(via Astonishing, rare images of the Vietnam War from the winning side)

For much of the world, the visual history of the Vietnam War has been defined by a handful of iconic photographs: Eddie Adams’ image of a Viet Cong fighter being executed, Nick Ut’s picture of nine-year-old Kim Phúc fleeing a napalm strike, Malcolm Browne’s photo of Thích Quang Duc self-immolating in a Saigon intersection.

Many famous images of the war were taken by Western photographers and news agencies, working alongside American or South Vietnamese troops.

But the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong had hundreds of photographers of their own, who documented every facet of the war under the most dangerous conditions.

Almost all were self-taught, and worked for the Vietnam News Agency, the National Liberation Front, the North Vietnamese Army or various newspapers. Many sent in their film anonymously or under a nom de guerre, viewing themselves as a humble part of a larger struggle.

These pictures are beautiful and haunting and worth a few moments of your time.
Essential Skills: Remedial Action for the AR series
Last article we covered immediate action with the AR-15 series rifle. Immediate action is geared toward fixing simple ammunition or feeding problems, such as a light strike, bad primer, or a failure to feed. Conduct immediate action only once - if that fails to solve the problem, remedial action is needed. Remedial action clears more complex rifle malfunctions, such as double feeds, some failures to extract, and bolt overrides.
Adieu; write me upon what Scale, that I may prepare my troop; to morrow we must carry your private affair; show me your letter Before you give it.
—  the Marquis de Lafayette to Alexander Hamilton, Nov. 22, 1780. The “private affair” is thought to allude to Hamilton’s efforts to persuade Washington to grant him command of a battalion. I just find it really cute that Lafayette a) was an enthusiastic co-conspirator in this plot, b) wanted to see Hamilton’s letter to Washington before he sent it off, because let’s be real, Ham was a better writer (at least in English) but Lafayette was probably a way better judge of how GWash would interpret things.
Roop Troop Anniversary

Heyo!! This is a heads up for an event occurring Saturday~
this Saturday at 8:00 am, i will be starting a 24 hour livestream. It will be up for a full 24 hours and will include drawing, webcam, live chat, movies etc. Last year we had a huge load of fun and made many close friends…lets hope for that this year as well! Everybody is invited to come participate, and you can only show up long as you’d like to ~!

This is a p big thing for me personally, it made a real big impact on my life last year and i can only hope it’ll be just as much this year

i have been in mcu fandom for so long i remember all of the memes i remember thor and pop tarts i remember the booty song being applied to every single butt shot i remember the glory days the primadonna life the rise and fall the slow but sure onset of discourse the call out posts the fandom wars the ship wars i’ve engaged in so many wars i’ve contributed to the discourse i’ve fought and led my troops into my fair share of fandom drama and what do i have to show for it

nothing but an aching weariness settling on my bones as i rest on my front porch, smoking a cigar, watching this hell continue around me 

name 3 good reasons we shouldn’t have a sanghelios game where you play as a covenant commander fighting the arbiters troops


A/N: this is for the anon who requested: “can i get a one shot based off the phrase “don’t you give up on me, sweetheart!” with poe x reader? they are on a recon mission w/reader being ground commander & poe being the pilot for the mission. reader/poe implied relationship :) reader takes a wrong step & an avalanche traps reader away from the group. poe had been guarding the ship but flips out when he hears over comm what happened. reader orders everyone to evacuate bc they have been discovered but poe &her troops won’t leave reader.” I’m sorry it took so long, but I hope you like it!

Pairing: Poe x reader

Warning: Mild violence 

“Status report.”

You glanced down at your comlink disdainfully. Your eyes moved to your squad of half a dozen, all of them mimicking your crouched position, eyes scanning ahead for any sign of movement, hands tightly wrapped around their blasters.

Your comlink crackled to life again.

“Green one, come in. Requesting status report.”

“You’d better answer him, sir,” Your number two, Jory, spoke, a soft chuckle rumbling in his chest. “Or you know he’ll be here in two minutes flat.”

You sighed, knowing he was right. You and Poe usually didn’t maintain contact during missions, both of you understanding that the distraction could be lethal. Even so, you had promised him you would keep him updated until you reached the outer reaches of the First Order supply base, and your line had been quiet for some time.

You grabbed your comlink and brought it up to your mouth.

“Green one responding, sorry for the delay.”

You could hear your boyfriend let out a sigh in relief.

“Why’d you have to keep me hanging like that?” He joked, but you could just picture the shaky hand he was probably running through his hair in anxiety. “What’s going on?”

