tron: legacy ost

It was a coup. Tron, he fought for me. I never saw him again.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the court I present to you 8 minutes and 37 seconds of incomprehensible screaming and white noise presented to you under the broad label of “music”.

Featuring all of your favorite songs and artists ruined by some jerk with access to garageband.

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Real talk now, this mashup features at least 96 samples, and keeping up with them is hard. I might have actually missed a few. Ah well.

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for kickass students: that means YOU

epic soundtrack music to motivate you! (link and download)

Tron Legacy (End Titles)/Tron OST ☕ Black Widow Kicks Ass/Iron Man OST ☕ The Courtesy Call/Portal OST ☕ Gipsy Danger/Pacific Rim OST ☕ A Thunder Battle/Hobbit OST ☕ Minimal Beat/Lindsey Stirling ☕ Turret Wife Serenade/Portal OST ☕ Derezzed/Tron OST ☕ The Battle/Narnia OST ☕ Main Theme (Extended)/Game of Thrones OST


Rin, with prototype Axel Audio modular headphones.

Axel Audio was able to successfully fund their Kickstarter with a total $200,000 committed.

The main allure of these headphones is the ability to customize the audio performance for specific music types.

Rin was listening to the Tron Legacy OST/Daft Punk during this shoot.

soaring through the stars, adventuring wherever the solar winds take them, the lost girls make their home anywhere and nowhere (listen and download)

Sea of Simulation/Tron: Legacy OST ✦ Starships/Nicki Minaj ✦ Ready Aim Fire/Imagine Dragons ✦ Gipsy Danger/Pacific Rim OST ✦ Sweet Dreams/Eurhythmics ✦ The Night Starts Here/Stars ✦ C’mon/Panic! at the Disco ft. Fun. ✦ Mako (feat. Priscilla Ahn)/Pacific Rim OST ✦ Counting Stars/OneRepublic ✦ Anti Gravity/Lindsey Stirling

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