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Lmao I have to ask if you've heard JonTron's interview with Destiny on YouTube holy shit this guy


ive had a number of asks like this on top of a posting backlog i want to get to.. i mean


OK so i went to check it out and:

this horsehit is 2 hours long…

i was gluing manga to a wall and cutting out lil jebs and gabs to hide on it while i listened to it because fuck (below is the cut out sheet i made lol)

so i had my email open to write notes for later and this is what i wrote, no fixes or anything:

destiny is wrong -> 14 mins -14:30

both dumb at 16 mins for the commies and nazis statement. destiny is compared to commies for noooo reason?? I dont think destiny is backed up by communists???? as a bizarre kneejerk TU QUO QUe when jon tron is thrown a guilt by association argument from destiny because of the neo nazi followers of his. destiny says nazism is a race ideology while communism is an economic thing, i cant wrap my miand  around thisis. he has no idea what hes talking about. jon tron dumb cant adequently adders it either

none of them are using gaslighting right

jon tron loves saying tribalism

at 18:40 desitiny is ignorant as fuck with regards to riots. because he hasnt heard about it, therefore it doesnt exist, which is is about one of the most frustrating fucking things about this shitty clusterfuck of a debate besides jon tron asserting random made up facts and imploring destiny to look it up. Jon tron laughs and references the boiling frog analogy fittingly.

Jon tron continues to bring in international examples while dentiny tries to reel it back to the USA and the USA alone. This is annoying on two fronts:

1. Jontron is merely refering to situations rather than go in depth, such as compare tibet to “displacing white perople” when what ttibet is experiencing is hardly comparable to american white flight since the chinese are engaging in conquest/imperialism/ethnic cleansing and the west just simply isnt replacing their own population enough on their own for their corporate overlords tastes, so immigration fills the economic growth hole for better or for worse in their super simplified concept of economy (see: economies stop growing when ethnic civil strife brings it to ruin). but destiny doesnt have a clue what happens outside of his boiases. ;et alone the country, to even call him out, howeever when destiny has the proper misinformation, he will assert things like how japan is dying off or worse off for its homogenity without backing up his argument as well. which is a sign of liberals generally being ignorant to world issues unless their favoured media makes it a big deal ie with japan needing immigration. It’s clear both jon tron and destiny are parroting shit in hilariously broken, scatter shot fasihion

destiny thinks america is the most diverse country in the world, which is fucking wrong. Both of these asshoelss are throwing out garbage statements that are flat wrong that benefit their respective close minded, unresearched biases. Niether of them know any better so they cant even properly dismantle eachother’s argument. Clearly jon tron, nor destiny showed up to the debate with notes or preparation, which is a given considering they are both hot headed gamer shithead youtuber Know-It-Alls becuase they heard something in passing before and just throw out the garbled memory of that soething in debate.

jon tron thinks white people are more libertarian?? for some reason? destiny throws out a garbled statement akin to that MY THING WAS MADE IN THIS COUNTRY WHICH HAD PARTS IN THAT COUNTRY DESIGNED BY THAT COUNTRY YADDA YADDA DIVERSITY IS AMAZING when all these components werent built by americans but by different nation states engaging with others/.

at 37 minutes jontron says rich blacks commit more crime than whites, with no source but smugly tells destiny to look it up, confounding the shit out of destiny and the chatroom becuase hes put the burden of researching a fact that doesnt exist on his opponent.

destiny has

at 42, destiny is called a virtue signaller by jon tron, who is running through a list of things he learned a week ago on a mr metokur video to call destiny, which is every bit as cringe and awful to watch as the australian mp who called another sitting member of government out for man splaining

desinty throws back a solid rebuttal that jontron side steps going “what im saying is…” and totally fuckign forgets what destiny even said 10 seconds later because jon tron is running through his recently learned, stupid diluted “”facts”” rather than listen and speak to any argument of destiny’s, especially in cases like this when destiny lands a solid question

at 45, destiny gussies globalization with how its great and necessary it is and how cutting off bringing in workers to make stuff in the usa (spoilers: jobs leave the USA, not come in) and trade would lower american standard of living since iiphones will be worth $3000 which is the most liberal, whitest fucking statement of argument because, while yes, iphones would get more expensive, but at least they arent being made in slave labour assembly plants where workers commit mass suicide in protest to their working conditions and that the west isnt pilfering the future leaders and skilled workers from these societies that need them most.