“It’s dark as hell in here and there are bugs everywhere, but I believe we’re close to the cave’s exit.”

“Good to hear,” He chuckled lightly. “I’ll just be here. Waiting.”

“What? Sad you don’t get to be the hero for once?” A round of hearty laughs made its way through your squad and you grinned at them. “Don’t worry, we’ll keep our wits about us. We’ll have hostiles, but hopefully not too many.”

“Yeah, okay. Let me know when you’re in sight of the base.”

“Copy that, Black One.” You returned your comlink to your belt before rubbing the sweat off your brow.  “Alright, everyone, we should only have another half a kilometer in this place before it opens up to the supply base. I expect at least four guards initially; that shouldn’t be much of a problem for us.”

“Not much left,” Jory said, moving to stand. “I don’t know about you, but—“

You held out your arm, gesturing for him to zip it and stay still as you brought up your blaster, eyes scanning the cave in alarm. You moved forward slowly, something off in the distance scuffling around in the water. There was a good five meters in front of you before the cave walls made a sharp turn. Whatever is was, it was just beyond the corner.

You stood up slowly, still making it clear you wanted your squad to stay where they were. One of them made to speak up, probably to tell you it wasn’t a good idea to go it alone, but you shushed them and hesitantly stepped forward. You strained to see more clearly in the relative darkness and your heart started pounding in your chest when the scuffling stopped. You were close to the corner now.

With a heart stopping shriek, a First Order soldier stepped out from behind the corner, finger on the trigger of a missile launcher aimed right over the heads of your squad. In a second, you launched towards them, ramming your shoulder into their abdomen. The projectile fired, but hit a good few meters farther away from your people than intended. Fortunately.

Unfortunately, it hit the cave ceiling in between where you and where the rest of your squad was, causing an avalanche of giant rocks, dust, and dirt to pour into the cave, effectively cutting you off from the group.

You stared in disbelief at the new wall that separated you from help, ears ringing. You didn’t get much time to think about it, however, when the Stormtrooper’s fist collided with your jaw. They climbed on top of you, hand searching for the blaster at their belt. You immediately brought your knee up and slammed it into their groin.

He cried out in agony and dropped to his side. You took your opportunity to scramble up on to your knees and grabbed the blaster off his belt before slamming the butt of the weapon into his temple. His body fell limp immediately.

You let out a shaky breath in an attempt to calm yourself down. That was when your ears finally tuned into the muffled yelling from the other side of the blast zone.

“Commander? Commander are you okay?”

You stood up, rubbing your jaw with a grimace, and placed your hands on the rock pile, dirt falling over your hands.

“I’m here, are you guys okay?”

“Green one, status report.”

You immediately grabbed at your comlink and opened up the channel with Poe and your team. Your head snapped around to look down the cave, ears picking up on yelling and approaching boot falls.

“Listen to me—“

(Y/N) what’s going on?”

“Jory, listen to me,” You breathed, fist clenching around your blaster. “I need you to take everyone back. We don’t have the element of surprise anymore and it’s gonna take us too long to dig me out. Poe’ll be waiting for you outside. Get everyone there and get off this planet.”

“Can someone please explain to me what the hell happened?”

“A Stormtrooper took us by surprise, knocked out the ceiling from above us and I’m on the wrong side.” You explained, swallowing the lump in your throat. “Listen, Poe, I need you to take them—“

“Like hell I’m leaving without you!”

“Poe, think about it!” You croaked, back now against the rocks as you waited for any sign of the troopers. “We don’t have enough time and I’m not putting everyone else’s lives in danger for the sake of mine.”

“Sir, with all due respect,” Jory said, and you could feel the dirt on your back begin to move, a dull scraping noise hitting your ears. “We’re not leaving you behind, either.”

“This is a mistake,” You ground out, eyes watering from Jory’s confession. “You could leave now.”

“Don’t give up on me, sweetheart!” Poe said. You could tell that he was breathing heavily, probably from sprinting as fast as he could. “There’s seven of us, we’ll get you out of there, just hold on.”

You sighed, hitting the back of your head on the rock wall before crawling over to a stalagmite to get in to a better position. When the first Stormtrooper made their way around the corner, you were ready. You took them down easily with one shot.


It was Poe, he was so close.

“I’m fine! Just keep digging!”

Feeling slightly renewed knowing you had your team and Poe behind you, you waited for the next trooper to come around the corner.

