Costumes: Tron Bonne and Teisel Bonne [Reporters] MML 2

Photographer: LJinto.

Debut: Acen 2012

YAY! Finally got my Tron and Teisel pictures that were taken back at Acen. (thank you, LJINTO!)  I’m VERY happy with the way the pictures turned out! Sadly I can’t say the same about my costume. I’m actually going to be remaking my whole costume. The dress under the blazer was rushed and was a little short for my liking.. I actually found the PERFECT fabric for it AFTER Acen [in the right color this time], so whenever I’m done with Portal and Breakfast Princess- I’ll start working on remaking the dress. :> ALSO I’m aware that I’m missing my eye wear. My glasses didn’t come in on time.. which made me sadface. I had perfect poses planned out with those darn things! BLAH. Oh well.

Anyways, I hope the MML fans can appreciate our costumes. I hope we did the character’s justice~ <3

[PS. Yes, we NEEDED to do an inappropriate TxT picture.]