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Portrait of Union general Cadwallader C. Washburn (sitting at far right) and his staff during the American Civil War, c. 1860′s.


British Presentation Sabre to Lt. Sulivan of the 1st Regiment of Life Guards by C Troop, dated 1814

The blade (minor surface patination) bright at the tip and etched and gilt against a blued ground over nearly its entire length on one side with foliage, a wreath, a martial trophy, crowned ‘GR’ cypher, the figure of Victory, and Union foliage, and on the other with the presentation inscription between martial trophies and foliage, mounted into a contemporary French ormolu hilt of senior officer’s regulation type with oval langets each cast and chased with a martial trophy, rear quillon (repaired) with hound’s head terminal, knuckle-guard with neoclassical foliage, lion’s mask pommel, and chequered ebony grip fluted down the spine, in original ormolu scabbard (broken and repaired) chased with designs of foliage along the outside, two rings for suspension, and retaining much original gilding. 85.5 cm blade.

The presentation inscription reads: 'This sword, is presented by the Non-Commissioned Officers, and Privates of, C Troop, in the 1,st. Reg.t., of Life Guards, to Lieutenant Sulivan of the same Reg.t., as a Token of their high Esteem of him, as an Officer and a Gentleman. St. Jean de Luz, France. March 24th; 1814.’

George James Sulivan (1791-1858) entered the 1st Life Guards as Lieutenant on 26 September 1811 and served in the Peninsular being present at Toulouse (M.G.S). On 21 April 1815 he transferred to the Royal Horse Guards as Captain. The date of presentation coincides with the establishment of the Duke of Wellington’s headquarters at St. Jean de Luz during the Winter of 1813-14

Men of ‘C’ Troop of Major Gough’s 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron near Wolfheze station on Monday 18 September, with their jeeps just visible beyond the railway line. The soldier in the foreground is armed with a PIAT. This picture gives a good idea of the woodland between the British landing zones and Oosterbeek. (IWM photograph BU1144)

Photo & caption featured in Osprey Campaign • 24 Arnhem 1944 Operation ‘Market Garden’ by Stephen Badsey


Map of the Battlefield of Chattanooga commissioned for Ulysses S. Grant 1/23/1864

Map of the Battlefield of Chattanooga, Made to accompany Report of Major General U.S. Grant By Direction of Brigadier General W. F. Smith, Chief Engr., Mil. Div. Miss., Compiled and drawn by C. S. Mergell. Positions of Troops &c. drawn by E. Hergesheimer.  [Dated] Topl. Engineer Office, Army of the Cumberland, Chattanooga, Ten., Jn. 23,   1864.
File Unit: Kentucky and Tennessee, 1784 - 1890. Series: Civil Works Map File, 1800 - 1947. Record Group 77: Records of the Office of the Chief of Engineers, 1789 - 1999

The Chattanooga Campaign was waged from October to November 1863. The Union victory proved vital to later battles in the south, including Atlanta and Sherman’s March to the Sea. This map was drawn to supplement Major General Ulysses S. Grant’s report of the battle. You can discover more Civil War maps in the Civil Works Map File, 1800-1947 series.

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Milton Holland - United States Colored Troops- 

Recipient Of America’s Highest Military Decoration—The Medal Of Honor —For His Actions At The Battle Of Chaffin’s Farm


Holland was born as the son of Bird Holland, a white slaveowner (killed in action at the Battle of Mansfield) and an African-American slave. He joined the Army from Athens, Ohio.  At the Athens County Fairgrounds he signed to the recruitment rolls 149 young black men and raised what was to become Company C of the 5th United States Colored Infantry

RANK/UNIT: Sergeant Major, 5th U.S. Colored Troops.

CITATION: "Took command of Company C, after all the officers had been killed or wounded, and gallantly led it.“

MEDAL PRESENTED: 6 April 1865.

BIOGRAPHICAL DATA: Born: Austin, TX. 1844.

