tron liveblogging


This scene is really weird though… I mean it really only serves to quickly say “btw Flynn goes missing here”, but… it’s bizarre. It doesn’t actually take place anywhere. Not on the Grid, of course, since there’s no need for CRT TVs there, but it’s also nowhere in the “Real World”. It’s this weird way of setting the plot without actually existing anywhere in the story.

In fact it’s almost really out of place but it’s done so well that no one ever has anything to say about it.

This part still gives me the chills when it appears.


It took until maybe my third or fourth run-through of Tron Legacy to notice that when Flynn reintegrates with Clu, after Clu can’t fight it anymore and ends up hurtling towards Flynn, he doesn’t turn around mid-flight, his body is actually so unstable right then that his body like… morphs or something so that he’s facing Flynn. So the back of his head becomes the front of his head and vice versa.

It’s really weird and I wish I had a decent screenshot of it on hand.

Yori is pretty much totally brainwashed until she sees Tron again… (“356, 99 are correct, limited four and eight are missing…” “No, I…” “…Tron!”)

What if Tronzler is all dazed and confused until he sees his precious Yori agaiiinnnnnn?! (“Rrrrrrrrrrrr…” “No, I…” “…Yori!”)

I think Flynn mostly just has trouble putting himself in other peoples’ heads. Happened with his programs, obviously, but there’s also little things, like when he mentions ISOs and Sam asks if he made them, he just laughs. Like, that’s silly, of course I didn’t make the ISOs, they…

but then he realizes, oh right, Sam has no way of knowing that. So he explains it to him. I think by Legacy he’s mostly understood removing himself from the equation and THUS being able to put himself in the perspective of others (including Clu), but anything before that, he just had no way of predicting how others would act. Which may be the root of a lot of his problems he caused.

I MEAN There are certainly other explanations to be had! But it’s my own personal headcanon that Flynn has/had some troubles relating with people that he didn’t even know he had. Nothing super serious. NOT LIKE Antisocial Personality Disorder or something. In my head it’s like some weird mild Egocentrism. Idk.

I like thinkin’ about Flynn 9u6 I probably worded this weirdly

I remember showing Tron: Legacy to the kids I babysit

And I showed them the original Tron like months before and wasn’t expecting them to remember much

but then Sam gets to Encom and one of them goes “Now that’s a big door” like Flynn and then Sam says it and I was like SO PROUD I AM SO PROUD SON

and then right here when Kevin hugs Sam after not seeing him for so long the other one, she’s like 11, she starts wriggling around like “OMG THIS IS SO SWEET ;O;”

And then she was freaking out later because she really really really didn’t want Flynn to die and I thought it was cool that she was really connecting with the characters


I don’t think I ever mentioned how much I love the voices programs have

Like I kinda keep forgetting except when I watch this program but those sentries and  Vint and Jarvis and Gem and aaaaa they have those cool synthesized voices urgh it’s so cool sounding

But not all of them have it. Almost like really basic functions have it more pronounced than complex ones like Clu or Quorra (or Castor????)

Really though it’s pretty unclear what Flynn meant when he said “Chaos. Good news.” LIKE I COULD HAZARD ANY NUMBER OF GUESSES BUT IT JUST DIDN’T… click with anything in particular with me?

Is he expressing happiness that Sam took something into his own hands? That he can’t predict what’s going on? IDGI MAN.

I remember when I was watching Legacy with the kids I babysit, when Flynn stands up and sees Sam for the first time in twenty-some-odd years and hugs him, “Your here! You’re here…” the little girl, Isabel, was like freaking out



She got really attached to that Father-Son element in the film and was very very scared that Flynn would die by the end of the film.