You were sat there for a good twenty minutes, picking off each trooper as they came around. Sometimes they’d get smart and come in pairs or more, but it wasn’t anything you couldn’t handle.

But that was when things got a little more exciting.

Your heart nearly stopped when you heard the familiar whistle of a grenade flying straight at you. You scrambled away from the stalagmite as fast you could, but not nearly fast enough. You felt the heat on your back before you were slammed face first into the ground from the blast. You could hear Poe, Jory, and some of the others yelling from the other side, but couldn’t make out what they were saying.

Before you could push yourself up off the ground, you felt a knee on your back, a blaster pistol firing up at the back of your head. You could see about eight other Stormtroopers making their way over to you.

“Move one muscle, I dare you.” The woman growled, digging her boney knee in even harder. “How’s it feel, rebel rat? I can’t wait until I get you back to Starkiller base. General Hux will be so pleased to have one of the rebellion’s top officers.”

“Not likely, pal.” You croaked, spitting the blood out of your mouth.

Everyone’s attention turned to the rock wall when it began to crumble in on itself. Rebel blasters starting firing before the First Order troopers even had a chance to react.

You saw Poe’s boots come over what was left of the pile-up before he fired and the pressure on your back was relieved. You started to push yourself up, ignoring how much your entire body was aching. Poe’s arms wrapped under yours and pulled you up, pressing you flush into his side as he pulled your arm over his shoulder to stabilize your limping as he helped you over the rock pile.

Cheers and whistles from behind signaled victory from the rest of your team. You grinned, feeling a little let down that you’d messed up the mission, but you felt proud nonetheless. The base had been cleared out, so it wasn’t a complete failure.

“You really can’t go on single mission without being a hero, can you?”  You sighed, leaning in to Poe’s side. “It must be Dameron blood.”

Poe let out a loud laugh, tightening his hold on you, albeit gently.

“It must be,” He confessed, kissing the crown of your head. His voice softened. “And just so we’re clear, coming back for you will never, ever be a mistake. I’ll always come back for you, whether you like it or not.”

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February 8, 1916 - French Cruiser Amiral Charner Torpedoed, 374 Sailors Drown

Pictured - The Amiral Charner. Of its 375 crew members, one survived.

Amiral Charner was a French armored cruiser built in the 1890s.  Besides a brief stint in China during the Boxer Rebellion, the ship served most of its career in the Mediterranean, forming part of the International Squadron during the Greco-Turkish War in 1897 before being relegated to a training ship.  In 1914 she was re-commissioned for war, joining the French Mediterranean Fleet, blockading Western Turkey. 

In September 1915, the cruiser played a brief but heroic role by saving 3,000 Armenian refugees on the coast from encroaching Ottoman troops north of the Orontes River Delta.  On February 8, while sailing from Syria to Egypt, German submarine U-21 torpedoed and sank the Amiral Charner, which went down in less than four minutes with 374 crew members, the whole crew save one.  The German submarine was commanded by Otto Hersing, who had already sunk one British battleship of Scotland and two off Gallipoli.

Love Will Have Its Way: Chapter 6

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Warnings: Violence, swearing, I think that’s it

A/N: This is a long one, guys, but we’re not at the end just yet. This is very wordy, lots of action, which was an unbelievable difficulty to write and I may or may not have cracked a bottle of wine to write this, so I apologize for the errors I know are in this. Thanks for reading, lovelies, until next time!

 According to Phasma, Finn’s rebellion caused an uprising among the stormtroopers, and once you and Kylo had escaped, she decided to seek them out and lead them. Tensions were high in the fortress, most of the energy was focused on rebuilding, so it was easy to schedule under the radar meetings and training sessions for her new rebel troops. As soon as she heard they were planning an attack and extraction on the Resistance base, she planned her counter attack, helping General Leia and much of the Resistance base to evacuate.

You stared in awe of Phasma in front of you, you almost wanted to pinch yourself, you were just thrilled to see her.

“H-hey, Captain Phasma.” Finn said cautiously knocking on the frame of the door of Phasma’s newly designated quarters.

“Yes, FN… Uh, Finn?”Phasma turned from you to the fidgeting man in the doorway.

“No hard feelings about the whole ‘trash compactor thing’ right?”

You snorted, so that’s why she smelled like garbage the night the Starkiller Base exploded. Phasma’s eyes narrowed,

“An eye for an eye, I suppose. No hard feelings about stealing your childhood and extending your hours on refresher duty, right?” She flashed him a pearly smile to which he laughed.

