Arrows and Forehead Marks

Whe can see that Carmilla was shoot with a arrow probably from Summer Society

For what Laura said, seems that Vordie is somehow controlling the zetas and Summer Society to be his troop against vampires.

And remember the forehead thing?

That they even photoshoped?

So I bet they have this marks on their foreheads that allows Vordie control them.

-The Zetas and Summer Society will not help Laura agaist Vordie
-Laura will have to work with Mattie
-When you are an adult you are allowed to have ice cream dinner.

An Axis Italian pilot of the Italian Royal Air Force (Regia Aeronautica Italiana) stands in front of his Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 medium bomber in occupied Albania during the Greco-Italian War before a bombing raid over Greece. The aerial bombs in front of pilot spell out “Merry Christmas” in Italian. Near Shkodër, Shkodër County, Albania. 24 December 1940.
Thursday Is 70th anniversary of Hiroshima bombing
US and East Asia build cooperation over decades following end of WWII

Thursday will be 70 years since the U.S. struck Hiroshima with an atomic bomb. Three days later, a second nuclear weapon was dropped on Nagasaki. World War Two ended a week later, when Japan surrendered.

Despite the decades that have passed, memories of atrocities and war crimes linger. Examples include the Rape of Nanjing and the use of South Korean women as sexual slaves for Japanese troops. And the use of atomic weapons at the end of the war continues to resonate today as the world tries to curb nuclear weapons programs in Iran and North Korea.

A Chinese tank during competition in Alabino, outside Moscow, Russia, Monday, August 3, 2015. The competition called the International Army Games involves troops from Russia and several other nations.
The Man Who Shot Michael Brown
Darren Wilson says he wants to stop thinking about what happened in Ferguson. But the town isn’t done.

Wilson, who is from Texas, is the son of a woman who repeatedly broke the law. His mother, Tonya Dean, stole money, largely by writing hot checks. After completing high school, she married Wilson’s father, John, who had been her English teacher. They soon had two children to support—Darren and his younger sister, Kara—but Dean spent wildly. She left John Wilson for another man, Tyler Harris, who ran a Y.M.C.A. They had a child, Jared, and Darren and Kara lived with them. “Tonya had me in debt—almost twenty thousand dollars—that first year,” Harris told me. Dean, it seems, often repaid debts to one person by stealing money from someone else.

The family eventually moved to St. Peters, west of St. Louis. When Wilson was thirteen, he stopped trusting his mother altogether, because she stole funds that she had helped raise for his Boy Scout troop. He worried that she would steal what little money he made working summer jobs, so he opened two bank accounts. The first, which had almost no money in it, was a decoy. He put his real earnings in the second, secret account. Wilson also tried to preëmpt his mother’s stealing. Once, he warned a friend’s parents not to let her inside their house, because she would surely find a way to steal their identities and max out their credit cards.


Property Brother’s Jonathan Silver Scott made his acting debut on TXF

Little Green Men - Blue Beret (uncredited)

Gillian’s mention on Conan:

So we’re shooting it and we’re revved up and Mulder and Scully jump into this car and we start to drive away and the troops come up and the car stops and these guys, these big, you know as I said, buff guys, jump out of the car and they’re all in fatigues and they start going, “Bang, peew, bang” verbalizing these gun sounds. Which of course, you know, cut the crew [who] starts laughing hysterically.


Late Night with Conan O'Brien - 5/22/95

Jacek Karpiński (1927-2010) was a Polish pioneer in computer engineering and computer science, sometimes referred to as the “Polish Bill Gates”. But due to the absurdities of the communist rule in the Polish People’s Republic, his career never flourished.

During WW2 he was a soldier, first in the Gray Ranks (underground paramilitary Polish Scouting Association) which he entered at the age of 14, covering his young age, later in the Batalion Zośka of the Home Army (anti-nazi and anti-communist Polish resistance troops). Among many activities, he took a part in the successful Operation Kutschera (as a member of reconnaissance team) and the 1944 Warsaw Uprising when he was heavily wounded, just at the age of 17. Although successfully recovered, the damages of his spine made him limp for the rest of his life. He was awarded multiple times with a Cross of Valour.

After the war he became a developer of one of the first machine learning algorithms, techniques for character and image recognition. In 1959 he constructed AKAT-1 [image below], world’s first transistor differential analyzer, designed to solve systems of differential equations and modeling processes.

After receiving a UNESCO award in 1960, he got a permission from the Polish government to study for 2 years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Harvard University. In the early 1960s he participated in founding of the Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In 1968 he constructed KAR-65 [first image, with his team], a transistor-based computer designed for analyzing particle collision data from CERN.

