T H E - G R I D || N Y C T O T H E M E S

Greetings, User! This is The Grid Theme by nyctothemes. I’ve always wanted to do a theme based of Tron Legacy, and I’ve finally been able to do it, I just hope I give the film justice lmao. The codes are the exact same, they just start off with different colors and options :) I realize orange circuits don’t mean virus, but they’re cool names so whatevs

I have an FAQ, and be sure to google your question first too! But, if neither of those are fit to answer, then come ask me! I’ll reply as soon as I can :)

R U L E S:
  • do not remove any theme credit, neither from page or coding.
  • do not move credit to a page.
  • click link above for more, but those two i care for the most
F E A T U R E S:
  • a customizable Identity Disc
  • sidebar on hover
  • 4 extra links
  • a lot of image, color, and other options for customization
  • custom favicon
  • custom cursor
O P T I O N S:
  • dark or light Identity Disc
  • description text to be centered or stick to edges of circle
  • minor font be pixeled or not
  • custom favicon/default favicon (aka your tumblr avatar)
  • custom cursor/default cursor
  • monochrome photos/photosets
  • faded photos/photosets
  • darker or lighter audio player
  • text or symbol/circuit post information
  • credit in right or left corner
It was a coup. Tron, he fought for me. I never saw him again.