, but I can imagine what that must have looked like from the outside, and it’s pretty hilarious.


Me when a character gets hurt and their SO gets overprotective: