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‘Outfit of choice? Is there anything about your style you’d like to change?’
'Oh… Nah. I’m pretty cool with my tee, jeans and leather jacket. … Oh wait! Right! I just remembered. There is one piece of clothes I’d give anything to have.’
'What is it?’
'The. Tron. Suit. You know, everything shiny and glowy and stuff. Don’t tell me it wouldn’t be just
'Oh god, Rafe, grow up.’

Never! I’m not letting him grow up. I mean… more. I don’t want to think about this beast getting even taller. This was just too tempting. Wanted to try fake screenshot once again. Aaand here we go. <3 Rafe loves everything sci-fi and I remember myself drooling when watching the film in the cinema. Don’t remember a bit from the story, but I felt like attending the best concert ever. Boom. Majestic.  and the shiny clean smooth visuals. <3


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How can you fight for the Users if you can’t even fight for yourself?

Or, an alternate title: Forsaken Warrior

Tron seems to be the punching bag of his own universe. All the worsts shit gets thrown at him, but the guy keeps getting back up, because that’s what he’s supposed to do. And he probably wasn’t the easiest Program to brainwash/rectify, and I’d bet Clu would throw in some demoralizing words at him to make it easier. He’d make Tron feel so worthless that he just gives up.

Here’s hoping he survives the fall into the Sea and makes it back :D