trono ni reina

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Still crying over Mexican jason todd and it's all ur fault also yes where can I purchase these death sticks

i cry over mexican jason todd every day


  • jason todd who remembers his mom singing him old spanish lullabyes. i can just imagine jason being in charge of a baby for whatever reason and the smol cannot sleep and is restless so jason just kind of holds it close and starts, “duermase mi nino, duermaseme ya,”
  • jason todd who can’t help but belt out the tricolour whenever there’s a soccer game. (don’t ask me why. even if we don’t watch the game, we gotta bust out the tricolour.)

  • jason todd who cannot eat anything without hot sauce or some type of chile. “what’s on your hot dog, jason?” “uuh, ketchup, onions, tomato, bacon, and like three jalapenos.” tim also decides to one day take one of jason’s fries and dip it in the sauce and he nearly chokes, “whAT THE HELL IS THIS JASON??” “ketchup…and hot sauce mixed together.”

  • jason todd who listens to every latino artist to have ever had a hit. he owns like 2 selena shirts and will definitely bust out the vicente fernandez when he’s drunk. not bc he’s hurt, but bc he can’t not cry to those songs. no tengo trono ni reina, ni nadie quien me conprenda, pero sigo siendo el reeey

  • jason todd who gets a bit of culture shock when coming into the manor like, bruce is just so white. who wears shoes inside the house?

  • jason todd protecting the barrio because no matter how shitty it may look it’s still home.

  • jason todd belting out responses in spanish without thinking and the batfam just going with it, because that’s a regular thing. damian and dick do it all the time with their respective languages.

  • jason looking good in one of those giant bulky ponchos.
im gonna stop here bc i cRY