Is January over yet? Ugh…

I haven’t had much time to do well, anything!? So here’s a pic of my pretties that I started but never really finished…I guess it’s good enough to share! 

There is no real reason behind this one. I guess, as much as I love them in their uniforms (who doesn’t??), sometimes I do like to imagine them as just two regular adorkables…

So I’ve been thinking about the “knight in shining armour” trope, and I it’s finally hit me why this annoys me so much. It’s not because of the ideal that only a man can save a woman, which is the basic foundation of the trope (although that in itself is still awful); it is the fact that the trope dictates that the only strength is masculine strength. The conclusion I came to then was this: your character can wear armour, or leather, or skirts. They can wear whatever they want. As long as it is what they want and not you as the writer.

I have been lying here for an hour waiting for someone to help…

For:  @littleplebe
Pairing:  Bucky Barnes/Darcy Lewis
Trope:  Thank goodness you’re here!  

Bucky flexed his cybernetic fingers beneath the hammer.  "Thor’s idea of a practical joke…"  

Darcy snorted, her hands behind her back.  "Let me guess… Tony ordered more of those lemon meringue pies from the bakery down the street and he didn’t want to share with you? Hence the mew-mew situation?“  

He sighed, nodding.  "I guess.  I’m gonna meringue his lemons when I get out from under this thing…”  

She grinned and plopped down on the floor beside him.  "Well, before you figure out exactly how to meringue Thor’s lemons, maybe give this a taste instead?“  She produced a pink box from behind her back, when she opened it, Bucky’s mouth watered at the smell.  

"Oh doll, you’d better not be teasing me right now…”  

“Oh I’m a tease, Buck.  Just not when it comes to pie…” She reached into the box and produced a forkful of lemon meringue.  "Open wide.“  

Does She Know?

Billy Hargrove x Harrington!Reader

Summary: They’ve [Billy and the reader] been together for a while, but the relationship between Y/N and Steve is severed. Also, massive angst on Steve’s part, but very justified angst. 

Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: before I posted this I read it dramatically to myself and it was a success so here u go


Steve found it hard to look at you anymore, he couldn’t at the dinner table, in the car on the way to school, and especially not when you walked past his open door on your way out to meet Billy.

You knew it would be rough for him to see the two of you going out, and it was, but nobody would tell you what happened at Jonathan’s house that night, so you had nothing to hold against Billy.

When you started sneaking out so often, your brother grew suspicious. He went as far as staying up all night to wait for the sound of the engine that came with so many bad memories.

Things didn’t go well for the two of you after that.

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We finally found the cabin, but it's taking a long time for the fire to heat the room.

For:  @pegasusdragontiger
Pairing:  Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers
Trope:  Huddling for Warmth 

Darcy snuggled up under the blanket, squealing a little when Steve grabbed the corner of it, ducking his head underneath.  

She squealed even more when he rucked up the hem of her t-shirt and pressed his cold lips to her bare belly.  "Dude, not cool.  RUDE. I’m trying to warm up, in case the thick blanket didn’t clue you in…"  

“I’m trying to warm up too,” he protested, kissing his way up her abdomen.  "Tell me my way isn’t better…"  

anonymous asked:

What better methods are there to defeat an evil wizard rather than the typical "true love conquers" cliche? I can't seem to find a lot of answers about how to defeat magic when the protagonist isn't themselves magical. My story isn't long winded, so I don't see a need for developing a complex and detailed magic system, I just know that it's environment based: he drains energy from his surroundings to power spells and is weakest where he lives because of this, but can still use some weak magic.

I mean, murder works.

I can’t tell you how your characters would defeat the evil wizard. I don’t know your story. I can’t write your plot for you.

That being said, I think people tend to think of this idea of love conquering all and killing being bad, particularly because of things like Harry Potter, which was all about love. You don’t have to write that. If it doesn’t work for your story, go with something else. Magic should always have a weakness; your characters should have strengths. Write what works for you. But don’t expect other people to write your plot with you.