destiny, true to his ignorance, thinks cheap shit is awesome because its made elsewhere, unaware that it’s only so cheap because people die and get crippled in hot, unregulated slave labour factorys making his shitty overpriced electronics

desinty is right though that the american identity goes beyond just being white, because american culture is informed by its various ethnic gorups and peoples, for example it’s black community that does a disproportionately great job of establishing culure, music, activism and art for america as a whole

jon tron again doubles back, shifts the subject to other shit and starts talking about balkanization upon facing a solid argument

at 48 i start to lose my fucking mind because they are talking at eachother and jontron accuses destiny of deflecting when it is jon tron doing all the deflecting. jon trons smug laughter is grating

jon tron has to rely on telephone game “MUH EUROPE” over and over because he cant acknowledge that america is exceptional in how it assimilates and functionas as a melting pot in a way that europe fucking cant, which is creating the situations jon tron fumbless at with greasy game controller fingers to conflate with the USA in the first place.

desinty then claims that germany’s economy is doing great because of taking in refugees, here again he is talking out of his rose tinted ass because not only is it too early to tell if they are mkaing germany money or not, but that the reality is that they are likely a net drain on the germany given other countries and historic precedent

at 50 mins destiny thinks anti-abortion is a white christian thing, further enshrinign his white, middle class, youtuber ignorance. i guess catholic latinx or muslims are pro-choice

at 1 hour desinty says “its ok to keep a country frfom progressing as much as it can in order to maintain a rcaial identity"destiny clarifies it as “stifling growth” which is exactly what jon tron was asserting, to which he goes yeah dude, japan etc and this fucking knob destiny asks jon tron why he came to america instead of japan then, thinking his strawman homerun is about to take off - until jon tron says he was born in amerca.. destiny goes “oh… well…  y-your parents/// ijjuhhhUHH FUCK IM NOT TALKING ABOUT JAPAN IM TALKING ABOUT TEH UNITED STATES!!! which is about the best backfire ive seen all debate long considering the smug setup for it destiny had. furhtemore, what the fuck does “progressing” entail?? Neve raxplained

which is funny because when it isnt a country desinty can use as an argument against jon tron, destiny shrieks IM TALKING ABOUT AMERICA to disguise his ignorance unless it befits him (japan)

soon after though, destiny catches jontron on his shit about slowing immigration down so they can “enter the gene pool”

jontron couldve articulated around this but jontron is a moron, so, he just stutters and gets walked all over

i want to stab jon tron. laughing nervously is anot a good cubstitute for a credible argument

destiny stinks, though he fucking is destroying jon tron because jon tron is regurgitating even more  regurgitated shit arguments gleaned from someone else than destiny, who at points is arguing from his own values.

i have stopped paying attention rea

“that is what im talkibg about” -jon tron, who cant articulate what the fuck hes trying to verbal diarrhea for himself

“my oral ulterior motive is to maximize economic growth, and to maximize the slice of the pie for everybody in the united states” -destiny

destiny’s disposition is clearly and decisively about maximizing economic growth, but it rests upon ignorant hopefulness that these immigrants will arrive and abandon their cultures and become “american"this simultaneously exposes destinys humanitarianism as self serving (so long as it leads to economic growht:) ) which is partly why the immigration model in countries like sweden have completely collapsed (jontron touches on sweden but clearly has no fucking clue besides MUH RIIOTS) beause they took on an ABSURD amount of migrants and immigrants thinking it will pay for itself and transform sweden into a post-ethnic nascent economic power like a jr. america, except what the swedes have done is import a shit ton of people to be a “humanitarian superpower” and threw the lot of them into commie block ghettos and stopped caring about them, assuming they would naturally become swedes, permitting the transformation of these immigrant slums and neighbourhoods into economic and cultural parallel societies that frequently are violent toward swedish authorities and outsiders visiting their area, hence the term “no go zones” where police are instantly attacked and services like ambulances require escort.

