trooper vs trooper

an rvb/star wars crossover tho guys

caboose and yoda talking convoluted circles around everyone else

tucker pouting because he’s not the only one with a glowing sword

[someone] freaking the fuck out because holy shit that is a glowing sword and it’s definitely not a lightsaber

wash nearly breaking down in tears because he’s suddenly no longer solely responsible for a bunch of kids and morons and can just Rest™

carolina sparring with everyone and everything that she can get her grubby little adrenaline-junkie hands on

sarge’s dedication to war games delights the brothers to no end and he of course immediately declares himself and red team mortal enemies with the 501st

grif sits in on meditation classes so he can nap without getting yelled at

simmons screeches at no less than a baker’s dozen of jedi/padawans who try to get him to “release his anxiety into the force”

epsilon sees people who think the brothers are somehow lesser because they’re clones and his Righteous Bitchiness™ in response nets him honorary brother status

lopez is miserable and still nobody understands what he’s saying but he and anakin fix things together so at least there’s that

kix tries to physically fight doc on no less than seven separate occasions and has to be dragged away lest he tear the pacifist apart with his bare hands. in a hilarious twist of fate, he gets along swimmingly with o’malley

donut. well. donut makes a lot of new friends and none of the crew really want to think about what kind of relationships he has with them.

Anakin and marginalized groups (p.1)

In Star Wars universe there is many groups seen as inferior by majority of people and who were opressed in various ways (lack of civil rights, harmful stereotypes or outright abuse and so on). The discrimination & marginalization touched especially Aliens during Empire’s regime, Clone Troopers during Clone Wars or droids, slaves & female Twi’lek in general.

I know that Anakin’s portrayal varied from one story to another (and no matter what, he is going to fall to Dark Side so his good nature will be twisted in awful way) but most of time he - especially as a boy / teenager - was mindful of those oppressed and marginalized by society, what I think comes from his personal life experiences (being born in slavery) and Shmi Skywalker’s influence (”Mom, you said that the biggest problem in the universe is no one helps each other”).

So let’s talk a bit about young Anakin’s attitude towards marginalized groups and how his point of view humanized some characters (what I already mentioned in context of Jango Fett)

side note: I’m not trying to write a complete analysis; I’m simply focusing on what caught my attenion while reading books & comics.


*I’m going to write soon more detailed analysis about Anakin’s relationship with clone troopers so right now I’m just talking about basic details I noticed in various sources:

The Great Army of Republic was made from clone troopers; a loyal, obiedent group of men who were created with simple purporse: to destroy Jedi to fight & save Republic. Despite their sacrifices, clones never had any civil right. No one asked them if they want fight at all and when clones deserted - or rebelled - they were punished (at best imprisonment or at worst, hunt down and killed).

The first weeks / months of cooperation between Jedi and the clone troopers weren’t really easy. Clones grew up with stories about great, powerful Jedi - their future generals and commanders, yet the first Battle of Geonosis (and following battles) proved that Jedi aren’t infallible. On other side, Jedi were, I guess, confused about “their” clone army. It took some time, before mutual trust and friendship among Jedi and clones was born. Anakin’s view of clone troopers evolved too.

During Clone Wars, Anakin was disturbed that clones have numbers instead of names. He started the whole “naming clones” thing. Anakin respected his subordinates and kept calling clone troopers by names/nicknames. Remember “Darkness on Umbara”? “Master Krell, this is Rex, my first in command. You won’t find a finer or more loyal trooper anywhere”. This is Rex, a man, not numbers. Not just a clone, but trooper in full meaning of the word. What contrasts with Pong Krell or Legends!Vos or vastness of “normal” people who saw clones more as equipment than soldiers, as imitation rather human beings. And clone troopers were quite aware of such dehumanized view; because of such treatment (and “education” from youth) they saw themselves like that too.

Looking how TCW!clone troopers liked to mark their armors & bodies - thus creating a visible diversity between themselves - I guess it’s fair to say that Anakin supported growing sense of individuality between clones. He encouraged them by using their names, by being respectful for them and treating clones like they should be treated - as real people whose life matters. Because of that Anakin gained not only respect but trust of his soldiers as well.

