tallperson  asked:

Every time I check to see what's happening on Once Upon a Time, it's always something like "The guy from Tron cheats on Merida with the Wicked Witch" what is with that show???

Let’s all come up with the most ridiculous “Previously on once upon a time” sentences and see which one is false and which one is actually something that happened on the show lmao.

Rumplestilkskin’s father is peter pan, and then rumple literally stabs him in the back

The evil queen from snow white’s dead lover, robin hood, died because hades killed him with a crystal thing 

the wicked witch of the west impersonate’s maid marian and tricks robin hood in to having a baby with her. 

trick question, those all actually happened 


 WALT DISNEY AND PIXAR: intro logo and variations 

  1. classic logo
  2. new logo (2006 - 2011)
  3. current logo (2011 - […])


  1. chicken little (pt-brazil: o galinho chicken little)
  2. dinosaur (pt-brazil: dinossauro)
  3. toy story
  4. tron: legacy (pt-brazil: tron: o legado)
  5. prom (pt-brazil: a melhor festa do ano)
  6. into the woods (pt-brazil: caminhos da floresta)

My HDMI cable arrived, which means I’ve now got the dream setup.
Two monitors with a fully functional VCR as a stand for the older HD TV I’m using as my primary monitor now

From HD gaming to watching the VHS release of Tron in just a few clicks of a remote



Tron (1982)

🐱Un fanart qui traînait dans le tirroir.