“how do you grow an economy if the populatio n is dying off” says destiny, unaware that people can reproduce and will do so the moment people die off enough for real estate prices to collapse from housing supply outpacing demand and wages to skyrocket and make living costs manageable to have enough children to make replacement rate. You know. Naturally rise and fall and rise again. as humanity has done naturally for fucking ever and has fared PRETTY WELL without having to drive the environment and civil stability into the shitter for the ponzi scheme INFINITE GROWTH meme. Destiny argues this yet has no fucking clue what he’s arguing for. fuck destiny, fuck this argument, fuck “economic growth” that means demand from immigration and globalization that makes 600 square foot apartments cost $750,000 and ramshackle crackhouses cost $2million in vancouver. wow, im really feeling the economic growth, fucker.

jon tron brings up the disproportionate violence of black youths, but when asked to explain that, jon tron backs out and laughs about how destiny asking jontron to clarify that point is just like those shows on CNN where people are trying to “TRAP YAH”

Yah, jon tron, it’s called backing up your argument

jon tron jesterly mentions crime rates being consistent across africa when destiny addresses the court systems in america, as if jon tron’s hints toward his earnest views on race were subtle enough

destiny asks jon tron to name 5 african countries


who cares

i am finding myself wishing i were arguing in place of eachotehr, because i see where they are both coming from but are too busy screwin g up their delivery to actually win a point over eachother

they are literally just talking at eachother and calling it a debate

Jon tron accuses destiny of bringing up irish and italians when its convenient

…as if jon tron doesnt bring up MUH YUROP and other whatevers when it’s convenient.

i hate this

they both suck t this. Jon tron has dug a hole through the earth and is now reaching escape velocity with his shovel and is soon to break earths orbit

jon tron brings up turks and iranians being able to assimilate into a culture than a romanian and hungarian would. If jon tron were knowledgeable to pursue this point, he couldve described how Kurds (an iranian people) and turks often fight and engage in conflict with each other in say, Germany to the dismay of germans who expected these groups to assimilate, forget their animosities from their homeland and become good forklift simulator playing germans.

i ahve wasted my hour

i like how i stopped keeping track of time on the video and just started ranting, rambling at the halfway point

I loved it for moments like this tho:


i feel jon tron is going through a PHILOSOPHICAL AND INFORMATIONAL BLOSSOMING which i guess is taking the red pill for some people. So he is on the same tier as a 16 year old who just discovered holohoax and bell curve graphs for the first time on a 4chan thread loaded with A. Wyatt Man drawings.

He will eventually (hopefully) research for himself these positions if only because he’s constantly being stomped and fighting people over these regurgitated opinions. Which means he is going to try and read up on them to better argue them. Which means he is going to have a hangover of sorts when he realizes what he’s done lol

ok but talk to me about Autistic!Keith
  • Keith who’s never liked people touching his hair, so he guesses it’s just gonna have to be long then.
    • he occasionally cuts it so it doesn’t get in his eyes, and so that it doesn’t get too long in the back
    • it’s not the greatest haircut. people tease him about it sometimes but it’s still better than having other people touch it
  • Keith who doesn’t really understand social cues
  • he thinks having friends would be nice. really nice. but people are tricky and hard to predict
  • Keith who had Shiro who somehow knew how to help
  • Keith who didn’t realize that Lance was ~rivals~ with him and honestly wishes him well
    • back when they were classmates Lance would sometimes bring out the Fighting Words. Keith accidentally returns them
    • “Hey Keith! good luck in there. try not to pass out when you see how well I’m doing.” “umm.. ok? why… would i pass out? you’re… McClain right? you usually get pretty average scores?”
  • Keith who had a meltdown after Shiro “died” because the world was all too much and the number one person on his side was gone.
  • Keith who didn’t think a thing about feeling a weird energy drawing him to the desert; he’s pretty sure by now that he’s always experienced the world somewhat differently than most
    • alternatively, he’s pretty sure that everyone experiences the world the same as him, they just don’t talk about it, so he doesn’t talk about it
  • Keith who starts obsessively collecting information, sparse as it is
    • he dedicates an entire wall of his small shack to it. and also literally all of his time. canon. he does this
    • he gets so excited when he finds caves with the lion painting on them. so very excited.
  • Keith who gets so wrapped up in what he’s doing he forgets vital stuff sometimes. like eating. and sleeping. and bathing.
    • he’s not too bad about it, but every so often he’ll have a bad week
    • as time went on those weeks would get more and more frequent
    • (fortunately being surrounded by people on the castle of lions often keeps that from going on. if he skips a meal someone will drag him to the next one, etc.)
  • Keith who is very excited to tell Shiro (and.. yknow. the others too…) about all he’s found out
    • he stumbles over the words. it all comes out awkwardly. but they still seem interested, so that’s nice
  • when Pidge and Hunk pop up with the graph he immediately knows where he’s seen that line before. how long has he spent staring at that photo?
  • Keith who has no idea how to bond with a giant cat
    • “hey. uh. it’s Keith. your buddy. HEEYYYYYYY. IT’S KEEEEEEEEEEEIIITTHHHH. I’m yoouUUR PALADIN”
  • Keith who genuinely does not get the “i say Vol- you say -tron! Vol-!” thing. why would they… what are they even… What is Lance… what?
    • Lance says they’ll work on it. they do. it doesn’t help.
  • Keith who gets very objective when he’s trying to make decisions. very, very objective.
    • it’s easy for him to forget that not every decision should be made objectively
  • Keith who had no idea why everyone was trying to make laser noises? and arguing about it??? why?
  • Keith who’s usually pretty good at coming up with plans, but not great at communicating what his plan actually is to everyone else