“Could have been worse.” Finn smiled, “Also, we’re all meeting in the command room, General Leia wants to retaliate as soon as possible.”

“We’ll be right there, thanks, Finn.” You nodded to him as he turned to leave.

As Finn left, Phasma turned her attention back to you,

“So! You still keeping that Kylo out of trouble, I see, how’s that?” She leans back in her chair.

“I’ve never seen him so happy,” You pause, your brow furrowing, “That’s why I’m so worried. If Snoke sees us, he’ll kill us on sight, and I won’t allow it-“

“Nor will I. I’ll crush that mole rat’s skull before he can blink, fucking with my Lady like that. He will learn the true meaning of pain for what he’s done to you.”

You gave a smirk before becoming somber again, “But if something does happen to me, if I die-“ You were cut off again by Phasma waving a hand in dismissal.

“[Y/N], you are one of the most powerful people I have ever met and if I were Snoke I would be shitting my pants at the thought of you. Snoke may be experienced, but from what I have seen and understand of the Force, it has nothing to do with years and all to do with what you are fighting for. Snoke fights for power, fights with only hatred, but you, you fight with something more. You and Kylo, you’re the balance of the Force, you fight with hate yes, but with passion, love. You always have, [Y/N], and I am proud to call you my superior and friend.”

You smiled, “And I am proud to call you my friend, as well.”

You took a few more minutes of visiting with Phasma before you both left to join the others in the command room. You both walked over and stood next to Kylo, the three of you reunited seemed to build your confidence as the three of you commanded the attention of the room. Phasma immediately began mapping out Snoke’s fortress while you included insight on its weak spots you had learned, Kylo interjecting with a few tactics he and Hux had developed back on Starkiller Base. You caught glimpses of Leia watching the three of you, a slight shine of pride showed itself in her expression, Kylo had come a long way, though he refused to go by Ben still. In his mind, Ben was truly dead, he was Kylo Ren, but Kylo had always had Light in him, and though he would never be the same person he was as Ben, he was yours, your Kylo, and that was the greatest version of him you could ever imagine.

Within the next couple hours, a small army of dark green jackets and white armour had assembled itself with a pretty good plan of attack. Captain Phasma and Finn took a force of stormtroopers and Resistance fighters, Poe lead his X Wing pilots, and you, Rey, and Kylo joined Luke leading the entire attack. As you finished strapping on your leather arm guards, you heard a soft knock on the door. With a slight wave of your hand you opened the doors to reveal a black clad Kylo.

“I was just about to come find you. Ready, love?” You said, crossing the room to meet Kylo.

Kylo pulled you into him, wrapping his arms around your waist,

“The First Order are lucky, they get to see your beautiful face before they die.”

“A tad morbid, but flattering.” You chuckle, pressing a kiss to his cheek, “Let’s finish this.”

Kylo gives your hand a tight squeeze and you both join the other’s outside. Leia pulls Kylo aside, while you go over final preparations with you team, Poe makes his way over pulling you and Rey in for a hug,

“I’ll be right up in the sky watching over you guys, we’re going to take these nerfherders down once and for all.”

“I have no idea what that means, but thanks, flyboy. You look out for yourself up there.”

You and Rey exchange smiles as Poe and Finn kiss goodbye, or at least an “I’ll see you later” and Poe leaves to his X Wing team. You’re just about to board the shuttle when you hear Leia call you over. You pass Kylo as you go, he brushes his gloved fingers against your arm,

“I’ll see you on the ship.” He says, kissing your cheek.

As you approach Leia, she pulls your hands into hers,

“My dear, I want to thank you.”

“There’s nothing to thank me for, ma’am, I should be thanking you.”

“Please, call me Leia.” Her expression is genuine and earnest as she continues, “You’ve brought peace to my son, something I don’t think he’s had for a very long time. [Y/N], I meant to tell you this sooner, but I knew your parents. They didn’t leave you on that planet, in fact your memories of that planet are a work of Snoke. My dear, I know this may not be the time to say it, but you have known Ben far longer than you think.”

Your eyebrows furrowed, “I-I don’t understand…”

“Your family were very important Ambassadors for the Republic. Snoke took you and wiped your memory. He wiped Kylo’s as well, erased any previous memory of you he had. Growing up, you were always very close; you were always destined for each other.” She spoke softly, gauging your reaction cautiously.

Your confusion turned to grim acceptance, “Honestly, nothing surprises me with Snoke anymore. What about my parents, are they-are they alive?”