(I think it’s worth to mention that even as Vader, he was still fond of clone troopers from Clone Wars era  what doesn’t mean he wouldn’t kill them if there was a reason for doing so)


Droids were treated differently in various parts of galaxy. On many - if not on most planets, people used and exploited them without any second thought:

Droids are intelligent mechanical contraptions that are vital to the smooth operation of galactic society. Every day, millions of subservient automatons negotiate treaties, repair hyperdrives, cure plagues, incinerate garbage, nurse children, haul cargo, deliver messages, cook meals, and kill enemies. At the same time, droids are often ignored and unappraciated, treated as chattel by many owners and looked at with outright hostility by others (by The Essential Guide to Droids)

However droids may be intelligent, they were still just machines. There were places where droids weren’t welcome at all (like cantine in Mos Espa) or were seen as nothing more than just equipment; since Separatist used army of droids against Republic during Clone Wars, the common distrust & bias toward them only grew stronger. Even some of the positive characters weren’t immune to prejudice toward droids. Some didn’t consider them as equal of living beings while others made biased comments e.g.:

  • ”Shmi assured the droid. She placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, then quickly pulled it away, thinking that a perfectly silly gesture to offer to a walking box of wires.” or
  • “The droid ganged into the socket on his starflghter’s left wing whistled something that sounded suspiciously like a human apology. Obi-Wan’s frown deepened. R4-P17 had been spending too much time with Anakin’s eccentric astromech; it was picking up R2-D2’s bad habits.

There were also societies who shamed people with cybernetic prostheses, making them feel like they were less human because of their disability & need of use the cybernetic parts (and remember Obi-Wan? He’s more machine now than man. Twisted and evil. Yeah, like Anakin’s lost of limbs was the problem here…).

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“good soldiers follow orders” lets mash the two world togetehr and throw locus at the clones, see what they make with him

a buddy pal friendo i am wayyyyyyyy ahead of you but i like your thinking

especially since


listen. l i s t e n.

wash straight-up cries when he sees the brothers in action. he’ll deny it until his dying day, because he loves the reds and blues and grew to care for the soldiers of chorus, but for all the skills that the freelancers had, they had n o t h i n g on the ruthlessly efficient unit cohesion utilized by the brothers on the battlefield and he just needs a minute, okay??

but locus?

i’m pretty sure he goes into shock for a second. i’m pretty sure he understands agent washington’s watery voice all too well because these men who all look and sound almost exactly alike are the epitome of what it means to be a soldier. i’m pretty sure locus wants to squeeze himself into a set of whites and hope that nobody calls him out for not being a clone.

he’s like captain raymond “the statistical analysis is beautiful” holt except instead he’s samuel “their brutal competence makes me Feel Things™” ortez.

… and then he notices the little differences between them all–the hair and the ink and the armor decals and the nicknames. he sees the easy and casual affection between each other, even toward brothers that they’ve never met before right now. they’re literally born and bred to be soldiers but they manage to still be people as well and funnily enough, seeing the bits of them that are purely them really helps locus through his little identity crisis.

the brothers on the other hand just see this big black-suited sonofabitch who lives and breathes battle and hardship and collectively go “DIBS!” and without being aware of it locus is also Adopted™

there’s fistfights between individuals and straight-up brawls between companies for the honor of who gets to keep him. they work out a timeshare schedule. there’s a chart. locus is completely oblivious. it’s like those “character a is pining after character b but is convinced it will never happen in a million years, meanwhile character b is under the impression that they’re already dating” fics.


DBS Episode 109 preview was spectacular!

Wow finally we are going get to see Goku fight Jiren. These two powerful champions of their respective universes. Goku of Universe 7 and Jiren of Universe 11. Words cannot describe how excited I am for this. I have been waiting months for this battle. 

I remember way way back when the Tournament of Power opening was first played. I was thinking this bodybuilder gray alien must be Goku`s new foe for the upcoming tournament. I was like this guy seems formidable. We didn`t even have a name for him back then, at one point everyone just referred to Jiren as the Pride Trooper stronger than Toppo.