Although he was widely respected for his mind and achievements on the field of science, the communist government never stopped persecuting or controlling him on the account of his former involvement with the Home Army and participation in the Warsaw Uprising, both known for their anti-communist sentiment at the time of the war. Such problem was common among thousands of Polish war veterans, and first of the reasons of Polish emmigration from the country after the war.

In 1971 Karpiński designed one of the first minicomputers, the K-202 [image above]. Because of the policy on computer development in the communist-controlled Poland, branch belonging to the Comecon that time, K-202 was never mass-produced. 

Due to friction resulting from competition with Elwro, a government-backed competitor, the production of K-202 was blocked and Karpiński thrown out of his company under the allegiations of sabotage and embezzlement.

He backed off and became a pig farmer [above: Karpiński in 1978]. In 1981, after receiving a passport, he emigrated for few years to Switzerland. 

He came back in 1990, after Poland’s transformation to democracy, but the new reality and politics, still interwoven with old communist personalities, appeared to be financially overwhelming. Before his death, he was earning for a living by designing websites.

All images via Polski Portal Kultury.

In Polish: “Zniszczyć konstruktora”“Polski Bill Gates i świnie”, “Jacek Karpiński hodował świnie na znak protestu?”, “Zapomniany polski Bill Gates: Jacek Karpiński wyprzedził swoją epokę o kilkadziesiąt lat”.


By Jane Coyle
The Stage, 03 August 2015

For four years, the island town of Enniskillen has been at the epicentre of the Happy Days Enniskillen International Beckett Festival. Under director Sean Doran, Happy Days attracts artistic excellence of the highest order. Far from being a po-faced affair, its programmes are laced with wit and some degree of eccentricity. Audiences troop uphill and down dale for performances on land, on water and underground.


Fifteen minutes of creative brilliance can make for a true festival event. Sophie Hunter and Andrew Staples’ collaboration on Benjamin Britten’s last vocal work is exactly that. At the centre of a vast, darkened equestrian arena within an abandoned castle, mezzo soprano Ruby Philogene stands motionless aloft a towering, revolving funeral pyre of ruched white silk. Ulster Orchestra players are ranged around, while Jack Knowles’ blades of light relentlessly slice into the final segment of a life wracked by forbidden love. Glorious of voice and calm of purpose, Philogene articulates the fatal plight of Racine’s tragic heroine through Robert Lowell’s eloquent translation. It is torturous to witness her agonisingly slow physical and emotional disintegration unravelling dramatically to an undefined end.

Billy Joel is closing out the Coliseum tonight. When the house lights go on as the show ends, that will be it for the Coliseum as we know it. They’ve already taken the “Home of the Islanders” sign off the facade.

Now, you may think Billy Joel - being Long Island’s favorite son - is a great pick to close out the building. And for a minute there, I did, too. But then I thought about it. Joel hasn’t played there in 17 years. 17 years in which he’s done an awful lot of touring and couldn’t be bothered to come back to his home grounds to play. When the Coliseum was first threatened, many years ago, he did nothing to lend his voice to the Lighthouse Project or speak out about keeping the Coliseum (and the Isles) here while other, maybe lesser known local celebrities were speaking out about the referendum and trying to get people to rally the troops. He was considerably silent on the whole thing. 

But here he is, speaking about his love for the Coliseum, readying to close the place by doing a localized set and, as he said, maybe changing some of the lyrics to be more relevant, pandering to the crowd as always. See, I have a small, small soft spot for Billy Joel which is entirely based in high school nostalgia, but I’ve come to view him as a narcissistic, arrogant, self absorbed jackass who cares about nothing but himself. That he’s closing down my beloved Coliseum after not appearing here FOR SEVENTEEN YEARS really irks me. 

And yea, I would have gone to the show if I could have afforded it, just for the sake of being at the very last Coliseum event. But as it stands, my last attendance at the arena was for an Islanders playoff game which they won, and that’s how the ending will always be for me. Not with this guy pretending to show love for a place he didn’t even help try to save, even though his voice might have helped. 

I’m not angry or anything about this. Just disappointed. The Coliseum will always be Home of the Islanders to me, not the Home of Billy Joel. 

anonymous asked:

Yall realize that most of the military funding actually goes to the people in the military as pay right? So either you're stupid and don't know what you're talking about or you support stealing pay from hard working Americans who are just trying to put food on their table and give their family and themselves a decent life. Which is it?

Most doesn’t make it to the troops- we need to reorganize military funding because the salary of the average American soldier is appalling. With the amount that goes into the military, there’s no excuse for the shit salaries and shit care they get at home. 

-the Polish one