Holland was an 18-year-old shoemaker when he enlisted in the U.S. Army. He stood 5'8” tall. Holland and the 5th were present at the famous “Battle of the Crater” in Petersburg, VA on 30 July 1864, but were not used in the disastrous Union charge. At Chaffin’s Farm (Fort Harrison), Holland and the 5th suffered heavy casualties during the assault and subsequent hand-to-hand combat. “But, with a courage that knew no bounds, the men stood like granite figures. They routed the enemy and captured the breastworks. The courage displayed by young Holland’s regiment on this occasion called for the highest praise from Gen. Grant, who personally rode over the battlefield in company with Generals Butler and Draper.”

By order of General Butler, Holland was promoted to Captain, but because of his color was refused the commission by the War Department. Holland was later present when General Joseph E. Johnston C.S.A. surrendered to General William T. Sherman. Sergeant-Major Holland was mustered out of service at Carolina City, NC, on September 20, 1865.

An order from Gen. Benjamin Butler, dated 11 October 1864, had this to say:

Milton M. Holland, sergeant-major, Fifth U.S. Colored Troops, commanding Company C; James H. Bronson, first sergeant, commanding Company D; Robert Pinn, first sergeant, commanding Company I, wounded; Powhatan Beaty, first sergeant, commanding Company G, Fifth U.S. Colored Troops–all these gallant colored soldiers were left in command, all their company officers being killed or wounded, and led them gallantly and meritoriously through the day. For these services they have most honorable mention, and the commanding general will cause a special medal to be struck in honor of these gallant colored soldiers.

Official Records, #89, p168.

During the war, Holland wrote to, and was published in, his local newspaper, the Athens, Ohio Messenger. Milton, M. Holland, Sergeant Major, 5th USCT Library of Congress

Medal of Honor Recipients: 1863-1978, Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1979 p. 119.
Mitchell, Joseph B. Lt. Col., The Badge of Gallantry, New York: MacMillian & Co., 1986 pp. 141-3.
Bearss- Edwin C., “Black Medals of Honor Received a New Market Heights, 29 September 1864.” National park Service Memo in Richmond NBP files, 2 April 1979.
Davis, William C., Death in the Trenches: Grant at Petersburg. Alexandria, VA Time-Life books, 1986. p. 124.

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Howfy, do you have any photos of Australian troops in Korea, I only seem to find officer photos or USA troops? My dad and uncles served in Aussie infantry, dad done three tours

An Australian soldier takes aim with his M2 Carbine during the Korean war.

Canberra, Australia Korean War Memorial

Troops of 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR) in Korea

Ian Robertson: Members of 3RAR (Royal Australian Regiment)in a shallow trench, Hill 614 area, February 1951 Korea

General Van Fleet, General Officer Commanding, 8th US Army (far left) inspects members of the 3rd Battalion (3RAR), when bestowing the Presidential citation in recognition of the Unit’s action at Kapyong, Korea. US Major General John W O’Daniel is to Van Fleet’s left. [AWM 083857]

AWM HOBJ2068 Korea. c 1951. Troops of 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment

Australian soldiers load shells onto a Patton Tank after clearing an enemy road block near Chonju, Korea, in December 1950. It is not implied that these soldiers participated in any atrocities. Source: News Limited 

A private in the Australian Army holds his Bren at the ready, as a dead North Korean soldier lies in the background in Korea in 1952.

RAN Firefly aircraft on board HMAS Sydney off Korea

Members of the Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR) wash in a river before they advance into North Korea, October 1950.

International troops in the Korean War.

Between 930,000 and 1,100,000,

Flag of South Korea 590 911,
Flag of the United States 480,000
British Flag 63,000,
Flag of Canada, 26,791,
Flag of Australia 17,000,
Flag of the Philippines 7430,
Flag of Turkey, 5.455,
Flag of the Netherlands 9,972,
Flag of France 3,421,
Greece flag 2,163,
New Zealand flag. 1,389,
Thailand flag 1,294,
Flag of Ethiopia.svg 1,271,
Colombia flag 1,068,
Flag of Belgium (civil) .svg 900,
Luxembourg flag 826,
Flag of the Netherlands 44


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