Leia turned her gaze down, shaking her head, “I don’t know. They disappeared shortly after you did. We should have seen the signs that Snoke would take Ben too, but we thought you had died, we saw no hope till I saw you in his arms the day he came back. I knew you two would guide each other, bring a balance to not only both of you, but the Force as well.”

“Leia, I-Thank you for telling me. I wish I could remember, my memories, they just seem so real.”

You pause, but before you can continue, Leia interjects again,

“I know you may not remember, but you have always been just as much apart of our family as you are of yours. I am so proud what you and Ben have become, I am so sorry I couldn’t have done more sooner.”

You wrap Leia in a tight hug, not feeling the need or ability to say anymore. Your mind was reeling, but you pushed it aside, focusing on the task at hand: bringing down the creature that was Snoke, the monster that stole everything from you, but you weren’t willing to give him anything else.

“May the Force be with you, [Y/N].” Leia says as you leave.

You stop, turning to give her a small salute, “And with you, General.”

On the shuttle, you’re quiet, thinking about the newly acquired information and the battle plan and the fact that you totally forgot to eat lunch and you were starving.

“Something’s bother you.” Kylo said from beside you, intertwining his hand in yours.

“Just skipped lunch.” You look up at where Luke is sitting, “Hey, Skystrutter, did you pack snacks for our skytrip?”

Luke looked up, raising an eyebrow at you, “No, I figured everyone would be too focused on the possible suicide mission to be thinking about their stomachs.” He chuckles.

“Yeah well, a girl’s gotta eat, suicide mission or not.”

From the other side of the room you heard Phasma laugh.

“That can’t be all that’s bothering you. What did my mother say?” Kylo finally said next to you.

“Tell you what, I’ll tell you if you promise to tell me what you use on your hair.” You see Kylo smirk a little.


You roll your eyes when a small ache of anxiety begins to clutch at your stomach as you feel the ship preparing to land. The shuttles landed a fair distance from the fortress, just enough for the Force users on board to cloak the shuttles in a sense. You feel a similar wave of anxiety from Kylo as he clutches your hand a little tighter. Finn and Phasma are barking out orders, getting their blasters ready as you join the line of Luke and Rey behind them, lightsabers glowing in hand.

The First Order don’t seem to be expecting an attack as small groups of your stormtroopers disguise themselves among the others in the fortress, when it came time to attack, they’d remove their helmets, making the distinguishable from the other troopers. Slowly, the rest of you snuck onto the base, luckily they didn’t improve on their security since the Starkiller Base. The plan was simple enough, get in, drop the shields, kill Snoke, and blow up the fortress. No sweat.

Your group of Finn, Phasma, Rey, Luke, Chewie, and Kylo split off into a control room, quietly dispatching of the stormtroopers in the room. Phasma went quickly to work on dropping the shields, she turned to look at Finn for a moment,

“Why do I have such terrible de javu.” Her intense eyes narrowing at the smug face Finn was making.

“Second time’s the charm.”

“Punk.” Phasma scoffed before clapping her hands together as you saw the shields drop on the screen, “We won’t have long before they know we’re here. I suggest we find Snoke now.”

Rey clapped a hand on Finn’s shoulder, “You ready?”

“Hell no.” He breathed.

You could hear the airstrikes from the Poe’s X Wing crew above, shaking the fortress as your group ran through the dark corridors towards where you sensed Snoke. He was on the move from what you could tell. You all pulled short at the wall of black clad Knights before you. There were more of them and they would have intimidated you if you weren’t so pissed off. Of course, Snoke would hide behind them, hadn’t he always? There were five of them and five of you, which would have been a fair fight until you felt invisible fingers around your throat. You quickly resisted it before shouting behind you,

“These aren’t Knights! These are Sith apprentices!” As you shouted, you threw one of them back as hard as you could, hearing the sickening crack of their bones shattering against the stone walls. Apparenlty you didn’t throw him hard enough, because he was already pushing himself off the ground as the rest of them charged towards the five of you.

The apprentice you threw came charging towards you, red lightsaber in front of him in a flurry of spinning attacks. Clearly he hadn’t been trained like you and Kylo had been, not mixing Force attacks with saber attacks. You swung both of your lightsabers out in front of you, catching his red one in the middle. Your eyes burned into his mask and though you couldn’t see his face, you could feel the utter rage burning inside him. A half smile began to spread across your face, he cocked his head as you yanked your crossing sabers to the side, tearing his lightsaber out of his hand. You took a cocky spin and ran both sabers across his neck.