Now it`s almost time, It looks like Jiren will be throwing Goku around like the way Hulk slammed Loki into the ground. It seems like Jiren will be using Goku as a punchbag. 

Goku use`s Kaio-ken with his Blue form also on top of that a Spirit Bomb. Wow Goku is not going to hold back anymore. Not with Jiren he can`t afford to. Jiren is just too strong. The Spirit Bomb is basically Goku`s finisher to end the battle. But Jiren is just standing there all defiantly, in front of the Spirit Bomb like you cannot hurt me Goku. What I wanna know is Jiren holding back?

What I think is that Jiren will dominate round 1. After that Goku will have to dig deep to survive and find a way to hurt Jiren and turn the tides around. 

The case of Krell’s death?

Maybe you remember TCW’s story from “Darkness on Umbara” to “Carnage of Krell” in season 4? In the middle of the fight, Palpatine & Jedi Council ordered Anakin to come back to Coruscant immediately while general Krell took his place as a commanding officer of 501st Legion. Through the next episodes it turned out that Krell betrayed Jedi Order and Republic and in result, clone troopers decided to arrest General Krell for treason against the Republic. A fight broke out, but in the end troopers captured the traitor. Except imprisoned Krell was killed by clone trooper. 

The thing that always bother me about this arc is lack of aftermath.

Like, really, I would love to see at least one more episode about what happened on Umbara, but  N.C.I.S. / J.A.G.-like style; you know, with full focus at investigating the case of mere clones killing one of well known / respectable military commanders who also happens to be Jedi. And even if high command / Jedi Council would believe them that Krell betrayed the Republic, he was shot not during arresting but while being imprisoned. What could raise a lot questions, like who actually is responsible for that?

We - as the viewers - know what really happened on Umbara. Not only Krell was guilty of death of many loyal soldiers, but he also sabotaged transmitter. The Umbarans (who lost their capital) were going attack 501st Legion current position and if they won, they would free Krell. Separatist would gain not only powerfull ally but also get important intel. Captain Rex’s decision to kill Krell wasn’t motivated by revenge or hate, but it was based on pragmatic thinking. Then again, it wasn’t him who shot ex-Jedi, but Dogma (who at that time was imprisioned too).

In the end General Kenobi’s battalions have routed the last hold-outs of Umbarans, and Republic army secured all sectors. But did the clone troopers report what really happened? Did Rex and the few clones decided to keep silent (the nod between Dogma and Rex seen in the ending of episode could imply that??) or did they report all the mess to Kenobi & high command? Because if yes, there should be investigation, if Krell really betrayed Republic and why (and on whose order) he was killed in prison since he could have important intel about Dooku and Separatist. Then again, how clone troopers can prove that Krell betrayed Republic, if even Jedi masters like Yoda or Mace Windu didn’t notice his changing view of Jedi Order and war? This is a mess that no one wants, especially not Jedi. And we know from TCW that Jedi don’t stand up for their own people (the lost padawans) and are even less supportive for those charged for crimes (Ahsoka), so why they would stand up for clones? And I mean that, the TCW!Council has an awful tendency to wash their hands of everything that would put them in bad light.

And let’s be real, it doesn’t matter how clone troopers are loyal to Jedi and Republic, they still don’t have any civil rights. The show may not focus at this issue so much as some EU/Legends sources but the dehumanization & prejudice towards them IS there since the first episode. So, who would be the best choice to blame for all the mess? Yeah, the clone troopers.

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Science Vs Magic
  • Tactical Trooper: So what's the difference between science and magic?
  • Elemental Master: Simple, science is boring math problems and theories that never work, while magic is an invisible force that lets you harness the energies of the elements and telepathy.
  • Mastermind: *approaching from a distance* Yeah, that force is called Bullsh*t. You can never really explain how magic even works, can you?
  • Elemental Master: Yes, because it's better in every way possible.
  • Mastermind: *growing impatient* ...HOW?!
  • Elemental Master: Science is flawed, magic is fabulous.
  • Tactical Trooper: Actually, I think they're both worth studying.
  • Mastermind: NO.
  • Elemental Master: *slaps Chung*