i could go on, but this is already long and it’s late.

and yeesh. just about all of this is based directly from canon, i barely even touched pure speculative territory

Do Daft Punk fans intentionally forget that the boys where in Tron: Legacy? That the Legacy costume designers created intricate costumes and a booth for them with amazing digital graphics?

That Disney Orchestra teamed up with them to create the whole soundtrack for the movie? That the soundtrack was SO good that other artists did covers of them and that Disney authorized a CD of all the covers for sale? And that Disney created special edition vinyl releases of the Legacy soundtrack?

That Disney then included the original soundtrack in the Legacy video game and TV show?

That they were also in a music video with Olivia Wilde that paid homage to the original Tron?

Why do the fans forget that Daft Punk was in the movie not as a two second cameo, like Skrillix was in Wreck-It Ralph, but as real life characters that are part of the storyline?

Why does everybody forget this era of Daft Punk’s discography?

  • Bad Juju: I can't keep doing this; I'm not your mom!
  • Gearshift: Well...
  • Blaster-Tron: You do exhibit rather...motherly behavior, Bad Juju.
  • Gearshift: Yeah, I mean, my parents are in Metallana, and Wham-Shell lost his parents to oil-drilling trolls.
  • Wham-Shell: Drills are strong...
  • Gearshift: So you're like our mom. Team Mom. TEAM MOM! TEAM MOM! TEAM MOM!
  • Bad Juju: I'm not the Team Mom!
  • Skylanders, including Blaster-Tron: TEAM MOM! TEAM MOM! TEAM MOM!
  • Bad Juju: Blaster-Tron, why are YOU chanting?!
  • Blaster-Tron: It is a catchy chant.
  • Gearshift: TEAM MOM!
  • Bad Juju: One more chant and no slushies after training!
I imagine they’ll turn the villain into a protagonist, just like they did with Maleficent. We’re getting all of these live-action adaptations on Disney properties, yet they still won’t make Tron 3. In my opinion, Tron 3 seems like it would be a much better project than Cruella.
—  Geektyrant’s Joey Paur on Disney’s upcoming project “Cruella”, spitting truth once again.

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I'm actually one of those people who does the "I don't ship X, but I dig this art" thing, mostly because I don't want whoever followed me with the express purpose of seeing shieth content to think I'm going to start reblogging klance on the regular. I don't do it very often, but I will say that I don't think people tagging like that mean to offend. I certainly don't. In fact, I always viewed it as higher praise in a way - "your art's so good I don't even care what the subject is". Still bad? :(

its not bad–maybe it’s just me…bc lately it’s been annoying to see??? like i dunno i just get so tired of those comments bc this isnt the first time this has happened even with vol//tron. i understand why you do it and if that’s comfortable with you then keep doing it, i’m not trying to force you to stop doing it–i was just salty.

skittymon replied to your postskittymon replied to your post: Wait isn’t Shark’s…

Again I like Shark but I feel like they made his character and had no idea what to do with and just wanted to sell his cards. He’s first shown as the school bully but in Zexal ll they make him out to be a secret softy who would do anything for his sister. Like I get character development and Shark DOES have some arguably more than a good chuck of the cast. But his character is so floppy. Like did they even know at the beginning that he was going to be a Barian?? Cause if so then why didn’t they use that in Zexal l as the reason as to why Tron was fucking with him. And they could have given more indication of it like resistance to numbers or smh. Like Rio I believe with being a Barian cause she had all that weird shit and number vibes and visions but nothing for Shark even tho you gave him more screentime and development

Maybe the whole he can do a chaos rank up xyz change though the fact that Yuma can do that and we just thought he was a regular person till the end of the series does make that iffy. But like @reijiakabutt said Yoshida’s characters don’t really think, they just do what is the more angsty. Is Yoshida a fanfic writer or something? 