Looking up for a new opponent, you found one of the apprentices, his helmet off, blue eyes filled with fear as he held a lightsaber to Finn’s neck, holding him hostage. Your eyes darted from the blue ones of the apprentice to Finn’s,

“Take another step, pull another Force trick and I’ll slice him open like paper.” The apprentice shouted. He was the only one left standing.

You looked over at Rey, an understanding passed between the two of you.

“You will release him and surrender your weapon.” Rey said, holding a shaking hand out to him.

The lightsaber only got closer to Finn’s neck.

“What are you doing? Stop that! I’ll kill him.” The blue-eyed man spat.

Rey wavered, looking to Luke who gave her a reassuring glance. You took the opportunity to press into the apprentice’s mind, piece-by-piece removing its defenses without him noticing. You felt Kylo in his mind as well, doing the same thing. You nodded to Rey.

“You will release him and surrender your weapon.” Rey said more forcefully this time, pun intended.

The hold on Finn released and the man handed Finn his lightsaber, which Finn quickly jammed through the apprentice’s chest. You gave Rey a thumbs-up before you all began moving towards the main chamber of the fortress, the heart of it, where Snoke awaited.

Phasma and Finn separated from the group, moving to continue directing troopers around the fortress. They were both reluctant to leave, but it seemed to be the wisest decision. The four of you threw the doors open, which were held shut by a strong Force.

“Ah, if it isn’t the traitors and their new friends,” Snoke spoke, back turned to you, “I suppose you have come here to kill me.”

Something about this felt like a trap, but with Snoke everything seemed to have a more sinister meaning behind it. Suddenly you felt a sickening pain shoot through your mind, just as Snoke had done many times before. You cried out, falling to knees, clutching your head. You heard Rey and Kylo rushing to your side, heard Luke shouting at Snoke, but it all felt distant, as if you were underwater. Images burned through your mind, the image of a young boy with freckles and black hair, images of two elegantly dressed people speaking with a younger version of Han and Leia, heard children’s laughter turn to screaming as you felt yourself being pulled by an invisible force. You saw darkness, you saw the crumbled image of Kylo in the snow, a bloody gash running across his face. You felt warm lips, you saw Kylo’s smile pushing crinkles into the corners of his warm brown eyes, you heard his laugh reverberate against your chest. A blinding white light flashed behind your eyes as your eyes flew open, a massive crackling of electricity erupted from you and launched itself into Snoke’s robed form.

The ground was shaking underneath you, everyone’s eyes were wide and transfixed on you as you stared down at your hands.

“Did you fucking see that?” You shouted.

Luke gave you a proud nod, before you all turned your attention back to Snoke, who was falling into the abyss opening itself up in the middle of the throne room. The four of you stood over his scrambling figure, clutching onto the edge. Luke and Rey seemed to take a step to the side, letting you and Kylo glare down at him.

“You will never escape the pull to the Dark! You will finish what was started!” Snoke shouted.

You spat down onto his face, causing him to flinch. “Give it up, Snoke, you’re finished.”

You and Kylo brought your boots down onto his fingers, causing him to release either from reflex or the fact that you shattered his wrinkled fingers. The four of you watched him fall into the molten lava of the planet’s core. It was over. Except now you had yet another collapsing planet to deal with.

“It’s over.” Kylo was dumbfounded next to you.

“It’s over.” You let out a shaky breath, agreeing with him.

“Let’s get out of here.” Luke said, the four of you turning, too in shock to run.

Rey found speeders that you could use to escape when you stopped short,

“I’ve never… Speeders aren’t my forte.” You awkwardly interjected.

“It’s like flying ship, only different!” Rey tried to say encouragingly.

“Fuck.” You mumbled, before repeating it like a mantra as you felt the speeder start under you.

“You got this, love!” You heard Kylo call, shooting you a thumbs up from the speeder beside you.

“I definitely don’t go this!” You shouted as you jerkily shot out of the fortress and towards where the last shuttle waited.

A certain kind of silence fell over the shuttle on the way back to the Resistance Base. It was a silence of awe and relief, the First Order was defeated, many prisoners were taken who surrendered, including General Hux himself. The silence was a celebration in itself, the fact that all of you could finally have silence, peace. You leaned your head against Kylo, grateful for the feeling of him against you, you pulled his hand up to your lips, kissing his knuckles. He ran a thumb over your hand in response. Snoke was dead, but somehow you felt something else had just begun.