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Alright so this was my last big project of the school year, coming off after making my last piece(also featuring a Spaceman), I decided to merge that concept with @pan-pizza‘s @lokiirl IRL webcomic and make this my IRL(basically if your OC was a JoJo stand). I took a lot of inspiration from ‘Tron Uprising’ in later designs, along with Mega Man for the armcannon thing. Certain aspects like Glow effects, sketch lines, and words never got completed and I’m going to try and finish them this Summer, though without Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop it’ll be hard finding a substitute. 

Conceptually the idea behind this was that the artist that made Spiff(that’s the Suit’s name) would draw the suit around themselves and fight in that suit while they communicated like KITT and Michael Knight or Ironman and Jarvis. The way I thought of them becoming one would parody Magical Girl animes where the armor sort of glows on to them, but here it would drawn on with one of these trippy ink pens. 

The artist themselves is still in design phase, but right now he’s a sort of Sugar Skull, but rather than just a skeleton made of of sugar he is a lollipop-skeleton where the head is a lollipop with cartoony skull (features based off of the skeleton named Red from Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment) and the bones are segmented pieces of the stick. I won’t give off too much of his design right now as I’m gonna try to get something of him posted before the end of June.

The First 5 images are made in Adobe Photoshop, the 6th is made with just Pencil, and the last two were made in Adobe Illustrator.

I have some more stuff in the pipeline like some original ideas I had before settling on this, and a photo of a thing that got put up in my school’s gallery so expect that soon.

TL;DR I made a Loki IRL OC (and I want @pan-pizza to retweet me)



ugh im so mad that i ended up missing her birthday on the 10th - i cant believe its actually been a whole year since i made her! i wanted to get something better done for this very special occasion, but my hands do not want to work with me today >>:T

but heres to another year of the cuties, and hopefully more!! thank you for all the support during this past year :’D

‘Outfit of choice? Is there anything about your style you’d like to change?’
'Oh… Nah. I’m pretty cool with my tee, jeans and leather jacket. … Oh wait! Right! I just remembered. There is one piece of clothes I’d give anything to have.’
'What is it?’
'The. Tron. Suit. You know, everything shiny and glowy and stuff. Don’t tell me it wouldn’t be just
'Oh god, Rafe, grow up.’

Never! I’m not letting him grow up. I mean… more. I don’t want to think about this beast getting even taller. This was just too tempting. Wanted to try fake screenshot once again. Aaand here we go. <3 Rafe loves everything sci-fi and I remember myself drooling when watching the film in the cinema. Don’t remember a bit from the story, but I felt like attending the best concert ever. Boom. Majestic.  and the shiny clean smooth visuals. <3

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G1 for character of your choice ((sorry Idk your chara names yet ...))

They stopped at a sketchy gas station that definitely had at least four health code violations, but goddamn it, Tron was hungry. Now its coming back to bite him in the butt…

(This was super fun to draw, too!!! Those bikes took forever, but it was so worth it….)

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Okay, so I really like your OC Jon (Tron). I know emeto is your main, but I was wondering if you would consider doing a drabble with him just having a terrible cold? You can include other OCs of your choice, of course! (If not, that is 100 percent fine, and I understand completely!)

This was so fun to write oh my god. I also realize that I’ve never actually used Jeeves before so have some Jeeves as well. Thank you for the prompt!!

“UGHHHHHHHH”, Tron moaned loudly. The sound was muffled by at least five blankets that Tron had stolen from his friend’s beds over the course of the night. Even with the added layers, he was still shivering. God, it was so cold. He sniffled miserably and rolled onto his other side, trying to find a comfortable way to position his aching, chill-wracked body. He tried to take a breath in through his nose, but the air caught in his sinuses and he couldn’t fully inhale. It was like someone has stuffed his nose full of cotton, then added more for good measure, then sealed the whole thing off with a cork. He manually blocked one nostril and sucked in hard, trying to clear the path, but it only served to dislodge a bit of the mucus, which he choked on as it hit his windpipe. He launched into a painful coughing fit, the force of which seemed to tear at his already sore and swollen throat. When the fit subsided he practically yelled in frustration. He just wanted to feel better already.

It had been days. Days of hiding under stuffy blankets, and alternating between freezing and burning– sometimes he felt like he was both hot and cold at the same time. Days of blowing his stuffed and yet still running nose into scratchy government issue toilet paper. Days of barely being able to swallow because his glands were so swollen and the back of his throat was so raw. Nights of restless, fitful sleep accompanied by dark dreams and haunting shadows that his fever addled brain took a few minutes to shake even after he woke up. And he was done.

    “Muffinnnn,” he whined noisily to the camp cook. His voice was gravelly and cracking, and he coughed weakly as the action irritated his throat. “I’m actually dying, Muffin. Write me a nice eulogy. Tell my parents I loved them.” However, because he was completely buried under a mound of blankets, he couldn’t see that Muffin had already left. He had left quite awhile ago, actually. The only one left in the barracks was Jeeves, a whiny twig of a man who was spoiled rotten by rich parents as a child and well into his adult life as well.