Person A is a pillow/blanket hog and Person B is fighting for the last corner of the blanket

For:  @evolution-of-magic
Pairing:  Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
Trope:  Bed Sharing  

A/N:  64 degrees F = 17.7 degrees C

Tony reached across Pepper, feeling around beneath her hip.  The blanket had to be somewhere, right?  It couldn’t just… disappear

Unless he’d inadvertently opened another wormhole or something.  In which case, Pepper couldn’t really be mad at him for waking her up. Annoyed, probably.  But not full-on-mad.  

“Tony… it is four in the morning…” Pepper muttered under her breath.  

“And it is also sixty-four degrees in this bedroom thanks to someone’s constantly scorching hot bod…” he replied, yanking the bundled up blanket from under her hip.  No black hole this time.  Just Pepper Potts: Grade A Blanket Stealer.  "I’m chilly.“    

Hero Mentality - Part 11

Peter ParkerxReader


Word Count: 1,031

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 12, Part 13… still in the works

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Playing dress up with darling child

For:  @indiana-my-bones
Pairing:  Darcy Lewis/Spencer Reid
Trope:  Kidfic  

Darcy snorted aloud when she dropped her purse on the kitchen counter.

Spencer was busy sipping air-tea from one of Olive’s tiny cups, dressed in the finest feather boa and plastic crown in her collection of dress-up clothes.  She didn’t know why she’d ever doubted his ability to babysit.  He was a natural.

“My, my…I had no idea the queen was coming for tea… is the good china clean?”  

Spencer lifted his teacup in greeting.  "Lovely tea, if I do say so myself…"  

Olive grinned broadly.  "Queen Spencer has excellent manners, Mommy.“  

"Well, I should.  As queen I would have been to finishing school. Etiquette is very important to royalty…” he explained.

xenophlius  asked:

4am road trip! (for the fic ask meme)

title: 4AM ROAD TRIP
pairing: tedromeda
summary: it may be just a road trip now. something spontaneous, harmless - a spot of trivial summer fun (her mother’s words when her father’s jaw clenches: “you’re still seeing him?”). but in truth, packing her small bag felt real. permanent. right. down the blur of the motorway, she can almost see her constellation up above guiding her away from home. 

send me a made up fic title and I’ll tell you what hp fanfic I’d write for it

anonymous asked:

what do you think would have happened if cl/xa was a m/f relationship? do you think it would have more or fewer fans?

I used to think it would have fewer fans, but some die hard swooning fangirls, that people wouldn’t have liked to see Clarke made powerless that way, but now after this re/ylo stuff, I think it would have had a huge rabid fanbase. 

It’s sexy. Can’t deny. That was never my problem. My problem was the power imbalance and manipulation and cruelty. And watching what has happened with Re/ylo it’s pretty much confirmed to me that even more people would have been seduced by the glamor and drama, and not just overlooked the power plays, but, well, gotten off on them. 

So that’s disappointing to me. 

We both came to this movie alone and tried to drape our coats over the same seat to keep from having to sit next to someone we didn't know.

For:  @agentdaisymaximoff
Pairing:  Daisy Johnson/Pietro Maximoff
Trope:  Meet-Cute   

Daisy sniffed indignantly.  "Uhhh, dude?  This seat’s taken.“  He might be hot and muscly, but that didn’t mean he was gonna get that seat.

His eyebrows raised.  "My apologies…” He grabbed the hoodie he’d draped over it and sat down, draping it over the seat on the other side of him.  

The accent was nice, but Daisy still wasn’t letting him have that seat.

The movie started, and she popped a couple of milk duds into her mouth.  Preview after preview came and went and there was no sign of anyone nudging their way down the aisle to take their seats.  

Hot and accented leaned over, clearing his throat slightly.  "What are the chances you are only saving that seat so you will not have to sit beside a stranger?  Because that is what I am doing.“  

Daisy chuckled.  "The chances are very high.  But you’re still not getting that seat.”  

“I am Pietro,” he countered, offering his hand.  

“Daisy,” she replied, shaking it.  "Watch your movie, Pietro.“