30 hottest actors over 30

30. George Clooney (53; best known for being married to human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin)

29. Shiloh Fernandez (30; best known for hooking up with a werewolf wearing a nice cape)

28. Adrian Grenier (38; best known for having a great entourage)

27. Josh Duhamel (42; best known for making you go “what? really?” once you find out he’s married to Black Eyed Pea Fergie)

26. Colin Farrel (38; best known for his roles in In Bruges, Total Recall, The Recreuit)

25. Aidan Turner (31; best known for his role in The Hobbit trilogy when he should be known for his outstanding performance of Mitchell in the original Being Human)

24. Michiel Huisman (33; best known for making me swoon a ton in Age of Adaline)

23. Ryan Gosling (34; best known for giving girls unrealistic expectations in men through his role as Noah in The Notebook)

22. Paul Walker (I’ve had a crush on this guy for 14 years. Such a genuinely beautiful man)

21. Mehcad Brooks (34)

20. pt. 1 Tom Hardy (37; best known for his role as Eames in Inception and Bane in The Dark Knight Rises)

20. pt. 2 Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (37; best known for his role as the king who created a new religion so he could marry the woman he loved. And then had her beheaded once he took a liking to another; they share the spot because they could be brothers)

19. pt. 1 Josh Hartnett (36; best known for his role in Pearl Harbour *starts sobbing*)

19. pt. 2 Garrett Hedlund (30; best known for his roles in On the Road, Country Strong and Tron. The reason why he shares the spot with Josh is that he looks eerily like the lovechild of Josh and Charlie Hunham. Not a bad thing at all)

18. Jesse Williams (33; best known for his role as Jackson on Grey’s Anatomy and his anti-racist activism)

17. Alex o’ Loughlin (38 - wow really?; best known for his roles in Moonlight and Hawaii 5-0)

16. Sebastian Stan (32; best known for haunting my friend Judith with his portrayal of Bucky Barnes in Captain America; also known for his role as The Mad Hatter on OUAT and Carter Baizen on Gossip Girl)

15.Taylor Kitsch  (33; best known for sleeping with his crippled best friend’s girlfriend while he was hospitalised in Friday Night Lights)

14. Andrew Garfield (31; best known as one half of Hollywood’s dreamiest couple and for his role as A better looking Tobey Maguire in Spiderman)

13. Charles Michael Davis (30; best known for his role as Marcel on The Originals)

12. Michael Fassbender (37; best known for his on and off camera bromance with fellow hunk James McAvoy in the new X-Men movies)

11. Hugh Jackman (46; best known as Wolverine)

10. Henry Cavill (31; best known for being buddies with Henry VIII on The Tudors)

9. Tom Hiddleston (34; best known for being the walking definition of Britishness and for playing Loki in the Marvel universe)

8. Will Smith (46; best known as The Fresh Bad Boy Man in Black of Independence)

7. Jude Law (42; best known for making me soon as soon as he starts talking and for his role as Graham in The Holiday - that’s probably not true but I decided to go with it because I really like that movie) 

6. James McAvoy (35; best known for playing a young Professor X in the new X-Men movies. No mind control necessary with me, mate)

5. Ben Barnes (33; best known for having the kind of sex appeal that makes watching any of his movies worthwhile and for his role as Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia)

4. Jake Gyllenhaal (34; best known for playing charismatic yet oftentimes intimidating characters of authority. For example in Source Code, Rendition, Prisoners, End of Watch and Brothers)

3. Idris Elba (42; best known as the only actor I will accept as the next Bond)

2. Cilian Murphy (38; best known for having a bunch of conmen mess with his subconscious in Inception and having eyes that have seen the stars)

1. Chris Evans (33; best known for being a 70 year old trapped in a young man’s body in Captain America)