    “Better you than me, Tron,” Jeeves said with a contemptuous sniff. “Just try not to get the rest of us sick.” He had his t-shirt’s neck pulled over his nose and mouth. An unintelligible grumble came from under the mound of blankets.

    “What was that now?” Jeeves leaned as close as he thought was safe.

    “I SAID FUCK YOU JEEVES!” Tron roared as he pulled the blankets from over his face for added clarity. However, the effort of yelling was too much for his scratchy throat and threw him into a particularly violent coughing.

Tron buried his face into the crook of his elbow and he hacked. He felt a disgusting mix of phlegm and spittle flying from his lips as his lungs tried to force their way out his mouth, and he felt something in his ribcage pop, sending a spike of pain radiating all the way down his side. And the thing worst thing was it didn’t seem to be stopping. He just coughed and hacked and gagged when the coughs were too strong. His eyes were closed tight against the pressure. He was sure that if he opened them they would pop right out of it skull. White spots danced across the corners of his vision with each barking expulsion. Tears slid down his cheeks from pain and exertion as he gasped for air, which only made him cough harder. He only vaguely registered the sounds of the door opening and slamming shut. Seconds later the sound repeated, and suddenly he felt large strong hands on his back, one steadying him and the other patting firmly between his shoulder blades. Muffin. He felt smaller fingers, slender and soft, pushing back his bangs from his sweaty forehead and pushing a cool damp washcloth in their place.

When the fit finally subsided he hung his head weakly. The small hands kept the cloth pressed to his face when his head dropped, and someone wiped the mess of saliva and tears from his face with toilet tissue.

“Guhhh,” he groaned miserably as he opened his red-rimmed eyes blinking slowly as they acclimated to the light. He heard a high pitched yelp and suddenly the small hands left his forehead.

He tried to focus his hazy vision on the startled figure in front of him. He was surprised to recognize Jeeves. His addled brain tried to figure out what had caused the fright, but this was answered for him when Jeeves suddenly grabbed Tron’s face in both hands and turned it toward the light, looking hard at his left eye.  

“It’s bright red!!” Jeeves whispered in awe. “I think you burst a blood vessel in your sclera during the fit!” He turned Tron’s head about, inspecting his eye, clearly fascinated. He hastily added, “Sorry about the jump, it just wasn’t what I expected to see.”

“How you are ever gonna be a doctor if you jump at red eyes is beyond me,” Muffin said.

“H-hey now!” Jeeves started, voice cracking in indignation.

Tron rasped, “How you’re ever gonna be a doctor when you pull a t-shirt over your face to keep from catching a cold is beyond me…” His throat was entirely shot, and his voice sounded more like a pitiful squeak than anything else. Tron moaned as Jeeves released his face, and his aching head fell heavily into his own hands. He felt like his skull would split in two any second.

Jeeves thought for a second. He could go sulk about their rude remarks. That’s what he really wanted to do. But he wanted to show them that he was okay to study medicine. He wanted to show them that wasn’t as bad as they assumed.  So instead of going to skulk around the camp, he rewet the washcloth and dabbed it gently over Tron’s flushed face.

    “To be entirely fair, this seems more like the fucking pneumonic plague than a cold,” he said softly, aware of how loud noises might affect his ill comrade’s splitting headache. Jeeves looked up toward Muffin. He was met with wide, shocked eyes.

    “I didn’t know you actually knew swear words!” Muffin chided.

    “Yeah, when you hang around ingrates like you guys enough, you pick up a few things.” Jeeves voice was gentle, his tone kind. Which was strange for the normally callous young man. An odd mischievous grin played at his lips before he pressed the cloth into Tron’s hand and stood, ready to leave. He was just about to close the door when Muffin nudged Tron and cocked his head in Jeeves’ direction, eyebrows indicating that he was expecting something more from the ill man. Tron grumbled a bit, but looked the smaller man in the eyes.

    “Thanks, Jesse,” he managed. After a moment’s pause, he added, “You’re a decent guy under all of the weird sweaty angst, ya know?”

    A genuine smile lit up Jeeves’ face at the use of his given name. But he held a slender finger up in front of his lips and said “Shhh. Don’t let anyone else know, yeah?”

    Both Tron and Muffin pressed a finger to their lips in agreement. Jeeves turned on his heel and stalked out the door.

    Muffin turned to Tron and met his eyes, Both whispered a simultaneous bewildered “What the fuck??”

    Jeeves smiled to himself. Maybe there was hope for him yet.

guess who got ANOTHER design update! yeesh!

ive majorly simplified the circuits on her main outfit, and her top shirt acts like more of a poncho now, which is what i originally wanted for it. minor changes on everything else, for the most part. im much happier with how much sleeker she looks!